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Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 52

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Abir gives the gift to Mishti. She is surprised to see it.
Mishti: What’s in this Abir

Abir: See it yourself

Mishti opens it in curiosity and is amazed to see a bracelet with a heart symbol. She jumps in joy

Mishti: Wow Abir this is beautiful

Abir: Not more than you

Mishti kisses the bracelet in joy

Abir: Arrey I’m kneeling down for so long…you didn’t bother to help me up or kiss me you are kissing the bracelet

Mishti: Acha sorry sorry

She helps him up and hugs him in joy.
Abir wears the bracelet on her wrist. The scene freezes.







Scene shifts to a cafe. Tara and her friends are sitting there. Kartik comes there with  Naira.

Kartik: Naira…why did you bring me here

Naira: Just like that..I wanted to have a coffee with you

Kartik smiles broad as they take their seats opposite to the table occupied by Tara and friends.

Tara: Seems like Naira is giving a treat for slapping me

Priya: Kartik should have been yours..you deserve him

Tara: He is only guy with whom I fell in love…I would not have felt bad if he had dumped me for any other reason but dumping me for  Naira…oh god

Priya: Don’t tell me that you wanna hurt Naira

Tara: I will hurt her but not physically because that isn’t Tara style…but Naira will pay for her deeds.

Meanwhile Kartik and Naira finish their food and get up. Kartik suddenly remembers something and goes behind Naira and holds her closer

Naira: Kartik…

Kartik: Naira I forgot the ritual

Naira: What ritual…

Kartik: Selfie ritual..you have brought me on a coffee date today and I forgot to click our pic together

Naira: Acha…let’s take now

Kartik takes his mobile out and they pose for a selfie

Tara sees this and gets jealous. She plans something.

Suddenly Kartik’s phone rings and it is Naksh

Kartik: Naksh

Naksh: Kartik…it’s an emergency please come to City hospital with Naira

Kartik: Naksh..what happened

Naksh: We don’t know you please come.
Kartik and Naira rush to city hospital. The scene freezes

Meanwhile in Anurag’s office he is conducting an interview for his secretary post. There comes Komolika .Komolika is his college mate. She had a crush on him in college days.

Anurag is surprised to see her

Anurag: Komolika….you have applied for secretary post

Komolika: Family issues…dad passed away..brother is still studying and lot of debts so I had no choice

Anurag: I’m sorry . This job is yours

Komolika: Don’t select me without testing

Anurag: Komolika you are overqualified for this post…so should I reject you

Komolika: If that’s what the boss decides then can I change

Anurag: As of now no job is available for your qualification but I can’t let my friend suffer so you join here as my secretary then once I find a job for your qualification I’ll offer it to you

Komolika: That’s sweet of you.

Just then Anurag’s phone rings. It is Kartik. He tells him the happenings and calls him to City hospital.
Anurag: If you don’t mind it’s an emergency I must leave. I’ll catch you later. You join tomorrow morning.

Anurag rushes out. The scene freezes.
Scene shifts to City hospital. Kaira,Anupre and Mishbir rush there hearing the news.
Anurag: Naksh what happened

Naksh: Keerthi fainted suddenly.

Kartik: Ill talk to the doctor

Kartik goes to doctor’s cabin.

Kartik: Doctor sir I’m Kartik Goenka Keerthi’s brother..I’m a medical student…what happened

Doctor: Keerthi’s kidneys are failing. She needs an urgent dialysis

Kartik: Sir what may be cause for it

Doctor: We have collected the samples the reason will be shown soon.

Kartik comes out.
Naira: Kartik…what happened

Kartik is silent

Abir: Bhai bolna

Kartik: Keerthi is having a kidney failure she needs dialysis kidney transplant may be needed too.
Naksh breaks down. Naira consoles him.

Akshara  too breaks down. Naitik goes to her. They share a hug.
Prerna goes to a broken Anurag and consoles him. Abir and Mishti console Kartik. The scene freezes on their sadness.

Scene shifts to Vadhera house. Jeevika puts Sara on a cradle. Viren is sleeping sound. Jeevika goes near him and admires his sleep. Suddenly Viren pulls her and she topples on him.
Jeevika: Virenji chodiye

Viren: You are my wife..I won’t leave you …nowadays you have started to avoid me

Jeevika: Woh…

Viren: Shsh…I need some time for us

Jeevika blushes and rests her head on his chest. The scene freezes.



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