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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sayi Blames Virat For Kamal’s Death

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Doctor comes out of OT and informs Usha that he tried his best but couldn’t save Kamal. Usha cries loudly in grief while Virat stands shocked. He with team walks into OT and looks at Kamal’s face reminiscing Kamal seeking gurudakshina, bearing bullet protecting him and before operation requesting to take care of Sayi. He asks constable Kale to call Sayi. Usha runs to Sayi who is busy praying and says Kamal dada is gone. Sayi doesn’t react, walks to Kamal with holy water, and calls Aaba/Kamal. She says she did mahamrityunjai jaap and brought holy water for him, so he should wake up and have it. When he doesn’t react, she shouts to wake up as she knows he can. Virat stops her and says inspector Joshi is no more.

At Chavan Mansion, Mansi packs her bags and tries to leave. Family stops her and asks where is she going. Mansi says she will go to Ladakh and search her son Samrat. Badimaa says when army couldn’t, how will she. She says army doesn’t have a mother’s love. Ashwini consoles her and says tomorrow is all Marathi women keep vatsavitri vrat/fast for their husband’s safety, so even Patralekha will fast for Samrat’s safety, when Savtri could save Satyavan, even Patralekha can if she fasts with pure mind. Badimaa praises her thinking.

Sayi checks Aaba’s forehead and asks why is he cold. Virat says he is no more. Sayi cries loudly and shouts outs at Aaba to come back. She blames Virat for Aaba’s death saying he knew Aaba is ill and is about to retire, even then he took Aaba along to a mission, so he is a murderer. Usha consoles her and takes her away.

During dinner, Karishma asks Saloni to pass on pickles. Saloni asks if there is a good news. Karishma says no. She asks Ashwini to have more food as they need to fast tomorrow and offers even Patralekha. Badimaa brings shagun Patralekha. Ashwini says if they keep vatsavitri vrat, they will get same husband for 7 lives, asks if she wants Samrat in next 7 lives. Patralekha nods yes.

Virat with his team takes Kamal’s body along when Vithal with Jagtap on wheelchair walks in and taunts to salute departed soul. Sayi reacts, but Usha takes her away. Virat warns Vithal that he would have shot him if he wasn’t mourning his guru’s death. Vithal say she got bail and will bail out even his son. Virat says he will send them to jail. Vithal says he will transfer him to Nagpur. Virat says Nagpur or Kolapur, he will not spare them both.

Precap: Pakhi receives Kamal’s uniform and cries holding it. Virat tries to enter with Aaba’s ashes when Sayi orders him to stop right there.

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