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RadhaKrishn 13th November 2018 Written Episode Update

RadhaKrishn 13th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Villagers manage to locate Radha Krishn in the forest. Radha Vrishbhana and Krishn Nand have happy reunion. Krishn tells Vrishbhan how he took care of Radha by protecting her from the evil Vakasur..how he prepared meal for her and not keep her hungry. Radha is angry with his magical powers but agrees with Krishn the villagers are astonished at the beautiful woodland at the spot where there was lifeless desert earlier. Krishn thanks Vrishbhan for helping him locate this spot. He hopes Gokul waasis would live here. Vrishbhan and Nand agree to allow Gokul waasis settle down here.

The brahmin asks where was ayan?? krish reveals bhaiya was lying on the ground unconscious. how he was hit by a falling tree when he was looking for firewood.

They all return to barsana and carry ayan with them.

At village ayan recovers..he is signaled by Radha not to reveal any thing about Krishn’s magical power. Ayan fumes.

Yashoda is packing her stuff while kirtida is helping her. yashoda suggests barsana wasis celebrate diwali at vrindavan with gokul waasies. Nand Vrishbhan and every one agrees. both villagers agree to help gokul waaasies build houses and settle down at vrindavan before Diwali.

Krishn warns Kaaliya naag living in Yamuna to go away and not trouble Gokul waasis since they were going to live nearby but the serpent refuses to budge.

Ayan plots with radha to take revenge from Krishn himself. radha is worried.

krishn is seen lost in remembering how radha was relishing the kheer he cooked for her. how she offered him one bite.. how she fed him. dau balram comes and remarks how krishn was lost in thoughts of radha. krishn shares his magical moments he spent with his loved one after so many ages. how he felt satisfied after she fed him with her hand.. how much he had missed her. balram remarks that radha was still very far away from loving him

krishn assures very soon radha will break free from all her shackles and free herself and only then she will start her journey towards meeting her krishn.

Precap: Yashoda tells nand that unless he arranged for food grains it was not possible to feed entire barsana and Gokul waasis a thir house /village. Nand says cart full of food grains had been dispatched and would be arriving soon..
Ayan disguised as a robber /lutera stops all the food grain laden carts from reaching Gokul. Jatila tells Nand n Yashda that she had invited Durvasa muni with his disciples to join the meal at Nand n yashoda’s house. Nand n yashoda welcome the maharishi with due reverence.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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