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Papa By Chance 13th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan wants to divorce Amrit

Papa By Chance 13th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman saying this is my house, you can’t throw me out. Yuvaan says when did I say that I will throw you out, I got my family, I have become responsible. He answers Harman. Harman gets tensed. Yuvaan goes to get kalash. He says if mom was here, she would have welcomed you well, but its fine, its our house now. He asks Amrit to come in. Amrit kicks the kalash and hurts Harman. They laugh. Yuvaan says this is just a small wound. Yuvaan holds Amrit’s hand and gets her inside. Yuvaan shows the lavish house to the kids. Kids like the house. He says this is our house now. Gungun cries and says we didn’t think that we will have a family and live in such a big house.

Yuvaan consoles her. Ullu thanks him for doing a lot for them. Kids hug Yuvaan. He takes them to have

food. Amrit sees Yuvaan’s pictures. She smiles seeing sindoor in her maang. She says Yuvaan thinks I m married him being helpless, I will confess my feelings to him. Yuvaan says I know you have made a big sacrifice to save me, I promise I won’t let your life get ruined, so I have made these divorce papers, this will be just a compromise for us, I promise I will never misuse this relation, you sleep on the bed, I will sleep on the couch. He thinks Amrit deserves a better guy than me, I m sure she will get such a guy. She gets sad. She goes to sleep. Yuvaan removes her jewelry for her comfort. He goes to sleep.

Its morning, Amrit wakes up. She takes a bath and comes. She sees Yuvaan sleeping. She thinks of his words. She cares for him. Their heads strike. She reminds Bela’s words. Harman comes to them. He sees Yuvaan having sindoor on his forehead. Harman says sorry I couldn’t welcome you well yesterday, I got senses now, after Suchi comes back, we will divide the property, we will shift to Shimla house. Yuvaan says mom won’t go anywhere with you, let her come back first. Harman gives her shagun. Yuvaan says no need for that. Harman jokes on their wedding night. Yuvaan makes her wear mangalsutra. Harman asks Amrit to make some food for him. Yuvaan says sorry, I didn’t know he will come this way suddenly. Amrit thinks even if this is a compromise, until we are together, I will keep my duty.

Yuvaan says mom is missing, I got her passport, it means she is in India. He asks Harman about Suchi. Harman says when he learns the truth, he will be shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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