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Mere Sai 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai saves Ashok’s dream

Mere Sai 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Chihu Tai brings udi for Sai. She is pained to see the marks on his body but Sai has a smile on his face. She cries as she applies udi to Sai. How did you get these wounds? Sai says someone tried to walk on the path showed by me with full faith. I should also get the thorns. Chihu Tai asks him why he shares everyone’s pain. Sai says there is no bigger satisfaction than sharing the pain of others. Chihu Tai cleans Sai’s hands while Tatya gets milk for Sai and Keshav prepares lep to apply on Sai’s wounds. Sai has closed his eyes. Two ladies come there. Everyone has tears in their eyes as they see Sai’s plight. They mix turmeric in the milk. A lady asks Chihu Tai why Sai’s wounds haven’t healed. You applied udi as well. Chihu Tai says the wounds are deep. Sai said that they wont go away so easily. Keshav gives the lep to Chihu Tai. She applies it on Sai’s wounds. She wakes up Sai to drink the turmeric milk. Sai accepts it with a smile. He looks at everyone’s faces. Why are you all so sad? A lady says it is because we are not great like you. We cannot see you in pain. Chihu Tai agrees. How can we see you in pain when you cannot bear to see us in pain. She says there is no point of pain when it comes to your loved ones. Keshav says I wish everyone could understand it. Sai says good upbringing is important to raise someone right. It can either be given by parents or Guru or friends. Keshav says I try to pass the same ideals to my son. Sai tells him not to worry. Your Aayi raised you well years ago. It is because of her that you went to London yet you could connect with the roots here. She is raising your son with the same ideals. Prahalad will also stand up to support others like you. Everyone smiles.

Prahalad puts pillows on the bed, covers it with a duvet and stealthily goes to study with Ashok. Keshav notices him leaving and follows him to find out where he is off to.

Tatya tells Sai that he has made his bed. Sai requests him to prepare the stove. I have to make khichdi. Tatya gets confused. Sai shares that some special guests are coming. They must be hungry. Tatya nods.

Sumati has explained the entire lesson to Ashok. Did you understand? Ashok says I need books to memorize and revise everything. Prahalad says I got them for you. You can revise from my books. I will study in the afternoon and you can study at night. No one will doubt us in that case. Both the kids like the idea. Ashok thanks Prahalad. Prahalad says Ajji says that a classmate is no less than a brother. You should share everything with him. Keshav watches everything from outside and is touched. He smiles thinking of Sai’s words.

Tatya has made khichdi. It is ready. Who is coming? Sai says they are here. You can see for yourself. Tatya turns around and notices a few men coming there. Who are they, Sai? Sai says they are Vishnu Das. Tatya greets them. They tell Sai that they are on their way to the next destination. There is no space in the dharamshala. We were told that we can rest here. Sai says it is Ram ji’s wish. You can freshen up. Dinner is ready for you. They are surprised to realise that he knew about their arrival beforehand. Tatya says nothing can be hidden from Sai. He knew everything and got food ready for you. They fold their hands in gratitude.

Sarkar taunts Keshav the moment he enters. He tells Keshav what happened in the afternoon. Raghav accepted to be my servant for that Fakir and that Fakir dint do anything for him! Keshav’s eyes widen in shock. You don’t know how many births you will spend in penitence for your acts. Sarkar tells him not to speak to him like that. I haven’t committed any sin. I gave a chance to Raghav but he refuses to go against Sai. He will bear the brunt of it now. Santa and Banta discuss how Raghav dint scream or wince in pain. Keshav connects the dots. He asks his father if he couldn’t understand why that happened. Sai took his pain from him. Your arrogance lost to Sai yet again! He goes upstairs. Sarkar fumes.

Vishnu Das finish a bhajan. Sai requests them to share the story of Lord Vishnu’s avatars. They gladly narrate the story to Sai and Tatya.

Sumati is solving sums and teaching Prahalad and Ashok. Prahalad compliments her. You are a very good teacher. I could understand everything very well. Sumati thanks Sai for making her realise she can accomplish her dream. Now no one can stop Ashok from giving exam.

Tejasvi comes to take milk for Prahalad. Keshav gets tensed as he does not want Tejasvi to find out where Prahalad is. He tells her that Prahalad has fallen asleep. She finds it odd. I will wake him up. Keshav tells her to let it be. Don’t ruin his sleep. She realises that he is avoiding her gaze. He does it only when he is lying. I want to know why he is doing this. She tells him that she is sure something is wrong as he is making excuses. I will go and check on Prahalad now.

Vishnu Das is narrating the story of Prahalad to Sai and Tatya.

Sumati helps the boys remember a table.

Tejasvi goes to check on Prahalad. She gets no response when she asks Prahalad to wake up. Keshav stops her from removing the duvet but she still removes it and gets shocked to see the pillows in place of Prahalad. I know where he is! Keshav follows her as she hurries towards the hut.

Vishnu Das continues with his story.

Sai utters Prahalad’s name. Prahalad is startled to hear his voice. Sumati asks him what happened. He says I feel as if Sai called my name. Ashok says we would have heard it too if that was the case. Ashok requests Sumati to help him with the table again.

Keshav fails in stopping Tejasvi from going to the hut but she goes ahead. Sumati and her family tell her that he isn’t here. Tejasvi does not buy it. Sumati tells her to check herself. There is no place to hide. Tejasvi asks them where he is then. Rukmani comes with Prahalad. He was sleeping in my room. Tejasvi questions Prahalad. He lies that he was feeling scared. She asks about the pillows. He cooks an excuse. She scolds him for doing what he knows she wont like. Drink milk and sleep in your room. She takes him to his room. Keshav asks Sumati what happened. She shares that Prahalad heard Sai calling his name. It seems like a warning. I should go. I will take the books tomorrow. Hide them well tonight. He leaves. Rukmani says I saw him leaving. He told me where he was. I realised why Tejasvi had a doubt and made an excuse. Keshav says it is Sai’s doing. He alerted Prahalad to protect Ashok’s dream. They all thank Sai by chanting Om Sai Ram.

Sai smiles at Dwarkamai. The story comes to an end. Vishnu Das begins the story of the next avatar.

Precap: Sarkar tells Raghav’s family that he will send them to jail tomorrow. You can continue trusting this Fakir. He challenges Sai to use his black magic and save them if he can!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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