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Shakti 13th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Suomya to marry Sameer

Shakti 13th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Harman fine some ladies gossip against him being shameless. Harman ignores them and knocks the gate which was locked, he then knocks at the window calling Khushi!
Malika requests the Pandit ji to do Pooja at their place, they want to pray for the safety of a kinner. The Pandit agree. Malika pray for some signal if Suomya is alive.
Somu and Suomya were together. His mother insists that they must invite people to his marriage, only then people will recognize their relation. Somu goes to get ready. His mother goes inside to make arrangements. Suomya requests a waiter to give his phone to her, she needs to make a call.
Harman sat outside the house when some people pass by. He asks them about Sameer and Khushi, he loves her dearly and can’t live without her. People make fun of him as he

was beaten badly and still wandering behind that girl. He gets a call from Suomya, she forbids him follow her and wasn’t even ready to tell him about her whereabouts. She dislikes when Harman is insulted and beaten because of her.
Preeto and Ravi were running across the streets. They meet the kinners and share their worry. Both then reach Harman. Preeto was concerned about his bruises. Harman tells Preeto he needs to reach Khushi anyway.
The kinners bring the news to Malika that Harman has fallen in love with some Khushi. Malika says this means that Khushi is their Suomya.
Raavi tells Harman that only Harak Singh can help them, but how would he. Harman says now Harak Singh would surely help them. He reaches home holding Preeto hostage, pointing a gun over her forehead. He asks Harak Singh about Khushi’s whereabouts, else he might kill his wife. Shanno asks Harman if he has gone insane. Harman says this is what they all claim, for him only his Khushi exist. Harak Singh thinks Harman is also their child, he won’t be able to shoot his parents. He challenges Harman to pull the trigger. They soon hear the shot of a bullet, Preeto fell on the floor unconscious. Ravi comes running towards her. Harak Singh was shocked to see this, he asks Preeto to get up. Harman doesn’t hold courage to shoot her, it was only an aerial shot. Preeto gets up.
Sameer and Suomya were getting ready for wedding.
Harak Singh forbids Preeto and Ravi to create this drama in front of him, he is well aware of their favors. Preeto requests Harak Singh to tell them about Khushi, she wants her daughter in law back. Harak Singh was worried for his reputation, he wants to marry a girl who is already marrying someone else. Harman gets to Harak Singh’s feet and requests him to tell him about Khushi. He would die and might not be able to live without her. Harak Singh says he now doubts his own blood. Preeto grabs the gun that Harman held, she warns Harak Singh of shooting her own self. Harak Singh can find out where Khushi is, else she will kill himself.
Harak Singh calls Sameer’s mother and asks where she is. She tells him about arranging the marriage in a nearby village and says she will kill this kinner right here after marriage. She looks ahead to find Somu right there. She explains she was only inviting Harak Singh’s family. Somu asks how he looks as a groom.
Harak Singh warns Harman that he would eat poison and die if he knows Harman made someone else’s wife run away. Harman promises to return silently if Sameer and Khushi’s wedding rounds had started. After everyone had left, Harak Singh makes a call to the police and asks them keep Harman away from Sameer’s village until Sameer’s marriage.

PRECAP: Harman reaches the wedding and abducts Suomya at gun point.

Update Credit to: Sona

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