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Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 53

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The city hospital is shown. Everyone is waiting out for the reports of Keerthi to come. Meanwhile Keerthi is under surveillance in the ICU.
Naksh is standing outside the door watching her with tears in his eyes. Kartik and Naira console him.

Just then the doctor comes with the reports.

Kartik: Doctor..

Doctor: Mr.Goenka this seems fishy

Kartik: What happened sir

Doctor: Keerthi’s condition is due to nephrotoxicity.

Kartik is shocked.

Doctor: Its time for her dialysis. Her kidney functions may be brought back and we have consulted our senior in UK for it. If that treatment doesn’t work then we need a transplant and you better make a donor ready for it.

Doctor leaves

Abir: Bhai…what is the real cause of didi’s condition…we didn’t understand it

Kartik: Abir…it’s due to some drugs ingested which have damaged the kidney..actually painkillers do it but that effect is in old age..

Naira: As far as I can guess those drugs aren’t use usually which cause this sudden damage…no doctor prescribes it and without prescription we can’t buy them right

Kartik: Naira…you are brilliant I know who did it

Anurag: Who is it Kartik

Kartik: Aditya

Everyone are shocked.

Mishti: Aditya…

Kartik: Haan…he is a doctor so he has a good knowledge and access to it and moreover Keerthi was in his custody and she even had food given by him..he may have mixed the medicines and spoilt her kidney

Naira: But why will he

Prerna: there any antidote for it

Kartik: Yes bhabhi but it must be given within a week of giving the drug

Prerna: Then he must have anticipated Keerthi being saved and given her..if she wasn’t he would have given the antidote to cure it…otherwise he might have a notion of if I don’t get her then none should get her

Manish: This sounds bad.

Naksh: I shouldn’t have left her alone to Lucknow…it was all my mistake

Kartik: Naksh..nothing was in our hands..don’t feel guilty now

Just then nurse takes them one by one for checking the kidney match.

After sometime Prerna’s kidneys match Keerthi’s . Prerna gets happy

Prerna: I’m ready to donate the kidney to Keerthi

Naksh: Prerna…(he folds his hands to her) I have talked very rudely to you ….I’m so sorry for it…you are so never minded it and you are ready to donate your kidney to Keerthi..

Naksh breaks down

Prerna: If I’m Naira’s are my brother…a brother has all rights on his sister
Naira hugs Prerna

Naira: Didi…you are always my inspiration

Prerna: Naira…my bravery is from you …you are my inspiration .

Sometime later.. Prerna and Anurag are in the cafeteria

Anurag: Prerna I really respect you more than I did earlier

Prerna: For agreeing to donate kidney to Keerthi

Anurag nods

Prerna: Arrey…what is it…she is our family…if not us then who will do…it’s that my kidney matched if mine didn’t and yours did won’t you donate

Anurag: I’m so lucky and my..sorry our family is lucky to have you

Prerna: Im lucky to have you and our family

They share a happy moment.

The scene shifts to Kashmir. Akash and Naina are walking in a land filled with snow

Akash: Woohoo  Naina….Naina…it’s too good here

Naina rubs her hands for warmth. Akash notices this and pulls her to him.
Akash: Why do you rub your hands when I’m nearby

Naina blushes

Akash: Arrey Waah the great forensic expert is blushing

Naina blushes harder. Akash kisses her on her cheek. Naina kisses him on his cheek.They have a romantic moment.

Their romance is interrupted by Anurag’s call. He tells the happenings to Akash

Akash: Well…Kartik has indeed done the job of a detective…. By the way we are reaching Mumbai tomorrow I’ll handle this myself and bring the truth from Aditya.

Akash disconnects the call.  The scene freezes.


Scene shifts to Kaira’s college. Naira is getting ready to present her seminar on reproductive physiology .She keeps her pen drive on her desk and goes to coordinate with other presenters. Tara and her friends replace her pen drive with another one having a presentation having obscene content.

Tara: Ms.Naira Singhania is going to become the laughing matter today

Priya: Proff.Shinde will throw her out after seeing this presentation

They have a laugh.

Naira comes back to her desk. Luckily seminar is late by half an hour as their professors are in a meeting. Naira leans on her chair trying to recollect the points. Kartik comes there.

Naira: Kartik…

She hugs him. Kartik notices her tension

Kartik: Naira…why are you so tensed

Naira: It’s my first seminar…I hope I do well

Kartik:You will  rock it

Naira: I don’t know whether what I did is sufficient . You did help me to prepare it but please check once nah

Kartik: Jaan…let me check it for your happiness

He loads the pen drive and opens the presentation. Kartik and Naira are shocked to see the content

Naira: Kartik…I didn’t prepare this…this…

She breaks down

Kartik closes the presentation and opens the pen drive folder

Naira: This is not mine Kartik…the pen drive name is Kaira in mine…someone

Kartik: Has changed it to defame you

Naira: What will I do now

Kartik: Don’t worry jaaneman I have an idea…you know your content so you teach using the board

Naira: Kartik…

Kartik: Naira that’s the ancient and best way of teaching than these presentations and for pictures connect your phone to projector…all pics are saved in cloud so you can use them

Naira: Okay…

Kartik: Your professors will come now..I’m leaving all the best

He kisses her on forehead and rushes out.

Sometime later….Kartik is waiting outside Naira’s lecture hall. Tara and her friends are standing in a corner expecting Naira’s cry but to their despair Naira runs happily to Kartik and hugs him.

Naira: Kartik your idea was awesome I was given extra marks for using my memory instead of a digital copy of it as a press.Thank you Kartik.

Kartik: must actually thank the person who changed your pendrive

Naira: Whoever it is planned to defame me but ended up giving me extra marks.

Kartik: Yes indeed

Naira: Oh gosh’s getting late

Kartik: Yeah..

They rush out. Scene freezes on Tara’s angry face.

Scene shifts to Singhania house.  Mishti is changing her dress in her room when her mobile rings. It is Abir

Mishti: Abir…

Abir: Mishti…sorry I couldn’t meet you today

Mishti: Arrey no problem Abir…it’s okay..

Abir: You aren’t angry right

Mishti: Definitely not

Abir: That’s so good. I was scared

Mishti: Love doesn’t mean meeting daily love means understanding each other and i have understood you well

Abir: After didi recovers we will tell about us to the families

Mishti: Okay..I love you

Abir: I love you too.

Abir kisses her through phone. Mishti too kisses him. The scene freezes.

Komolika is in her bedroom. She is thinking of Anurag

Komolika: Anurag…..I know that you love me too that’s why you didn’t want me to suffer..but your shyness didn’t admit your love and tells that as friendship.

She admires Anurag’s photo with a smile. Scene freezes.



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