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Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Subhash’s Wish

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Subhash’s school principal Mr. Young calls Janaki to school and informs him that Subhash wants to learn Hindi in school. Janaki says he must have mistaken. Mr. Young says Subhash gave speech in Hindi during class and desired to learn his mother tongue Hindi, reminiscing the incident, and says its against school’s rules. Sarath says once Subhash Subhash starts thinking about something, he can’t think about anything else; during his trip to Calcutta, he realized the value of mother tongue. Principal again says this is against school’s rules. Subhash says even Charles gave speech in his mother tongue, is it wrong. Janaki apologizes principal and assures that Subhash will never make such mistake again.

Khudiram with his fellow Swadesi friend reaches outside British royal club and waits for Kingsford Kingsford reaches in his cab. Khudi fumes that he will assassinate Khudri right now.

Janaki returns home and calling Subhi asks what happened during Calcutta trip. Prabha says she suggested his baba from shifting school during his last protest, this this she will not support him. Subhi asks if learning mother tongue Hindi is wrong, when they teach hindi in Ravenshaw School, why can’t they in our school. Satish says Ravenshaw School has different rules and PE school has different rules. Janaki says their family children go to PE school for certain period and then shift school, he can’t change rules for Subhi; asks Subhi to concentrate on his studies and Sarath and Satish to get back to their college in Calcutta. Subhi asks Sarath if baba is sending him to Calcutta to stop him from teaching Hindi. In room, Pramila informs Prabha that Sarath and Anu are spoiling Subhi’s mind and complains against Anu. Prabha asks if she wants her to send away Anu. Pramila says she doesn’t mean that, but should stops her from going out of house often.

Prabha’s mother scolds her for donating all her good art work in swadesi mela. Ajith asks her to stop, and mother leaves. Vibha asks reason. Ajith says maa is unable to accept Sarath as her son-in-law. Vibha cries. Ajith consoles her and says he will support her.

Anu meets Khudiram’s sister and informs her that Khudiram is planning to do something big. Sister gets worried and asks if Khudi is safe. Anu says Khudi is a brave child of mother land and she should be proud of her brother.

Sarath chats with Subhi and Suresh in garden and asks Suresh to teach Hindi to Subhi whenever he visits home. Suresh says he cannot and asks him to teach instead. Subhi says he doesn’t want to study in PE school. Sarath asks Suresh not to inform about it to baba and to pack his bags. He asks Subhi to get rid off this idea. Their discussion continues when Anu walks in. Sarath says she needs to be careful as Pramila is doubting her. Anu says small kids are ready to sacrifice their lives for nation, she is worried. Subhi asks if someone again gave his life for nation. Sarath says he doesn’t have to know about it. Anu says he doesn’t have to know about it, but who will show him right path.

Precap: Kingsford gets into cab. Khudi and his friend throw bomb to assassinate him. Police gets suspicious seeing injured Khudi and arrest him. Tauji noticing that returns home and stops Subhi and other family kids from attending school today and describes what he saw.

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