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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Puranjan picks a burning log and is about to go but Ram ji and another guy stops him. Puranjan says I told you that these people wont back off easily. They will kill us one by one. Let’s attack them and burn them down. They will back down. I have lost my Kaka, not you! Ram ji reasons that they will lose their men as well and we wont be any different than them. Authorities wont think that we are being abused. Puranjan refuses. Bhima also requests Puranjan to stop. Puranjan says you always support your Baba. Purnajan says it is time to retort. Phoolchand seconds him. Bhima suggests taking a vote. This isn’t personal for anyone. Let’s vote and decide. Only 1 guy stands in Puranjan’s support whereas others side with Ram ji. Ram ji says violence is not a solution. Even Kaka did not want this. Let’s make preps to bid adieu to Kaka. Puranjan cries. They perform Kaka’s last rites. Everyone thinks of their

Dhansukhlal and his men tell them that Kaka died because of them. If you would have accepted your place in this society then this wouldn’t have happened. Pundit ji says you guys cannot stands in front of us but seems like you still don’t understand anything. Puranjan is about to hit them but Ram ji stops him. This isn’t the time to counter attack. Dhansukhlal says he is right. Next will be another from you only! Ram ji says we will fulfil Kaka’s wish and continue our struggle. Let them say what they want to. They want to distract but we wont let them succeed. Dhansukhlal asks them to say something. Mangesh says they cannot answer to you. They head back.

Dhansukhlal informs Maharaj that they have killed Kaka. Mangesh asks him how they can send the police back. Officer says it cannot happen. They have filed a complaint that you guys have killed one of them. We have to investigate. Dhansukhlal tells him to find out a face from the crowd. Officer says I came to help you. Kulkarni says they think of themselves on their own. Wont Maharaj say anything today? They need your guidance. Maharaj says I will do it but this Officer is concerned for us right now. You should think more about dharma than anything else. Officer asks him what he means. Maharaj asks him when he joined police. Officer says it was when I turned 24. Maharaj says you got a religion the moment you were born. There is nothing above dharma. Whatever happened was done to protect the religion. You too should stand in support of dharma. This is justice. Bhima asks him how one finds out about their dharma when they are born. Maharaj says dharma gets transferred to heirs. Bhima asks him if their shadow is inauspicious for them. Maharaj nods. Bhima asks about their bodies. Maharaj says how it will be fine when shadow isn’t. Bhima asks him if touching their body will make them impure. Maharaj asks him what nonsense is this. Bhima says I am curious. Pundit ji replies that touching any part of you will ruin our current and future births. Bhima confirms with Maharaj if he agrees with what Pundit ji said just now. Maharaj nods. Bhima asks his brother to step forward. Bala gives him Kaka’s ashes. These are the ashes of the same Kaka whom you guys killed last night. It was Kaka’s wish that his ashes should be spread around our wells so you all can never stop us from getting water ever again. If you come near his ashes them your present and future will be ruined as per you. You said this in front of everyone. I am telling this now in front of all of you so no one can oppose it in future. Now none of you will be able to stop us from getting water from our wells ever again! Kulkarni claps for him. He reminds Maharaj how he used to say that people from lower community have no brain. Look at Bhima! The villagers fume in anger. Bhima walks away with his brother.

Bhima, Bala and Ram ji sprinkle Kaka’s ashes around their well.

Guru ji says police has withdrawn. They don’t think the situation will become worse again. We have won. Ram ji says we had to pay a big price for it. Bhima and the villagers thank Guru ji for supporting them in this fight. Guru ji tells him that he is with him in his every battle. Ram ji tells everyone to go home now. Think of the past as a bad dream. The best tribute to Kaka will be to continue this struggle. Everyone thanks Sakpal family as they head home. Ram ji goes to speak to Puranjan. We will have to be patient during this time. we are with you. Please take care. He heads home with his family.

Puranjan picks a big stick and runs. He collides with Phoolchand on the way but does not stop. Puranjan attacks Mangesh while he is sleeping in the fields but there are other guys there. They hold him back but Puranjan is no mood to back off. Phoolchand informs Ram ji about it. Bhima says he would have gone to take revenge. Bhima, Bala, Anand Ram ji and Bhimbai go to check on Puranjan.

Puranjan beats Mangesh and proves to be a strong contender but one of the guys attack him from behind. Mangesh says let’s set him and his family on fire. Another guy says he should know what it is to mess with us. Puranjan warns him to stay away from his family. Mangesh asks his friend to bring rope first.

Ram ji sends people in different directions to look for Puranjan. Mangesh and his friend tie Puranjan’s hands and drag him.


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