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LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers lie within – CHAPTER 26

CHAPTER 26: I like these games

(Day when Ranveer and Abir met Siddharth Rana)

There was not a single employee in the head office of Ranas who was not shocked to see the Shivaay Singh Oberoi walking in their office…. Adding more to their shocks was his smile…. A smile no one had ever seen especially when he encountered any of the Ranas….

Shivaay did not remember when he became a rival of Siddharth…. There were in the same school and college throughout their life but there was not even one conversation where they had talked anything other than their rivalry…. It was as if the rivalry flowed in their blood, reaching to every nerve in their bodies…. Throughout their lives they had only been seen as competitors and nothing else….

Adding more fuel to the already raging fire was when Shivaay’s best friend and ex-girlfriend Mallika Choudhary fell in love with Siddharth…. Shivaay had welcomed the change with utmost grace but only for the world…. Inside he always envied Siddharth for what he had less that Mallika was with Siddharth and not him…. Mallika and Shivaay’s relation changed drastically after that abrupt break up…. Shivaay felt a sense of pride and victory when Mallika ran away from her wedding and came to him for help but it was also short lived as Mallika soon realized her mistake and went back to Siddharth…. The only chance he got to keep Siddharth down was by marrying Tia and make Oberois number one in business but even that couldn’t be achieved…. Shivaay had this need growing inside him where he could put an upper hand to Siddharth and he would make most of that opportunity….

Shivaay’s thoughts came to a break when Siddharth Rana walked towards him…. Their usual businessman expressions covered their faces making it difficult for the other one to understand what really the person standing in front of them was thinking…. Siddharth forwarded his hand and Shivaay reciprocated the handshake…. As guided by Siddharth, they walked towards his cabin….

Ranbir followed them quietly…. This was nothing new for him…. He had witnessed this scene plenty of times during business meets, board meetings, business parties…. He stood beside Shivaay who was seated in front of Siddharth….

Siddharth: So, what brings Shivaay Singh Oberoi here, in my office and that too with an appointment?

Shivaay: You must have guessed that it would be something really important, for which I made the efforts to take an appointment.

Siddharth: I would have really enjoyed this opportunity but with the things going on with your family, I don’t want to be an arrogant and rude rival. So, Shivaay, you can directly come to the point?

With the revelation of Tia and Dushyant’s relation Siddharth knew that he shouldn’t play any games with Shivaay at this point of time…. One wrong move could get his brother and his family into matters they were not related to…. He knew that if Shivaay got the slightest clue about any of this…. He would do his best to shift the focus from the Oberois to the Ranas…. Siddharth knew that he had to act cautiously and take each step carefully, it was like a walk on glass pieces, one wrong placement and it would be difficult to stop his family name from getting harmed….

Shivaay: I thought I’ll have to do a lot of convincing but I am really taken by surprise with your changed attitude. So, even I wouldn’t beat around the bush.

He looked at Ranbir who forwarded him a few papers…. Shivaay forwarded them to Siddharth who looked at him confused but took the papers…. Siddharth looked through the papers and understood that they were call records similar to the ones Ranveer and Abir had shown him sometime before…. The situation was now harder than before as both the police and Shivaay had got hold of some potential proofs that could put him in trouble…. He had to keep his composure and work out everything….

Siddharth: What is all this, they seem like some call records, but why are you showing them to me?

Shivaay: These are Tia’s call records and they show that she has been in constant contact with someone from Rana Group of Companies.

Siddharth: I know all this, DCP Randhawa had come to meet me in the morning regarding the same.

Shivaay: Great, so you must have understood why I am here? I want the person who was using that particular number.

Siddharth: Oh, I’ll tell you the exact thing I have told him, this is not an easy task and I need some time. There are thousands of employees and checking their records will take time. I can get you the information by tomorrow morning, the same I have told the DCP.

Shivaay: I understand that it’ll take time, and for the first and last time in my life, I am trusting you. I hope you wouldn’t disappoint me.

Ranbir and Siddharth looked at Shivaay in shock…. They took a few moments to process the words Shivaay had said….

Did he really say what they had heard….

Did Shivaay Singh Oberoi really say that he is trusting Siddharth Vikram Rana….

Siddharth: You are full of surprises today Shivaay.

Shivaay: Well, never expect the usual from Shivaay Singh Oberoi, he believes in doing the unexpected.

Siddharth: Great, I’ll get you the required information as soon as possible.

They stood up from their seats and had a quick hand shake…. Shivaay walked out of the cabin followed by a confused Ranbir….

As soon as they were out of sight…. Siddharth took out his phone and dialed a familiar number…. The person attended the call in the first few rings….

POC: We’ll reach India by tonight. Don’t worry everything will happen according to us.

Siddharth: Well, it has to because now Shivaay is also in the chase.

POC: Well then he should be ready to face defeat, this is our chase and our win.

Siddharth: I like this confidence in your voice.

POC: And I like these games.

Siddharth had a short smile on his face as he disconnected the call…. The game was going to be a lot of fun….


Anika and Prachi were sitting in their office…. Shivaay and Ranbir were out to meet Siddharth Rana so the girls had decided to work from their office instead of the Oberoi office…. The girls were busy discussing what would have happened at the Rana’s office taking a break from the boring paper work…. They were having some fun time thinking about the various scenarios that could have taken place in the office of the Ranas and attitude war between Shivaay and Siddharth…. They only wished the place would not have been declared as a war zone with poor Ranbir trying to calm down the situation and his boss….

Anika: I am hundred per cent sure what that Billu ji would have said, I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi and I can do anything in this world.

Anika said and finished her act by doing Shivaay’s hair flick step and the room filled with their laughter….

Both of them were unaware of the fact that two pairs of eyes were witnessing their commotion…. Shivaay and Ranbir had decided to update the girls and decided to go to their office before returning to Oberoi Industries…. As they reached near Anika’s cabin, they could hear laughing sounds and were amused as to what were the girls up to…. Ranbir thought to knock the door but Shivaay being Shivaay directly opened the door saying that Shivaay Singh Oberoi did not require any permission and Ranbir shook his head at Shivaay’s acts….

The words from Anika reached his ears and he was annoyed…. Ranbir also heard it and was about to laugh but seeing Shivaay’s glare controlled himself….

Prachi: Wait a minute Anika, who is this Billu ji?

Anika: Billu ji, oh, I forgot to tell you, the great Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s Dadi calls him Billu, I thought to add ji, you know naa for some respect.

Prachi: Oh my God, I really cannot believe that Shivaay Sir’s Dadi calls him Billu, but why Billu?

Anika: Obviously because of his kanji eyes, why else?

Shivaay: Yeah, of course, why else.

Anika and Prachi looked at each other…. There was a moment of silence as the girls turned to see Shivaay and Ranbir…. Shivaay’s face clearly showed his displeasure on the girls discussing his nickname…. Ranbir was uncertain not knowing how much of his anger Shivaay would pour on the poor girls…. Prachi looked at Ranbir to ask what was going to happen…. Ranbir shrugged his shoulders showing his uncertainty…. Prachi had heard instances about how dangerous Shivaay’s anger is, and today she was going to experience it…. Ranbir decided to intervene before things took a wrong turn….

All this while Anika could not think anything…. She was looking at Shivaay…. She was feeling as if she was locked in that gaze…. What colour are his eyes…. Are they blue or grey or maybe both…. Do they change colour according to his emotions…. The entire world faded for her as she was captivated in the intensity of those alluring eyes…. Shivaay was in no different world…. When he looked into her warm orbs he felt like all his anger was vanishing…. Those eyes were soothing all the rage that had developed in him…. He was feeling calm as if his mind and heart had found peace….

Ranbir: I was so amazed the way Siddharth Rana dealt with the entire situation.

Prachi: Really, what happened in your meeting, did you find about the person?

Shivaay and Anika were brought back to the reality by the voices of Prachi and Ranbir…. Shivaay understood that this was Ranbir’s attempt to divert their attention…. He looked at Anika once and knew how she thanked God and Ranbir for this…. Shivaay decided to play along, somehow he didn’t want to scold Anika for her childish behavior….

They soon got involved in the discussion….

Ranbir narrated the entire episode that happened at the Rana Head office…. Both the girls were surprised as how coolly both Shivaay and Siddharth had handled the situation….

Unknowingly a smile formed on Anika’s face as she listened to how Shivaay had handled the situation with caution…. Shivaay was quiet and let Ranbir do all the talking…. He was looking at Anika, he noticed the smile forming on her face, and as if infectious even his lips curved into a small smile…. Anika felt his gaze and turned to look at him…. Shivaay immediately put his smile away and turned to Ranbir…. Anika noticed everything and her smile only grew wider…. Shivaay Singh Oberoi had many shades that she had not countered yet, she thought….


Hello dear readers, first of all, A VERY HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL OF YOU, May this year take away all the negativity from your lives and will it with happiness.

I hope you all are doing well and keep doing well.

Finally could update the chapter you all were waiting for, Shivaay met Siddharth. Do share your views on their meeting, and do you all think Siddharth will really help Shivaay and Ranveer, or does he have some other plans?

I know you all wish to have more of Shivika, and I promise in the coming episodes, you’ll definitely get plenty of Shivika, and other couples.

Also, some new characters are on the way.

Keep reading and smiling!!!
Take care and stay safe!!!

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