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Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 19

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Episode 19 – Angels and Suitors

Scene 1

Neil, Mini, Zoya and Adi come home along with Kia. Hanuman stops them.

Mini and Neil are tensed.

Babita comes from inside and takes arthi to Kia.

Babita: Welcome beta.

Kia smiles.

Hanuman: Babita, take arthi to Mini and Neil too.

Hearing this, everyone is surprised.

Hanuman looks at Mini and nods yes smilingly.

Babita does the same happily.

They come in.

Arya: What is your name?

Kia: Kia. And yours?

Arya: Arya.

Mini: No, no. Her name is chutanki.

Arya: Veer Balika, chup (naughtily). Kia, you come with me. We will play.

Kia looks at Neil. He signs her to go. Kia runs with Arya.

Mini: Kids get along easily.

Babita: Arya knows about her mini. But she couldn’t understand her relation with Kia.

Mini: But babes.

Hanuman: What is there in the name of the relation Mini. You consider me as your father but you don’t call me by that. I’m not offended. But I have to do my duties right?

Mini: Hanuman uncle, I don’t understand.

Hanuman: Neil, will you marry my daughter Mini?

Mini and Neil get happy.

Neil looks at Babita. She signs him to tell yes.

Neil hugs Hanuman and thanks him.

Neil: Uncle, thank you. You were the first person to trust me and gave me shelter. Now you are giving me your daughter. I promise, I will take care of Mini like I take care of Kia.

Hanuman: At first, even I didn’t like this relation. But seeing Mini’s love for you, I decided that I should not be a barrier between you two. Mini has seen a lot in her life. Atleast, here after she should be happy.

Mini: Thank you uncle.

She hugs Hanuman. Babita too joins them.

Adi and Zoya look at them and smile.

Scene 2

Mishti comes to Rajvansh home.

Abir and Meenakshi come to her.

Meenakshi: Mishti, you here?

Mishti: Aunty, I came to give a surprise for Kuhu and Kunal.

Abir: What?

Mishti shows them tickets to Mauritius.

Abir: Very smart you specky girl. You overtook me.

Mishti: Ha ha, atleast now accept the fact that I’m smart.

They both fight naughtily.

Meenakshi: You both stop it for a while. You both are gonna get married soon. I don’t know when you are going to behave as grown-ups.

Just then Kuhu and Kunal come down. Kuhu sees Mishti and hugs her.

Kunal: What a surprise visit Mishti?

Mishti: This is not the surprise. You have an actual surprise.

Kuhu: What?

Mishti shows them the tickets.

They both gets excited and surprised.

Kuhu: Awww…. Mauritius.  Mishti, you remember still???

Abir: What are you talking about?

Kunal: Bhai, during our college days, we were discussing about many places for a trip. Kuhu came up with Mauritius. She loves that place. Now Msihti bought tickets for that.

Mishti: Yes, I know how much she loved. And also, this is a small gift from my side for your marriage.

Kuhu: Thank you Mishti. I’m glad that you came to my life. Thank you for pampering me always.

Mishti: Ok fine. Enough of these cheesy talks. Now go and get ready. You have to board flight at eve.

Kunal: Ma, can we go?

Meenakshi: Kunal, now you are married. Take care of your wife too. Even me and Abir were discussing about your honeymoon. But Mishti planned before us. Go and pack soon.

They both go.

Abir: Specky girl!!!

Mishti pinches.

Meenakshi goes to attend a call.

Abir pulls Mishti towards him.

Mishti: Abir, what are you doing? Leave me.

Abir: I’m romancing with my wife. Why should I fear?

Mishti: Achaa….

They both tend to kiss, but just then Kuhu calls Mishti to come and help her.

Mishti laughs and goes.

Abir too smiles.

Scene 3

Adi and Zoya greet everyone and take leave.

Zoya: You should definitely call us for your wedding. And Neil, paper works are there. We can do it after a week.

Neil: Sure, thank you.

They leave.

Adi: I’m happy now. My favourite girl in my favourite car.

Zoya: A romantic drive, right?

Adi: Exactly.

Adi takes a turn and goes in a jungle road.

Zoya: We have to take that route. Why are we going here?

Adi: Shhhh!!! Silence…We are going to my favourite place.

After sometime, they come to a farm house. That is Adi’s farmhouse.

Zoya: You have a farmhouse?

Adi: Yes. I love this place a lot. We are going to spend our weekend here.

Zoya gets happy.

Servant receives them. Servant sees Zoya and changes his face.

Servant: Sir who is she?

Adi puts her arms around her neck.

Adi: Hereafter, she is your new boss lady.

Zoya smiles and they go in. Servant looks at Zoya evilly.

Zoya: Where is my room?

Adi: Our room.

Zoya: But we are not married yet.

Adi: A single mangalsutra does not define love. You are mine and I’m yours. That’s it. Come.

Zoya and Adi goes to their room. Zoya looks at the forest view and climate. She enjoys it.

They both share a kiss near the window.

Servant sees this and get angry.

Scene 4

Neha: Dad, do I really need to act in this drama?

Neha’s dad: Yes. Our production company is in loss. I can’t trust anyone. This is a good script. You have to do it.

Neha: Ok fine.

She goes and get ready.

She comes to the scene.

Director: Roll on!!!

She sees Ashish and they both have an eyelock.

Looking at them, director is surprised.

Director: Sir, your daughter and hero have an amazing chemistry. I’m sure this will work out.

Neha’s dad: I know. I did this purposefully.

Director: What do you mean?

Neha’s dad: You will come to know about it soon.

Director is puzzled.

Scene 5

Kuhu and Kunal leave waving bye to all!!!

They go to airport.

Kuhu finds Kunal busy with his laptop and office work.

Kuhu: Kunal, we are going for honeymoon. Are you going to work for whole weekend?

Kunal: Kuhu, please understand. This is important. I have to make this presentation in flight. Only then, I can send it when we reach there. Orelse I have to spend an entire day there.

Kuhu: No, do now itself.

She gets upset.

She sleeps in the flight. Kunal finishes his work and looks at sleeping Kuhu. He caresses her and kisses her forehead.

They reach Mauritius.

Kunal wake her up. She is moody to him.

Kunal: Kuhu, sorry.

She doesn’t respond.

Kuhu enjoys the scenery while going to hotel.

Kunal: The scenery and weather are too good.

Kuhu doesn’t answer.

They reach hotel and go to the room.

He pulls her towards him. They both fall on the bed.

Kuhu: Leave me. Go and do the work. Go.

Kunal: I won’t go anywhere. My time is only for my darling wife.

Kuhu smiles.

Kuhu: Really?

Kunal: Yes, my wifey.

Kuhu hugs him and they both sleep as they were tired.

Scene 4

Vishaka: Sameer, you go and rest.

Sameer goes.

Vishaka: Poonam, I didn’t expect this from you. You joined with the kids and planned these things. I thought to separate them but you are trying to unite them.

Poonam: Mamiji, please listen to me. They both love each other.

Vishaka: Shut up Poonam. How well you people planned and took him to here.

Munna: Aunty, how you came here?

Vishaka tells that she met Naina’s chacha and he tells her about their relationship and also about the stay.

Vishaka: They are such cheap people. How can they let their girl like this? I scolded him a lot and made clear that this relation won’t work out. Then while coming home, I met sunaina’s dad. He is our family friend too. He told me about sunaina’s craze on Sameer. Look at her hand, she even tried suicide for him. I then realized, sunaina is the perfect match for Sameer. They two won Mr and Ms Fresher in college too. They have a good rapport. She will be helpful in Sameer’s career too. So, we both came here immediately. Now, I’m clear. Today is engagement for Sameer and Sunaina.

Sunaina smiles. Poonam and the boys feel helpless. They try their best to convince Vishaka but she doesn’t listen them.

Vishaka: Sunaina, go and get ready. You should look best in the function. I will tell Sameer too. I’m his mom. I will make him tell ok.

She goes to Sameer. He sits thinking.

Vishaka: Sameer, your nanu told me something.

Sameer: What ma?

Vishaka: He gave me these rings and told to exchange it today as today is more auspicious day itseems.

Sameer: Who should exchange?

Vishaka: You and Sunaina.

Sameer: Really?

Vishaka: Yes. So only we came here. Others couldn’t come. This is just a belief. We will have your engagement grandly in Ahmedabad.

Sameer: Ok mom. As you say.

Vishaka is surprised and happy. Munna and Pandit are confused. They try to tell him but he also doesn’t listen them.

Munna and Pandit tell this to Naina. She cries.

Rakesh: I told you nah, this won’t come true.

Pandit: Sir, please don’t hurt her more.

Rakesh: Do whatever you want.

Vishaka comes there.

Vishaka: Rakesh ji, I came to invite you and your daughter to my son’s engagement with my going to be bahu Sunaina.

Naina runs inside and cries.

Vishaka smiles and goes.

Rakesh: We are not going Naina.

Sameer come there and he too invite them whoch shocks Naina to the core.

At eve, Naina and Rakesh go there with heavy heart. Sameer and Sunaina comes. Vishaka connects everyone in the videocall.

Vishaka: Come, both of you exchange rings. Sameer, you should put first.

Sameer takes the ring and looks at sunaina. He then looks Naina. He comes forward and puts ring to Naina which shocks everyone.

Vishaka: Sameer, what have you done?

Sameer: Munna and Pandit, bring the other ring.

They bring it and give to Naina.

Naina looks her dad. He nods to put ring to him. She put the ring on his finger.

Sunaina gets raged. Vishaka shouts!!!

Sameer: Mom, one minute!!!!!

!!To be Continued!!

P.S: Wish you all a very happy and safe Diwali!!!

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