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Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 22: Armaan’s proposal rejected?

Hello everyone!!

Replies to comments from previous update:

Hello Riansh Lover, I know you don’t like him. So just tolerate him for half episode and then he’s gone forever😁

Hello Shivangi, Well, let’s see what you predicted comes out or not. Since even you hate Armaan, just tolerate him for half an episode and then he’s gone😸 If it was in the show I guess I would have chosen Zain Imam. He’s really 🔥

Hello Tonni, Haha…. Misunderstandings are cleared today. And Armaan is going!🤩

Hello Jennifer, I am sorry to say but you would have to wait for a few more episodes💯

Hello Riaa, Firstly; Thanks for logging-in specially for me (maybe)🤭 And Riddhima and Vansh will come together soon. You only have to wait for 24 hours everyday😂.

Hello Bhuvaneshwari, This is FF not serial, everything can’t be a dream or imagination 😂. But things would get settled today and a new start from tomorrow’s episode maybe 💕

Hello Sandhya Shah, Nothing much but that doesn’t mean you miss it😸. Read it😊

Hello Ravi, Let me clear it here, your prediction was wrong🤯

Hello SUMISHA, Not a big one though, well….. there’s no such twist☹️

Hello M, Don’t worry you don’t need to kill him and become a criminal. He’s gonna go today. And Riddhima and Vansh are just confused 🤔.

Hello Darshika, Your comment always gets a smile on my face 💯. I guess things will settle down today🤔. Regarding Vansh’s character, I kept it simple but if you want that attitude, gimme some time, I will definitely add some in the upcoming episodes 💛🔥

Hello Naira U Singh, Thank you💯. You don’t have to wait for much time 😁.

Hello Rianshfan, Don’t kill him yaar 😨, he’s gonna go today😁

Hello RiyaVaghani, My villain has a short life span yaar 😲. But I will bring many more if you want 🤭.

Hello KV2711, This episode will give you answers. But I can say that differences are settled 💯

Hello Diha, Don’t worry babe🙈 Everything’s gonna be alright today 😉.

The episode starts as……

Vansh gets angry on seeing and hearing everything.

Vansh: Aryan, I can no longer tolerate this drama.

Aryan: Neither do I, but let’s not go now.

Vansh: What? Are you mad?

Aryan: Vansh try to understand, let Riddhima speak at least. We can’t just go, she’ll get more angry.

Vansh(thinks): Riddhima, please don’t say yes. Please! I can’t see you with someone else. Please!

Riddhima recalls Vansh, she recalls each and every moment she’d spend with him. She’s just lost in the world where there’s only Vansh and her and no one else. It’s just the two of them. She’s so damn lost with Vansh.

Riddhima: Yes! I love you too!

Armaan: Really? You love me as well?

Vansh and Aryan are surprised on hearing this. Vansh’s eyes got filled but before that river could flow Vansh wiped it off. Riddhima comes back to reality.

Riddhima: What! No! I didn’t mean it for you.

Armaan: You mean you don’t love me?

Riddhima: I don’t love you. I have never loved you. I allowed you to reside with Sejal and me only for the sake of humanity. If I knew, you had such thoughts I would have never let you in. Because of you I fought with two of my closest friends.

Armaan comes closer to Riddhima. He was about to touch her face but before he could do so, Vansh came in the middle and holded his hand. Riddhima got relieved seeing Vansh. Vansh pushes Armaan away and turns to Riddhima. Riddhima instantly hugs him, he hugs her back. Aryan reaches there too. Vansh and Riddhima get back. Vansh and Aryan team up against Armaan. They have a tough fight. But all three are wounded. Armaan gets weak and gives up, he doesn’t even have the courage to get up. Vansh, Riddhima and Aryan leave him on the spot and come towards the car. Riddhima notices their wounds and bandages both of them silently. And then,

Aryan: Didn’t we tell you, he’s not safe?

Riddhima: He was talking about giving his life. I couldn’t hear that. I just helped him as a friend. I had no clue that it was all false.

Vansh: So you don’t love him?

Riddhima: What kind of question is that? Ofcourse I don’t.

Aryan: So why did you say yes that you love him?

Riddhima: Because I, for a minute, thought that it was Van…

Aryan: What?

Riddhima: Nothing. Can we go home?

Vansh: Yes! Let’s leave.

In Riddhima and Sejal’s house,

Everybody is eagerly waiting for the trio to arrive and then the door opens. Riddhima, Vansh and Aryan enter. Ishani sees the bandages on Aryan’s hand.

Ishani: Aryan! What happened?

Aryan: I had a boxing match there!

Kabir: Really?

Riddhima: Vansh and Aryan fought with Armaan there, and got injured.

Aryan: Couldn’t you say that Armaan got injured? My personality gets destroyed, if you say I got injured.

Sejal: Hey! Do you even have one?

Sia: Guys! Seriously?

Everybody laughed. Riddhima goes to her room without saying anything. Vansh follows her while the rest stay back. Riddhima sits near the window and starts crying. Vansh notices it. He can’t see her crying.

Vansh(softly): Riddhima!

On hearing the voice, Riddhima turned and went closer to him. She was so scared with all what happened with her. She went closer to Vansh. Vansh was just looking at her. She walked even closer and then she took a pillow and hit him.

Vansh: Now what was this for? Saving you?

Riddhima: You guys could have told me earlier about him.

Vansh: All of us tried but you were hell bent to not listen.

Before Riddhima could speak, she recalls Vansh with the girl and then asks him to leave.

Vansh(surprised): Why?

Riddhima: I wanna be alone for sometime.

Vansh: What’s wrong with you? Even Armaan has gone now. Why are you being so strange with me?

Riddhima: [Tears filled in her eyes] I saw you with a girl yesterday.

Vansh: Which girl?

Riddhima: Your girlfriend!

Vansh: What? I don’t even have one.

Riddhima: Stop lying. She hugged you from back and even confessed her love.

Vansh recalls the incident.

Vansh: You only see half truth and leave right? It was a misunderstanding. The girl hugged me from back thinking I am her boyfriend. Later she apologized and left. That part who will see?

Riddhima: Really?

Vansh: Yes! (Long pause) So was this the reason you didn’t talk to me well?

Riddhima: Ya!

Vansh: That means it does affect you to see me with someone else right?

Riddhima: No! You being with Kabir, Angre and Aryan doesn’t affect me.

Vansh: I know. I mean when you see me with some girl it affects you.

Riddhima: *no answer*

Vansh: I got it, it does affect you.

Riddhima: So what? Even Armaan used to affect you.

Vansh: That’s different.

Just then Aryan enters the room.

Aryan: Sorry to disturb the two of you, but let me know if y’all wanna have dinner.

Riddhima: Ofcourse, let’s go!

The three come out and everyone gets seated on the dining table.

Kabir: So Riddhima, how was your experience with that Armaan?

Riddhima: It was good enough! If these two wouldn’t have interrupted, I would have agreed to his proposal.

Vansh: Really?

Riddhima: Ya! Even you and Aryan were there right? Didn’t you see the set-up he did? Didn’t you hear all he said?

Vansh: Okay! Great!

Vansh gets up from the table and goes to the exit.

Aryan: Oh Riddhu! He’s got upset!

Ishani: Maybe angry!

Riddhima: Wait, I will get him back.

Riddhima follows Vansh and finds him sitting alone on the bench. She goes and sits next to him.

Vansh(sadly): I am sorry! I was a barrier between you and Armaan.

Riddhima(looking at him): What are you saying Vansh? Have you lost it? I was just joking. I would have never agreed to him.

Vansh(looking into Riddhima’s eyes): Really? You would have disagreed?

Riddhima: Ofcourse Vansh! I didn’t even like him.

Vansh: Then assure me one thing.

Riddhima: What’s it?

Vansh: That you would not let some third person come between us. [Tears rolling down] I was frightened that I would lose you, our friendship, the relation which we share and everything.

Riddhima: No Vansh! That can never happen. I will never let someone between us and drift us apart.

Riddhima wipes Vansh’s tears as they share a moment.

Riddhima: Now let’s go in. I told them that I would get you in. [She gets up]

Vansh: [Holds her hand] Can you please sit for some more time? I missed being with you.

Riddhima(smilingly): Okay.

Precap: Vansh and Riddhima get back to reality and hear their friends calling them. They go towards them.

Riddhima: Cat…. Cat….. Sweet little cat, come to me. Come out, Don’t be scared.

Loads of love from me to y’all 💕💕

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