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Lockdown Ki Love Story 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sonam falls in Raghav’s trap

Lockdown Ki Love Story 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sonam calling Raghav and asking him to tell the price of the proof. She says I want the proof, I m ready to pay any price for it. He says I like you more because of this craze, come to meet me, I will send you the address. He smiles. Shobha asks why are you so happy. Raghav says my dream is coming true, the game is in my side, it will be a goal, I told you, Sonam will call, she called and said she will give me any price for the proof. Shobha says you make me proud, what price did you think. Raghav says I will snatch their respect to insult Shashi and his family, they will remember my game forever now. Sumitra worries. Shobha stops her. He scolds her and takes prasad from her. Raghav asks Sumitra did she get habitual to get scolded by dad. She says you didn’t know what I like and what not, I came with aarti, I heard you planning to insult someone, what could I do.

He says leave these things to us. She gives prasad. He takes her blessings. He says bless me to insult someone in a way that the person can’t handle himself all life. She worries. Sheetal and Nutan have a talk. Sheetal says we should keep an eye on Sonam, if Sonam and Raghav join hands, then you will lose, Raghav will take revenge, some proof is really there. Shashi comes there. He asks did you meet Shobha. Sheetal says you said a big thing. She cries and says I will not stay here. Shashi says stop, don’t get tensed, listen to me, I will ask Dheeraj to book your tickets, you also go to your husband and manage your family. Nutan stops Shashi from making Sheetal leave. Sheetal asks Shashi to come with her to Shobha’s house and ask him when did she call him last. Nutan consoles her. Shashi calls them drama queens. Nutan says we do less drama than you.

Sonam says mom, I know Raghav is dangerous and selfish, I don’t have any option. Subhadra asks her to talk to Dhruv, he will help. Sonam says Dhruv isn’t the same, he won’t help me. Subhadra says I know he is angry, he truly loved you, he is a good man, he is Raghav’s brother and knows him well, talk to him once and call me. Sonam goes to Dhruv and says I want your help. Dhruv asks why, you said you will risk me as well to get proof. She says we were friends, help me for the sake of friendship. Milky comes and scolds her. She says you can take my help. Everyone comes. Shashi asks Milky to stay quiet.

Nutan and Sheetal scold Sonam. Sonam asks what problem do you have with me, fine I will help myself. Shashi says you tell me. Sonam says let it be, I will manage it. She goes. He says there is no use to say anything to Dhruv, it may get too late till he realizes his mistake. Raghav fixes a camera in the photo drama. He says perfect, I will ask Sonam for a proof and give a proof. Sonam is on the way and talks to Subhadra. Dhruv comes and asks are you going to meet a guy, who will help you. Sonam takes his car keys and says sit here, I will get my proof. He asks her to give keys.

He says go, I will not come in between. She says I won’t give. He catches her to get keys. They have a moment. The people look on. Dhruv leaves her. Sonam says wait, I will come. She goes. Raghav says I get restless if you don’t meeet me, I can’t stay without you, come. Dhruv sees Sonam going. He shouts for keys. The man says Mumbai girl isn’t going from here. Dhruv says yes, she got freezed here, do you have any idea to make her leave, why are you taunting if you can’t help. He sits on the car. He recalls Sonam and his old moment. He cries. He says we used to end every fight with love, now it ends with silence. Raghav says I have prepared such a way that Sonam will like it. Sonam comes. He opens the door and stares at her. She sees her pics all over the walls.

Raghav asks Sonam to wear any dress she likes. He says think I m Dhruv for some time. He forces her. She asks him to leave her. They get recorded.

Update Credit to: Amena

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