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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya Review: A better story with thrilling elements

Sony’s new show Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya is a revamped version of the controversial show Pehredaar Piya Ki, which was pulled off air some months back. The concept gets few twists. Prince Ratan is seen as a 21 year old young guy. The story continues, but with a leap of 12 years. Diya is seen as a 30 year old woman, whose life’s aim is to protect Ratan, as per her promise to his dying father Maan Singh. Diya is Ratan’s life protector. She is not married to Ratan. She looks after Ratan’s responsibilities till he becomes capable of managing on his own. She backs Ratan in identifying the real intentions of his relatives.

Main Characters:

She is a pretty, bold, strong and skilled girl. She has just one aim in her life, that’s to save Ratan’s life. Diya is clever and alert. She doesn’t get affected by the unpleasant taunts of Ratan’s relatives. She just focuses on keeping her promise to Maan Singh. She takes responsibilities of Ratan’s life, business and property. She runs the luxury hotels business successfully. Diya is the person whom everyone hate in Kesar Mahal. She stays as Ratan’s bodyguard without any conditions and relation with him. Diya is a true selfless soul. She dedicates her life to secure Ratan.

He is a young, handsome, lively and fearless guy. He likes to take challenges. He is clean hearted. He cares for others’ well-being and happiness. He has a habit to take risk. He is proud to be a Rajput. He lives securely in London. He is kept safe from all his enemies. He was enjoying his college life, before he makes a plan to return home. Ratan pays a surprise visit to his hometown, only to find himself surrounded by goons who get after his life. Ratan finds a trustworthy friend in his protector Diya. He doesn’t know who are his enemies and who are his well-wishers. He finds hard to believe anyone.


Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar as Diya
Rohit Suchanti as Ratan Maan Singh
Siddharth Shivpuri as Yash Raghu Singh
Gireesh Sahedev as Sajjan Singh
Kishori Shahane as Padma Singh
Khalid Siddiqui as Harshwardhan Maan Singh
Aashish Kaul as Raghu Singh
Gauri Singh as Priya Raghu Singh
Anjali Gupta as Sajjan’s wife and Diya’s mother
Jiten Lalwani as Bhuvan Singh
Aditi Deshpande as Bhuvan’s wife

Story So Far:

The introduction of Kesar Mahal is seen. Maan Singh and Padma die in an accident, planned by someone from the family. Nine year old Ratan gets saved from the accident. He was not able to manage the responsibility of Kesar Mahal. Diya promises Maan Singh that till Ratan turns 21 and gets capable of managing the responsibility, she will be protecting him. Diya keeps the promise for 12 years. She protects Ratan’s life and the respect of Kesar Mahal, without having any relation, hope and rights from Ratan. She gets dedicated to fulfill her responsibility.

She holds respect for the sword given by Maan Singh. She promises to take care of all the responsibilities. She keeps Ratan away from his enemies. Ratan makes a heroic entry, after completing his friend’s challenge. He feels life is a game and risk should be taken. Diya keeps remembering her promise to Maan Singh. She has become Ratan’s Pehredaar, knowing all his relatives are greedy. She was given a new life by Maan Singh. She thinks the time has come for her to pay back his favor. She is ready to sacrifice her life for Ratan.

Yash’s mother Priya asks him to live a life like that of a normal guy. Yash works in police. He wants to be independent and earn his living by hard work. He tells her that he has learnt self esteem from her. He wants to be different from others. Yash doesn’t know his mother’s true intentions. He doesn’t like Diwali, as he has lost his dear ones. Priya learns Ratan is coming back. Diya goes to pick Ratan from airport. Priya tries to find out about Diya. She doesn’t want Ratan to return at any cost. She makes a plan to attack on Ratan. She pledges revenge. She sends the hired goons to kill Ratan.

Diya reaches the airport before Ratan’s flight lands. She makes sure she reaches him before his enemies. Ratan plays a prank on her. He asks Diya to find out who is the real Ratan. She sounds confident of finding Ratan. Someone keeps a watch on Ratan. Diya comes up with a plan to fool Ratan and make him accept the truth himself. Ratan saves his friends, assuming Diya is going to kill them. Diya gets to see the real selfless Ratan. They both are then attacked by the goons. Diya escapes with Ratan.

Maasa prepares to welcome Ratan. The relatives doesn’t feel happy to celebrate. Maasa tells them that she is sure Ratan will be coming soon. While Priya exhibits her hatred for Ratan, others suppress their hatred and evil intentions to themselves to plan the attack in a secret way. Diya gets Ratan home. He feels nothing changed in twelve years. Ratan meets his relatives. Maasa blesses him. He gets confused over bonding with them. They all welcome Ratan only with a plan to kill him post the Diwali puja. Diya faces their hatred as she manages Ratan’s business as well.

Our Take:

The show turned better in terms of story line, visuals, characterizations and looks. The story line is crisp. The sets are magnificent like before. Locales of Rajasthan are shot beautifully. Tejaswi looks more stunning and austere as Diya, just as the character of a life protector should be. She brings more intensity in her character. Rohit Suchanti as Ratan is perfectly cast. He delivers effortlessly. His on screen pairing and chemistry with Tejaswi will work wonders for the show.

Supporting cast has many actors from the earlier version of the show. The story drives good amount of suspense. Ratan’s hidden enemies add a mystery element. Ratan has to identify the evil people targeting him. Ratan and Diya’s friendship would make the story more interesting. Diya’s smart moves and unaffected stern behavior make the scenes and her character lovable. Diya will be neutralizing the attacks on Ratan. Such scenes will be adding more thrill, action and drama.


Quite an engaging concept. It’s a good and clean family entertainer. The leads pairing is fresh. The show has all the required drama elements.

Our Rating:

4 out of 5

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