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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Shravan gets an alliance

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sophie asking Avni will she join them. Avni says no, I wanted to ask, are you and Shravan dating. Sophie says yes, but he is very slow in these things, its great. Avni says you think he is interested in you. Sophie says I don’t know, I m special for him. She goes. Avni sees Shravan helping Suman. Suman says Dumroo will come and help. He says you asked me to stay normal, let me help. He takes the packet from her hands. Avni says I can see something else happening here. Kanchan sees wedding invites. Veer runs and asks Beena to catch him. Shravan says I got something for you, finish the milk first. Veer says you also went in mum’s team. He drinks the milk and gets the chocolate. Kanchan asks which card from these two. Beena says Vikram had sent it for the engagement, we will final one. Kanchan says I like this bright one, we have many options. Suman says but… Beena says I think engagement will happen this week.

Suman sees Shravan. She says I have much work this week, I will talk to Vikram, no need to rush. She goes. Avni calls Bunty and says I m sorry. He says I understood you are right, Shravan loves Suman, he doesn’t accept, if he accepts that he loves her, then we can help. Avni says yes, but… He says we have to know if Suman still loves Shravan, I was thinking she doesn’t feel. She asks if they both feel for each other. He says its wrong, they love each other, I will try once. She says I will help. He says we have to know what Suman thinks about him. She smiles and says I have a plan for this.

Avni comes to Suman’s house to meet Shravan. He says you here. Avni says you aren’t answering Tau ji’s call, he selected Sakshi for you. She shows a pic. She sees Suman. She asks Shravan to discuss it and talk to Sakshi on call. He says fine, you go now. Avni says call her and you will know her voice, don’t forget, bye. Suman asks her to have dinner. Avni says I have to go to market with Sophie, Shravan said he is busy. He says I have to take rest. Avni says I will go, you talk to her. She goes.

Suman writes her diary. She says I m at peace with Shravan now, I don’t feel uneasy. Shravan is restless. She writes… Shravan said we are friends from today, is this true, maybe this is right for us, we can never have the past relation, he is moving on, I have to move on with Vikram. Shravan calls Sakshi. He says what will I say on call, I won’t call. Its morning, Shravan eats breakfast. Beena asks Suman to come. She says you had to leave early, so I prepared the breakfast for you, I liked the fact that you decided to go together to Kent. Shravan thanks Suman. Beena asks them to have food.

Suman asks what did that girl say. He asks who. She says you had to talk to that girl. He says you tell me, why are you taking interest in my matter. She says we decided to be normal with each other. He says yes, it doesn’t mean you interfere. He gets Sakshi’s message. He says you were thinking of that girl and see her message has come. Suman says good, meet her, who knows she is the perfect girl for you. He says no thanks, you can meet her, I have no interest in meeting anyone. She asks how will you refuse, families are involved, your dad will feel bad. He says I take my life’s decisions, I agree to dad when I feel he is right, not everyone is in hurry for marriage, I can’t pressurize myself, I refused to her and said I m seeing some other girl.

Ramesh gifts a necklace to Suman. Beena argues with Ramesh. Suman says I will do a job and pay the money for the jewellery. Shravan hears them. Bunty asks Shravan to help Suman. Shravan asks why will I help her. Bunty says you stay in her house. Shravan says I m helpless to stay there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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