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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vijay finds out Ramo is innocent

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Veer says leave before more drama happens. She says if I go Shanti’s job, Rani says I will leave once the artist is here. Veer says I don’t care about anything. Leave. Rani goes in. She says I have to hide before Sunaina comes. Shanti says Sunaina came. Leave before anyone sees you. Vijay says the clothes in the car didn’t match Ramo’s DNA. Someone else did this accident probably. rani says in excitement my babu ji isn’t a murderer. Did you hear Rani sa? Rani says when will you release him? Rani says sorry you asked me to leave. Sunaina didn’t come. Shanti was scared. So I stayed here as mehndi artist. But no tension now. she’s here. Time for me to go. thank you for everything. Ask the lawyer to work for some more time. Once he’s free I will leave with babu ji. Rani says thank you. Thank you Vijay. She leaves. Rajeshwari says stop. Rajeshwari says I am also surprised. We will know after investigation if he’s innocent. But if there’s any chance, I will try my best to get him out. Vijay you have freehand from my side. Let the truth come out. Rani says thank you. Rajeshwari says we care for people around us. Even if they are our staff. Ramo served us for 20 years. You also have another chance to serve us? Rani says my job? Rajeshwari says don’t disappoint me this time.

Rani comes to Pinku and dances. Dadi is on video call. Rani says babu ji is innocent, he will be free soon. They dance. Rani cries. Dadi says don’t cry. This is a good news. Rani says these are happy tears. Rani sa will get him free. I will bring him home soon.

Scene 2
All the guests leave. Sanjay says it was a great gesture Rajeshwari. I don’t understand how were you so soft. Rajeshwari says I don’t need to tell you anything. Vikram drinnks. Veer tries to stop him. Vikram smashes glasses and his hands bleed. Veer cleans his blood. Rajeshwari says so much blood. Veer says mom.. Rajeshwari says he is drunk you are not. Couldn’t you take care of him? Veer says I wasn’t around. Vikram says relax mom. Rajmata says relax Rajeshwari. Also you said we are pureblood but our blood is also red. Rajeshwari says not funny. Rajeshwari says I a little bit. I am sorry I am stressed. So many functions and guests. Veer says I don’t mind anything you say. Veer says it’s okay.

Veer says at night to himself, I take all decisions to make you proud of me but I always disappint you. You get mad at me, and I like that. At least you show me some emotion. He says what should I do? Rani says eat paratha. Happiness all the way in. He says I don’t want it. She says taste it you will be so happy. He says leave me alone. She says this angry character looks perfect on you. Are you upset? let me give you a lecture today. Nothing bad happens to good people.

Scene 3
Rajeshwari says to Rajmata today is Dhanteras. There’s so many things that we need to buy. God, metal things and then wedding preps. Rani says I have ordered from florist. I made the list and distributed the work as well. All the pooja stuff is in. She makes the receipt and does all the calculations whule receving. Rajmata says I am impressed. Vikram says you’re back with all the preps. Rani says Rani sa got me my job, babu ji will be back as well. I will decorate this house best for Diwali. Rajeshwari says go now. Rajmata says your decision to bring her back was right. Rajeshwari says Kumud keep an eye on her. Ask Veer to come with me to Kiara’s place.

The blackmailer calls Rajeshwari. She says what do you want? Sanjay says why are you so mad at Chaudhary? He must have important information regarding Ramo’s case. He called me as well. Rajeshwari says leave me alone. Rajeshwari asks the blackmailer what do you want? He says 5 lacs. I want it from your hands. She takes keys from Kumud. Kumud says driver? Rajeshwari says no I will drive myself.

Scene 4
Ranin gets the house repainted. The painter says I know how to do it. You do it yourself if you have so many instructions. Rani says doesn’t look difficult. Rani gets on ladder and pains. Veer says what are you doing? Where is painter? Rani says it looks so good, blue like my village’s sky. He says down. Rani falls on him.. The color splashes on them. Rani tries to get up but slips. They look at each other. Rani says what did you do? You always ruin my work. You ruined the floor. Rani sa will kill me.

Rajeshwari comes to the temple. She says he called me here. A man follows her. Rajeshwari looks back. It isn’t my mistake. Send Champa to clean it. Rani says I have to clean it on my own. He says it can’t be cleaned this way. He slips again. Rani laughs. Veer says stop laughging. Rani says don’t scare me. He says you can’t clean this. Call Champ. I want it clean before Rani sa is back. Rani says she will set me on fire this time. Veer says you give her stress.

It’s Vijay. He says Rani sa you here? She says I came to pray. He says oh okay. He leaves. The blackmailer is there in fake beard as a beggar. He moves around Rani. Rani gives him some money. His bowl says 5 lacs. Rajeshwari is shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap-The blackmailer says the real picture costs 1 crore. I will tell you where to deliver it. Rani says babu ji is innocent. I will find out who the real murderer is.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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