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Barister Babu 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Bondita prepares her school bag

Barister Babu 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Batuk saying it was my mistake, I will dry your book. He dries the book. Bondita recalls Binoy’s words. He asks do you have 30 boys in your class. Batuk says yes, its fun. He explains her. She says I will cover the books, I have to learn. He agrees. She jumps happily. Saurabh asks who will do the inauguration. Anirudh asks is this to ask, the girls will do the inauguration. He says you will make a new start from this place. He breaks the coconut. Everyone claps. The girls take the laddoos. Batuk says we are taught many subjects in the school. Bondita says that’s why you have many pockets in your bag. He laughs and says its called compartments, not pockets, I keep tiffin box here and pencil box, we have lunch together, it looks like we are eating at someone’s marriage.

Bondita asks why doesn’t my book get covers. He says you are a girl, you have to make food at home, what’s the use for you to get books with covers and bag. She says I also want a bag and covers. Anirudh asks how do you feel becoming independent women. Surayya says I had a dream, I sold all the clothes, everyone was asking for more clothes. Anirudh asks Ramayya how does she feel. Ramayya says I don’t know what will happen. He says everything will be fine. He talks to other girls. The girl asks where is Bondita. He says she had to study, she has to learn household work also, she is more busy than me. Ramayya says this girl has her voice, but she doesn’t like to hear. Anirudh says those who hear less can understand others well, right Bholi. She nods. He asks them to see the workshop. Bondita gets upset and goes.

She thinks how shall I get a bag. She gets her costly sarees. She takes Koyli’s help. She cuts many sarees to make compartments in the bag. Bondita stitches. Koyli says we have made the pockets, but we need buttons. Bondita gets Anirudh’s coats and takes the buttons from it. Koyli says its Anirudh’s coat, you took off the buttons. Bondita says its fine, he has many coats, but its my first bag, then I can study well. She stitches the buttons also. Trilochan comes. He sees Bondita stitching and smiles. He says I came to ask her to learn something, but she is already learning stitching, amazing.

Bondita comes to learn with her bag. She smiles. She coughs to get Anirudh’s attention. He asks shall we start studies. She says yes, I have come to show it. He says studies can’t be shown. She says I have to show it. He asks how. She shows her bag. He smiles seeing her bag. She says now we can start. He says I don’t want to say anything. She asks him if he doesn’t have to say anything. He says I have seen you have covered your books. She asks did you just see books. She shows the bag and asks didn’t you see it, this pencil box, you didn’t tell me about it. He says I have seen it, bag or covers doesn’t mean studies, study happens if you get dedicated and learn, not this show. He asks her to learn Varnmala. She tells a few. He corrects her. He says these alphabets are the foundation, you can’t make words if you don’t learn it, how will you study, how will you read books and write a letter on your own, do you want to learn or not. She recalls the master’s words. She forwards her hands and closes eyes. He asks her to open eyes. She says I close eyes when I get hit. He says I promise you as your husband and teacher, even if I m very angry on you, I will never raise hand on you.

She asks what shall I do, I learn aarti and all, but not these alphabets. She says I feel scared and don’t learn anything because of the fear, I can’t fulfill the dream to get educated. Anirudh goes. She sits crying. He plays music. He sings.

He asks did you understand anything. She says no. He sings Hum honge kamyaab… She also sings along. Rishta tera mera….plays…. They laugh. He asks what will you tell yourself now, you have faith in your heart, you will succeed one day. She laughs. He says sometimes, you will feel burdened of studies, if you befriend studies, then you will have fun, this friend will never leave you, it will always stand by you, when no one is with you, education will always be with you.

She says like you are there for me. He says make studies your forever friend. Its morning, Trilochan comes to have breakfast. He says I met villagers, they are worried, some new british officer is going to come, he had set many rules already, poor villagers are in trouble. Binoy says don’t worry, I will befriend this new officer also. Anirudh says some people just think of themselves always. He doesn’t sit beside Binoy. Binoy asks Somnath to sit in his place, whoever doesn’t want to sit can go out. Anirudh and Binoy argue. Anirudh asks does a dad cheat his son. Binoy hits the table and asks did you learn this from abroad. Bihari says I think there will be a battle here. Trilochan says I will not have food today, you have to respect elders. Batuk asks how will I study in school. Binoy says you are thinking of your studies. Trilochan says everyone is just thinking of themselves here. Bondita comes and looks on.


Update Credit to: Amena

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