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Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 26

Hello friends, your responses made me to post this episode early. Thank you for all the love. I wanted to share you all that within 3 days my wattpad story has got 1k reads and stood in the ranks also. I am so happy.

Replies to the comments of previous episode:

Hey Mrunal, I am glad you loved the episode dear.

Hey KV2711, I am glad you loved the episode dear. Keep loving.

Hey Shivanshi Singh, I am glad you loved the episode.

Hey M, avnu ekkuva ave chestaru kani naku ala rayali ani anipinchindi. Edo okati naku kuda romance ante ento telidu kada…! Avnu eye locks ekkuva untayi asalu enduku ala custaro ardham kadu Bng…

Hey Akshaya, thank you for your response.

Hey Tonni, I am glad you liked the episode dear. I will try to post early dear. I am happy to know that you love my episodes. In the actual serial they always stop in eye locks only. If they ever do romance also it will turn into a dream.

Hey Aafrin, I am glad you liked the episode dear.

Hey Poojitha, so I am your akka now. I am glad you like my stories dear. Thank you for your support. All the best dear. Love you sis…

Hey Bhuvaneshwari, I am glad you liked the episode chelli..!

Hey G_SQAUD, thank you for your support dear. I will not stop writing until you all support me dear. Keep loving.

Hey Jumbo(Denza), loved your writings dear. Waiting for your fan fiction. POV means point of view. It will help in establishing the inner feelings of the characters.

Hey Jennifer, I am glad you loved the episode dear. I will post a little early from now.

Hey Preeti Priyanka, I am glad you loved the episode dear. I will post early from now on.

Hey TSA, I am glad you loved the episode dear. I am your akka now. Thank you for your support dear. Keep loving.

Hey Ravi, I am glad you loved the episode dear. I will soon make their confession dear.

Hey SUMISHA, thank you for your love dear. I am glad you loved the episode.

Hey Riansh Lover, I am glad you loved the episode dear. Keep loving.

Hey Naira U Singh, I am glad you loved the episode dear. Keep loving.

Hey Rianshfan, I am glad you loved the episode dear. I have started following you on the wattpad also.

Episode starts with….

Ridhima couldn’t bear this closeness anymore. She was fearing about losing her heart out as being this close to Vansh is uncontrollable. She could feel his hot breathe touching over her face. She was not sure about the distance between them as she was closing her eyes. But she didn’t move fearing to have an accidental kiss with him which can lead to more embarrassment.

Vansh also closed his eyes being that close to her. He could feel her heart pounding vigorously. He was enjoying to make Ridhima anxious. He slightly whispered “Ridhima, can I tell you something?”

Ridhima was already nervous with him being close to her and now he wants her to reply to his words. He is literally making her helpless now.

She couldn’t say anything as she was pounding vigorously. “Hmmm.” Is what all she said with much difficulty.

Vansh slowly moved back and said “Ridhima, will you take your hands back so that I can start driving.” Ridhima gets surprised and opens her eyes. She finds that she was holding Vansh’s hand which were on her cheeks.

She suddenly takes her hands back and looks front while setting her hair nervously. Vansh notices it and says “Why were you closing your eyes, Ridhima?” Ridhima looks at her nails to divert her attention and says “I taught you will kiss me.” She just realizes what she spoke and gets shocked.

Vansh is totally speechless with her words. Ridhima turns her head and pats her head for what she said. She thinks “What have you done Ridhima? All this embarrassment was not enough that you have talked about kiss…? Now where will you bury your face idiot..?” She could sense that Vansh was still staring at her.

She looked at Vansh through the corner of her eyes and says “Vansh, I think you are getting late. Shall we go?” He suddenly places her hands around Ridhima holding the car seat. He comes close to her and says “I have all the time in this world when it comes to fulfill my duties. Fulfilling every wish of my wife is my duty right so now I will fulfill your wish. You were thinking about a kiss right so let me give it to you.”

Ridhima widens her eyes in shock. She looks at Vansh in surprise and finds him smirking evilly. She knew that Vansh will definitely take this opportunity. She closes her eyes as Vansh comes close to her. Vansh puts his finger on her lips and starts making circles on it. Ridhima’s front is shaking heavily as her heartbeat is increasing. Vansh comes close to her and kisses on……her cheek. He then smiles and moves back. Ridhima gets surprised that he kissed her on the cheek and opens her eyes and finds Vansh smiling at her. Ridhima blushes at him and thinks “How lucky I am to get this understanding hubby? He will never make me feel awkward. He thinks about my feeling as well.” Ridhima agians looks at Vansh and smiles lovingly. Vansh notices her being lost in thoughts and says “What are you thinking now Ridhima? Were you thinking that I will kiss you on your…. Ridhima shies and hits him with her fist playfully. They both laugh together.

Vansh then starts driving the car. Ridhima feels bored and plays  the music.

Ek chumma (trans- One Kiss)song plays….

Vansh hums the song and looks at Ridhima who is already feeling awkward. She then changes the song and plays the FM.

An RJ of the FM speaks “Hello Mumbai, welcome back to my show. So…let me tell you all that as we are in the month of February here comes the time to celebrate the valentine’s day. Yes buddies, Valentines week starts from tomorrow. Starting from the rose day to the Valentines day  every day is special for every person who are in love. (Vansh looks at Ridhima who is smiling while listening to it.) I hope you all will make sure that your partner will love this valentine’s day. If your partner will be surprised then I am sure your relation will turn strong. Enough of these talks guys just listen to the next song…..

Ridhima stops the radio and looks at Vansh who is smiling. She is feeling awkward thinking of those words. Vansh notices Ridhima worried and says “So it is Valentine’s week.”

Ridhima blushes while listening to his words and is about to speak when she gets a call. Siya video calls Ridhima. Ridhima lifts the call and speaks to Siya.

Ridhima-Siya conversation:

S- Hey Bhabhi! Where are you?

R-  Hey Siya, I am with your Bhaiya.

S- Wow Bhabhi, going on a date? So romantic.

R(blushing)- No Siya, we just came out. I was feeling bored staying I the home so I asked him to take me out.

S- What Bhabhi? You were feeling bored at home even after staying with us?

R- No…no…Siya, I was just….

S- It’s ok Bhabhi. Sometimes we do get bored even after staying with everyone. It is good to go on rides with your husband after all.

Vansh hears her and shifts the phone from Ridhima’s hand and points to himself.

V- What were you saying choti? Tell again.

S(smiling)- I didn’t say anything Bhaiya,  I was just…..Give the phone to Bhabhi no. I was talking with her.

V- After the arrival of your Bhabhi, you have totally ignored me as if I am nothing to you. I am hurt now.

S- Bhaiya, it’s not like that. I love you both very much. I love you the most Bhaiya.

Ridhima takes the phone.

R- It’s ok Siya, your brother is jealous of our bonding. Tell me what you are doing.

Just then Anupriya comes there and looks at Siya talking with Ridhima. She takes the phone on Siya’s perseverance.

A-Ridhima, where are you?

Vansh gets angry by listening her voice and suddenly stops the car. Ridhima looks at him and understands that he is angry. Ridhima worries for him but talks on the call to not upset Anupriya.

R- Maa…. I just came out with Vansh.

Vansh holds her hand and gestures her to not take his name while talking to her. Ridhima looks at him helplessly and turns towards the call.

Anupriya looks at the chain around Ridhima’s neck and gets shocked. She recalls that the chain was once presented to her by her husband Pradeep. She is totally out of her words.

A-Ridhima…. Whaat are you wearing?

Suddenly due to bad network coverage the call ends. Siya explains the same reason to Anupriya. Anupriya is still in shock for seeing that chain and heads to her room. Ridhima wonders what happened as the call suddenly ended.

She then notices that Vansh is still angry. She gently puts her hand on his hand which was on the gear stick.

Ridhima slowly says “Vansh… Vansh turns to her and says “You know what Ridhima. You are very foolish and innocent girl. You always worry about relation so much that even if anyone hurts you, you will be nice with them. Sometimes you must learn to avoid people Ridhima. It will be helpful for you.” Vansh turns to the other side and covers his eyes with his one hand. He suddenly feels tears on his hand which was on the gear stick and looks at Ridhima. She is in tears.

Vansh’s anger melts into tears as well. She cups her face and says “Ridhima, don’t cry. I said you that I can’t see you in tears. Please, I am sorry.”  Ridhima nods no and cleans her eyes. She thens cleans Vansh’s tears with her dupatta and says “I am not crying Vansh. I am not angry with you as well. These tears represent how happy I am seeing yur care for me. You always think about me. You always stand by me and support me. I am very lucky to have you Vansh”

Vansh gets happy and pulls her into his embrace. She hugs him back. Vansh gets back and kisses her forehead. He starts driving.

They reach the office. He takes the car door for Ridhima and takes her along with him holding her hand. Ridhima is overwhelmed with his gesture and smiles looking at him. Office staff gets surprised to look at Ridhima and discuss with others about who she is. Vansh hears them talking about Ridhima. He walks past them and stands at the centre grabbing everyone’s attention.

He then addresses them and says “Hello…! my dear colleagues. Today I wanted to share something important with you all. I want to introduce someone special to you all.” Everyone including Ridhima get surprised with his announcement. He holds Ridhima’s hand  and takes her along with him.

Vansh holds Ridhima by her shoulder and says “Meet her. She is Mrs. Ridhima Vansh Rai Singhania, my wife.” Ridhima gets surprised and looks at Vansh. She could feel the proudness in Vansh’s face while announcing about her being his wife.

Everyone in the office get surprised. They congratulate Vansh and Ridhima on their marriage.

One employee asks “Sir, when did you get married?” Vansh and Ridhima look at each other. Vansh doesn’t take his eyes from Ridhima and says “Love marriage…our’s was a love marriage. We were married in a rush so we didn’t invite you all.” Ridhima gets surprised to it and makes a questioning face. Vansh thinks she is angry with him and whispers “Sorry Ridhima, I lied to them so that they will not question more.” Ridhima became sad and thinks “Vansh why are you still feeling that I am angry with you?”

Ridhima looks at everyone and finds them having mixture of reactions. Some people were happy, some were curious, some were in still shock, some were upset. She then smiles looking at some girls who were upset because of their marriage. She then thinks “Why will they not be upset when their so dashing boss is married?” She laughs loudly making Vansh surprised.

Vansh then says “So people, I am arranging a success party in few days and I want you all to come to the party. I decided to give some bonus to you all. Mr.D’Souza will inform you all about it.” Everyone shout in excitement. Few people come to her and says “Bhabhi ji, you are great. Thank you.” Ridhima smiles at them. Vansh asks everyone to start working and takes Ridhima to his cabin. Ridhima enters the cabin and turns back to find Vansh. She gets shocked to see Vansh closing the door and tightening the lock of it. Vansh turns to her and says “Now I will take my bonus.”

PRECAP: Anupriya asks Vansh “Vansh, Is your father alive? Is my Pradeep alive?” Vansh gets shocked hearing this




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