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Anupama 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vanraj’s Unthinkable Clause!

Anupama 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Anupama after learning car driving from Kinjal emotionally says that she learnt a lot from her mother-in-law/MIL and now started learning from her daughter-in-law/DIL. Kinjal says she should learn her humbleness and purity from her, she is awsome. Anu says she didn’t understand what she said in English, but it must be good. Kinjal hugs her saying she is so cute. Anu says she will prepare coffee for her guruji/Kinjal. Kinjal says she will prepare tea for her MIL. Kinjal walks in first with Jhilmil, Samar, and Nandini. Anu reminisces Vanraj’s taunts and walks in. Vanraj drives car reminiscing Anu driving car staring at him. Toshu angrily looks at Anu and walks away. Kinjal asks Anu to go out and have some fresh air for sometime. Baa comments she should stay away itself as she doesn’t need her permission anymore. Anu says she just came from outside and has a lot of work to do for Dhanteras festival tomorrow. She asks Kinjal to learn preparing Ghughra from her grand MIL as nobody can make it better than her. Kinjal requests Baa to teach her. Baa asks why should she, then says she will. She asks Anu how can she learn driving without her permission. Anu says she didn’t even say no and she is learning driving for her and Bapuji. Baa says her FIL’s duty is to read newspaper in lawn and MIL’s duty to be with her in home, so DIL should do what MIL wants, she will not let her do whatever she wants.

Samar visits Nandini’s house and seeing her trying to clear entangled diwali decoration lights kisses her saying she looks cute when she is tensed, kisses her again saying she gets more cute when she gets surprised, kisses again saying she gets more cute when she gets nervous. Nandini calls him loudly getting him out of his imagination and asks to say hi if he has come. Samar stammers. She says when he stammers he looks idiot, bigger idiot when he stammers, max level idiot when he gets nervous. He says he came to help her and helps her untangle lights, reminiscing her telling she likes him. Nandini emotionally says she is missing her amma as she used to draw beautiful rangoli during diwali and prepare tasty sweets. He says nobody can replace her mother, but she can celebrate with his mother if she wants. She excitedly thanks him and then asks how will be the diwali with Anu and Vanraj’s cold war. Samar says they will manage. She happily hugs him.

Toshu takes out diwali lights to check. Anu asks Baa to check ghugra’s sweetness. Baa taunts to check herself as she is doing things alone these days. Sweety says papa is not involving in anything now a days. Baa taunts that when her mother is not letting him, what will he do. Toshu informs that Bapuji is coming home tomorrow. Sweety says she will draw welcome rangoli for Bapuji. Baa taunts that Anu will draw not welcome rangoli for Vanraj. Samar asks Anu why don’t she inform about Vanraj and Kavya’s affair to Baa. She says she is standing between truth and Bapuji, if she moves aside, truth will hurt Baa and Bapuji like an arrow and they won’t be able to tolerate it and doubt their upbrinring; she is worried for Bapuji and he may think its her weakness. He says shouting when hurt is normal, but smiling hiding pain is strength and she is very strong. He says this diwali is weird. She says not weird, different; this diwali is very special to her as she lit a new lamp of hope. He gets a message and excitedly informs that 5 students wants to enroll in her online dance class. She gets happy hearing that. He says she should have 50 students. She says 5 or 50, she will teach students by heart. Samar happily informs family that 5 students enrolled in mummy’s online class, she is a professional dance teacher now. He hugs Toshu and congratulates him, but Toshu shows his displeasure. Vanraj returns home, and Sweety informs him same. He threatens Anu that he will not tolerate dance class in his house and if she doesn’t agree, her dancer son has to leave this house, its either dance or dancer son in this house. Anu stands tensed while Vanraj smirks and thinks he knows children are important to her than dance.

Next day, Samar informs that cool dude/Bapuji came home. Bapuji returns home with Vanraj and Mamaji. Family happily welcomes him. Bapuji gets emotional seeing his welcome. Mamaji comments that when Narad muni returned home from vanvas, he was welcomed like this. Bapuji says Ramji returned from vanvas. Baa says he is her Ramji. He calls her Reena Roy and asks not to cry like Nirupa Roy. She says she wouldn’t have spared him if he hadn’t got well. He says there is warning even in her love and says he missed her taunts in hospital’s silence. Baa does his aarti and takes him in. Sanjay walks in and apologizes Anu for not informing her about Vanraj and Kavya’s affair. She says her house caught fire and he didn’t inform her about it. He says he wanted to explain Vanraj and stop him. She says when thorn pricks foot, one feels pain and has to clear it. Sanjay apologizes. She says brothers don’t look good apologizing and welcomes him in.

Family enjoys sitting in garden. Baa calls steel utensil vendor to buy utensils on auspicious dhanteras day. Anu suggests her to buy a flask for Bapuji to store boiled water. Baa agrees and shyingly asks vendor to write “Leela ke wo” on flask as she cannot take her husband’s name. Dolly praises Anu’s suggestion. Anu says let us fix Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding muhurath. Baa says Kinjal’s mother must have gone to buy diamond, so they will speak to her later. Vanraj fumes thinking how can Anu fix his son’s wedding muhurat without his permission, he will set muhurat to cut Anu’s feathers, break her overconfidence and show her real place.

Precap: Anu and Vanraj take Baa and Bapuji’s name on Dhanteras. Bapuji says when wife’s name can be linked in aadhar card and other documents, why not in property documents. Samar shows Anu’s nameplate on gate. Bapuji says he is transferring his house in Anu and Vanraj’s name.

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