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Indiawaali Maa 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Cheenu wants Kaku away

Indiawaali Maa 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Cheenu saying Akshay, I don’t want to talk about it, clients are coming and presentation isn’t ready. Kaku comes to office. Balli shows the ID card and says I will make you wear it. She says no, I will wear it. She smiles and wears the ID card. She goes to login. Balli asks her to put her thumb impression on the machine, it will have her entry in the office. She says okay. She logs in. She likes the machine. He asks did you make the presentation. She says yes, I made it all night. Kirti asks is the presentation ready. Cheenu says I don’t think so, its not the same as Kaku said. Kirti asks what will happen about the office reputation, what will we do, clients are waiting, I can take over the project and manage it. He asks what will we present to the clients. Kaku says what I have prepared. Akshay says done, we will go. Cheenu says I will check once.

Kirti says no need, we are already getting late, come. Rohan wakes up and calls out Kaku. He sees the breakfast kept. Kaku comes for the presentation. Cheenu asks Kaku to start. Kaku shows her design.

The man asks what’s this. Kaku says its a present, I have made it for your wedding, its my presentation. Cheenu says its for guests, have a look, its wedding gift sample for the guests, it will be similar. Cheenu stops Kaku from saying anything. Akshay says we had an idea to make something better, the final presentation will need some time, your guests will love this gift. Cheenu gets the tea prepared by Kaku. She asks the clients to have it. The couple likes the gift idea and the tea. They decide to meet Akshay tomorrow.

Akshay and Cheenu manage the clients. The couple leaves happily. Kirti asks Akshay what was all this. Cheenu says I want to talk to Kaku. Kirti says I m not going anywhere. Cheenu says fine, I will go, come with me. Akshay says Cheenu will take care of her intern. She asks what’s this, I asked you to make presentation, you had to tell the ideas to clients, you couldn’t do it, you could have taken Fawad’s help, you got this present. Kaku says I had made the present all night, I had to make it. Cheenu says I asked you to make a presentation, not a present, I m working here to make my life better and meaningful, you are creating problems, this is office, no one cares about your personal life, whatever is going on in your life. Kaku asks anything? You were there at the hospital and saw what happened with Rohan. Cheenu says yes, I know you personally, will you take an advantage of it, I understand, what shall I tell the client that we are cancelling the meeting, do you understand my problem, its my mistake, you are making a fresh start in this age, I expected a lot, its corporate world, there is no place for excuses. Kaku says sorry Cheenu, I made a mistake, you managed it. Cheenu says my life has many issues, I feel you should leave. She asks Kaku to please leave.

Kirti asks are you going, what will happen of Cheenu, will you bring a cut of coffee for me. Balli sees this and says I will ask the peon to get coffee. Kirti goes. He asks is everything fine. Kaku leaves. She comes home. Rohan asks her to sit. She sees the alcohol bottle on the table. Kaku scolds him. He encourages her. She says we took you to the hospital, you have ashamed us, I also felt bad. She scolds him. She says you remember that I can break down, but not shatter, I can never punish my family like you do. She goes crying. He cries. He takes the alcohol bottle and trashes it. Kaku calls Cheenu. Cheenu disconnects. Kaku calls again and again. Cheenu answers. Kaku apologizes.

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