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Aatma Bandhan 14th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Cheeru returns into the house

Aatma Bandhan 14th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Aarti comes to Ashok in the room. He turns his face away. Aarti says she was unconscious, she hoped Ashok will stay with her. Ashok asks why he should, when she cares for no one. Aarti requests him not to say so, she feels bad. Ashok asks if only she feels bad, aren’t they all human. If she believes everyone in the house will bear her wishes. Aarti says this house is everything for her. Ashok asks why she behaved in a crazy manner today; she ruined everything in a day. He understands why Cheeru hated her.

Maatangi thinks coconut and lemon on the door will not let any ghost enter the house. But she must know if ghost has entered by now.
Ashok asks Aarti if she does not want Cheeru’s Shraddh. She wants to keep his soul in trouble only because when alive, Cheeru also did not behave well with Aarti. She has turned into an evil mother.

Maatangi sat with her magic setup. She tosses some pearls and get the clue that Cheeru has entered the house. She goes to check the coconut and lemon tied by Guru ji. She screams at the sight. Everyone in the family gather around. Indra wonders how this was ruined. Aarti whispers to Maatangi what this means, if Cheeru is inside the house again. Maatangi replies she does not know if a ghost can ever cross this protective shield line.

Rani comes there blaming that someone wants trouble in the family. She says she waited for completion of Cheeru’s Shraddh. She thought his soul must have been in peace by now. Then why Aarti did all this, why she is always angry with Cheeru. Aarti leaves inside. Ashok says he doubts that this coconut is also broken by Aarti. Vayda tells him not to blame Aarti for everything. Ashok says he doesn’t like it, but he is sure Aarti is behind all this. Bhavani was afraid what will happen to the house. Indra asks her to pick up the coconut first, they will inquire Guru ji for the remedy any further.

Rani smirks while staring at the broken coconut. She recalls that Jaijamba said even when Shraddh was ruined. If Cheeru takes a rebirth, there is still a problem. There is a protective covering at the entrance of their door. Rani told Jaijamba about a coconut and lemon. Jaijamba told her to break the coconut.

It was night. Cheeru’s toy car leaves the house on its own. Ashok wakes up at the sound of car rolling forward and backward.

In Jaisima’s room, a blanket was pulled from over him. Jaisima also wonders what kind of sound it is. He decides not to be afraid of the sound and let Vayda sleep.

Kriparker also wakes up from the sound of car and leaves the room.

Ashok comes out of his room and looks from the window. He spots Cheeru’s car outside and wonders who took the car outside. The car moves on its own but stops as soon as Ashok looks. Ashok thinks may be Chaitra is playing with it, but why she would go out so late. Ashok opens the main door and comes to the porch. The car had stopped moving. Ashok finds the car still on, and wonders who got its remote. He assumes someone turned it on and forgot. He misses Cheeru as he is no more to play with his favorite car. He then apologizes for not being able to get him peace. He turns to car off and heads towards the main door. The car follows Ashok then goes back to its place when Ashok looks behind.

There, Jaisima comes downstairs. He was terrified of a shadow on curtain and follows the room. It was Indra. Jaisima screams of fear. Indraprasad taps Jaisima to get him conscious. Jaisima tells Indraprasad someone tried to terrify him. Indra jokes that he left the room so late at night. Jaisima asks Indraprasad what he is doing. Indra says he heard someone walking. Krishanprasad comes there saying he also heard the sound. They now hear the sound again. Indraprasad looks on a side and feels as if piano was played.
Outside, Ashok feels Cheeru’s car followed him. He goes inside. The remote of car was in mouth of a dog statue. He joins the men inside. Indra says everyone here feels something strange, it seems there is a confusion.

Aarti wakes up and looks for Ashok. She hears the sound of Cheeru’s car and recognizes it at once. She comes outside and looks through the window. The car was there outside playing on its own. Aarti smiles that her son Cheeru is here. She wished to see him. She decides she can not let anyone see the car.

Bhavani comes downstairs. Indraprasad decides not to tell her, and does not let Jaisima tell her as well. Vayda also comes downstairs. Aarti comes running downstairs. Downstairs they all hide behind the stairs to see whose footsteps these are. Aarti goes straight outside. Ashok silence everyone and go to see what Aarti is upto. Outside, Aarti speaks to Cheeru’s car.

Aghori Baba stood with his Trishol outside the house. Maatangi looks at him from her window. She was shocked to see Aarti speak to the car. Maatangi wonders why Baba came here a day before Shivratri. This shows something strange will happen.

Aarti asks Cheeru to come and speak to her. Vayda wonders if Aarti is talking to the car. Ashok says yes she is. Ashok says she has gone crazy, they need to take her to hospital. Maatangi came out of the room and finds the family see Aarti. She thinks this is enough to prove Aarti is mental. Krishanprasad thinks Jaijamba’s words are proving true. This means their victory. Cheeru’s car did not respond.

The Aghori Baba moves his head and begins to leave. Everyone in the family leave the window when Aarti come inside. Ashok asks what Aarti was doing outside so late. Aarti says Cheeru’s car was outside so… Ashok asks if she was talking to the car. Vayda says the family understands Aarti is upset because of Cheeru’s death; but she needs to speak her mind out. Ashok was angry at Aarti’s silence. Indraprasad sends Aarti upstairs. Ashok was angry that Aarti is busy in her own world. He will take her to hospital tomorrow. Indraprasad says they must tell Guru ji about everything.

Guru ji takes the call. He tells Indraprasad they will keep a Nandi pooja in the house tomorrow. They will know what is happening in the family.

In the morning, Maatangi tells Aarti Guru ji will do Nandipooja in the house. If Nandi does not come to the house it will be a problem for Aarti. Aarti asks how this is linked to her. Maatangi says there is no protective coverage in the house. If Nandi also does not come to the house now, Guru ji will not stay silent. She stopped Shraddh. If Guru ji gives another remedy what will Aarti do. She knows well what hurdles came for Shraddh. Ashok and Chaitra almost lost their lives. How she will stop Cheeru if he harms someone else this time. She will lose her relations one day, all because of Cheeru. Aarti says her son Cheeru will be with her. Maatangi says bad spirits are never on anyone’s side. A coconut from the tree falls over Maatangi’s head.

Indraprasad gives instructions for preparations of Nandi Pooja. Ashok was worried and confirms if their problems will ease now. Indraprasad had complete faith. Ashok wonders what if Nandi does not enter their house.

There, Aarti helps Maatangi sit on a bench. She asks why Maatangi always troubles herself by talking about Cheeru. Maatangi says coconut fruit does not fall on someone easily. It kills the person, but she is alive; which shows she can not be hurt easily. She holds the coconut fruit lying nearby and thinks she will use this coconut against Cheeru. it will be powerful enough to keep Cheeru away from herself. Aarti was afraid that she would not be safe from Cheeru.

Aarti comes to the storeroom. The door behind her was slammed shut. Aarti realizes Cheeru was around her. She takes a doll from the cupboard and wish to see Cheeru through the doll. She requests to come to her. The doll begins to move. Cheeru asks if Aarti dares to see him? Aarti says she will not need courage to see her son. Cheeru decides to reveal himself. Cheeru tells her to turn around. The curtains were moving fast. Aarti spots a ghost of Cheeru in the air. She cries and tries to touch it. Aarti wonders why she can not touch him. Cheeru was upset that no one can touch him. Aarti curses that she could not love him either when alive or dead. She can only dream of loving him. Cheeru says at least Aarti can see him, she must be happy.

Bhavani brings a flower saying Aarti got them for Aarti. She is happy to see Aarti participate in pooja. Indra was angry that these flowers are not appropriate. Ashok says they must take her to hospital as soon as possible. Indraprasad tells Ashok to stay calm, they will keep an eye over her.

In the storeroom, Cheeru says Aarti can not see him always. But he will come to her whenever she will call him. Aarti shares her worry that soon she will lose her peace. She is tensed if Nandi does not enter the house, everyone will plan against him again. Cheeru is this mother’s strength. Cheeru says no one can separate him from Aarti.

Rani comes upstairs to the storeroom. She hears Aarti’s conversation with Cheeru from outside. She wonders if Aarti is talking to Cheeru. Aarti said she can not bear to lose him again. Rani thinks Cheeru’s ghost is here. She can see him through the bangles of Jaijamba. Cheeru says no one can harm him until Aarti is with him. Aarti promises her support for Cheeru. Rani looks through the bangles but can only see Aarti in the room. Inside, Aarti says everyone in the family calls Cheeru a powerful evil soul. Cheeru asks if they want him to go outside the house and suffer pain. Maatangi hears Cheeru’s plea that he wishes to live here. Rani also comes to the back window to see from it. Maatangi had reached the front door of storeroom. Rani removes the curtain from the window. Aarti asks Cheeru if he will agree to her. Maatangi was shocked to hear Aarti’s plan. Maatangi wonders if Aarti believed no one will know about her plan. Rani pushes the window in an attempt to open it. A statue falls down. Aarti wonders if someone saw her. Cheeru vanishes.

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