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Gupta Brothers 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update: A heartbroken Shiv gives shop to his brothers

Gupta Brothers 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ganga coming to Shiv’s room and tells that she will come later, seeing him about to change his shirt. Shiv says this room is yours too, we have to share this room. Ganga asks if he will not share his pain. Shiv says he has become orphaned again. Ganga says they love you so much, they will realize their mistake soon. Shiv says I brought them up and never let them face any problem, may be I made them weak and says if something happens to me tomorrow then. Ganga keeps her hand on his mouth and says we all need you. He asks her not to blame herself for the happenings, says destiny brought us together, may be to support each other. He says today I am feeling alone and needs a support, so don’t tell of leaving from here.

The neighbors feel bad seeing Shiv coming out of house. Jaya asks how did this happen, why didn’t you stop your brothers? Shiv says you don’t feel sad, bad times comes and goes, this is life. Amba says they have so much childishness and didn’t understand. Neighbor tells that a woman broke his home. Other neighbor lady tells that he would have married a nice lady and not a girl like Ganga. Jaya says I will stop their madness and goes inside the house. She calls Alok and asks why did you draw this line, asks him to wipe the line, says nobody will separate. She wipes the line with a cloth, but Veeru holds her hand and asks who are you to interfere in our house. Jaya says Shiv Bhaiyya regards me as family. Veeru asks her to go. Jaya says she came to talk to Alok. Jaya shouts Alok. Alok asks Veeru to leave her hand, but the latter doesn’t. Ganga comes and asks Veeru to leave Jaya’s hand. Veeru asks her not to interfere. Amba comes there and scolds Veeru and says your anger will drown you one day. Alok asks Amba to take Jaya from there. Veeru says ask her not to come to our house again. Amba sends Jaya from there. Alok takes Veeru inside. Amba tells Ganga that these boys are stupid, I have brought her up since childhood. She asks her not to let their relation break. Ganga says they are Shiv’s brother and says very soon everything will be fine.

Shiv returns home and finds Veeru getting the line made in the house with paint. Amba asks them to stop hurting Shiv. She asks Shiv to say something. Alok asks Shiv to take the house stuff whatever they want. Shiv says you said right, have to choose, but you have to choose. He asks them to decide what they want and sits on the chair. Neighbor asks what is on the other side. Amba asks Ganga what is he doing? Ganga says at one side is all the stuff and the other side is Shiv himself, they have to decide if they want Shiv or the stuff. Ganga promises not to let anything wrong happen here and asks them to choose their brother and not the stuff. Alok says Bhaiyya decided himself, as he chose you. Shiv is heartbroken. Amba smiles. Shiv leaves.

Alok and Veeru talk about how to handle shop without Shiv. They see crowd at the shop and think Shiv bhaiyya must have started new scheme. Shukla asks Shiv if he shall talk to his brothers. Shiv says no. Alok and Veeru come there. Shukla asks if they will do partition of the shop. Other neighbor asks if they will distribute the customers and then fight. Alok says work place can’t be divided. Shiv says what should be divided is home and says if home breaks then the trouble wins, will have money, but no family to share the happiness with. Veeru asks if we will do partition of the shop. Shiv says I won’t let this shop break and it will be one. Veeru says then what we will do. Shiv says you will run this shop, this shop is yours from today.

Precap: Ganga comes to talk to Rajat. Alok and Veeru accuse her for separating them. Veeru says she has no quality. Shiv says I will make her sarvagunn sampann.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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