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Mariam Khan Reporting Live 13th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Mariam unites with family

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 13th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madiha saying you are my Mariam, why didn’t you tell us till now. Meher says tell us if you aren’t Mariam. Madiha says I know you are Mariam, I identified you. Akshay says that photo is the proof. Meher asks Mariam to just say it. Madiha says you can lie if you are Manjeet, Mariam’s dad didn’t teach her to lie. Mariam shouts yes, I m Mariam. They get shocked. Mariam says I wanted to hide this truth from you all, as you hate me, no one loves me, you don’t even take my name here, I felt that my unfulfilled dreams got fulfilled, but no, you hate me. Madiha says you have a big misunderstanding. Mariam says no, I heard you.

Madiha says don’t put big accusations on us. Mariam says everyone hates me here. Madiha swears and says I didn’t believe

that you are dead, that’s why I didn’t recite Fatiha for you, this belief has brought you back to us. They cry. Meher says I can never think against you, I told mum that you aren’t alive as she was shattered. Akshay says they weren’t upset with you, they were waiting for you, Aijaz has forgot all the past grudges, you are alive in her heart. Aaliya says Madiha cooks your fav halwa on your every birthday. Mariam hugs Madiha and says sorry, I thought you have forgotten me. She hugs Meher and Akshay. Madiha forgives Mariam. They unite. Aijaz comes. Meher says Mariam has come. Aijaz says she has been here for long, I recognized her long time back, I wish Majaaz was here, this would double our joy.

Mariam says just like I m alive, even dad is alive. They get shocked. Majaaz calls to talk to Fawad again. Meher says we got the news of his death. Mariam says truth is, he is alive. Aijaz asks why didn’t you get him along. Meher asks did you meet him. Mariam says I have no answers, I can just say that he is alive. They get happy. Mariam says I have come here just to find him, I have found my family on the day of Diwali, my superhero is missing, I will surely bring him home. Madiha says you will bring him back right? Mariam promises her.

She runs to check Fawad’s room. Fawad gets up and asks the guys did they come to party. He falls asleep again. Mariam runs to Akshay. He says our friendship isn’t weak, its the same. Water falls over her. She goes to change. They leave in the truck. She asks him to hurry up. He says just see how I make this a ferrari, you have come back and now everything will be fine. She thinks my family is with me their blessings are with me, everything will be fine.

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