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Udaariyaan 13th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Jasmin gets furious

Udaariyaan 13th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhiraj getting Tejo’s bag. He asks her to think once again. Everyone looks on. Tejo asks Papa ji, which one will be my room. Khushbeer smiles and says you will be living in your room, where else. Nimmo asks Gurpreet to take bp medicines, Fateh has to handle two women now, that cunning Jasmin and Tejo, who is not less than a hurt tigress, no careful. Khushbeer asks Amrik to take Tejo’s bag. Fateh says but Tejo… Khushbeer says you have no right to talk or question, this house, that room will always be of Tejo, if she gets troubled, then I will not spare you. He asks Tejo to go to her room. Tejo sees Fateh and goes.

Fateh asks why are you doing this, I know I did a big mistake, the solution isn’t to bring her home, I don’t love her, I can’t accept her as my wife. Khushbeer says you think I got her for you, no, I got her here as my daughter, she has come here for Biji, if you both have a problem, then you may leave. Nimmo says you didn’t accept Tejo as wife, did you accept Jasmin as wife or kept her just as girlfriend. Gurpreet looks at her.

Bebe and Satti cry for Tejo. Satti says Jasmin sat in Tejo’s house as her Sautan. Bebe says don’t worry, Lord will give strength to Tejo to stay. Abhiraj says I was so angry seeing Jasmin there, I wanted to drag her and get her here. Rupy says no, we should have kept an eye on them before. Bebe says go and talk to her once, maybe she changes decision and leaves the house. Rupy says she won’t come. Satti says she is right, I will beg Jasmin to leave Tejo’s house. He says I don’t think, it will affect her. Mahi asks Tejo to wait, she will clean the dirt from her room. She removes Jasmin’s clothes and bangles. Jasmin comes and asks how dare you touch my belongings. Mahi asks didn’t you listen what dad said. She gives the packet to Jasmin. Jasmin and Amrik leave.

Jasmin asks what’s this new drama Tejo. Tejo says I have to stay here, I have to throw the useless things. Jasmin says you are the useless thing, when your husband doesn’t love you, what will you do staying in this room, Fateh is mine, this house and room are mine, you said you are breaking relations and going, why did you come back. Tejo says fate had made my relations with this family and Fateh. Jasmin says even I m here because of my fate, that’s why I m here. Tejo says you reached here, maybe you can’t see that everything here is of my choice, that bed, side table, wall decor, everything. Jasmin angrily throws the food on the wall. Jasmin says these walls, room and house, my colour will get on it, its my right. Tejo says rights are on people, not on these stones. Fateh comes and looks at the wall. He asks what is this, Jasmin.

Jasmin says this happened by mistake, I m sorry, new paint will be needed now. Tejo says walls don’t change by paint. Fateh asks why did you come Tejo, you think you will get me back doing this. Tejo says excuse me, who are you, I stayed here with Fateh, you aren’t that Fateh, I don’t even know you, why would I like to get you. Jasmin says stop your nonsense, you are angry that Fateh loves me, not you, so you came to snatch him from me. Tejo says its your misunderstanding, its your habit to snatch things from me, you did this since childhood, I always kept giving, I knew you aren’t capable to get anything on your own, I didn’t take my things back from you, not this time, I can take my thing if I want, but you don’t worry, I will not snatch, I just came to clear your misunderstanding, you can’t fool me always, you can’t misuse my love, Fateh you will be seeing Jasmin’s true face soon. Fateh says Jasmin, come with me, Biji is unwell, I don’t want any drama. Jasmin says I won’t go. Tejo asks him to put a mattress for Jasmin on the floor, she can sleep there. Fateh says come with me Jasmin, we don’t have to stay here for many days. He takes Jasmin with her. Tejo steps inside the room. Tejo cries and recalls Rupy’s words. She wipes her tears.

Jasmin says why did you get me here, that room is mine, I have a right on it. Fateh asks her not to react. She asks what will she do, she was challenging me. He says don’t fight with her till this matter gets calm. She says you think I m wrong. He says try to understand the situation, Tejo will go from here once Biji gets fine, we will go once we get Canada visa. She says you want me to tolerate this, your family likes Tejo. He says you also do something that they like you, it wasn’t easy for Tejo. He hugs her and goes. Jasmin says I have to do a goodness drama like Tejo if I have to stay here.

Tejo takes care of Biji. Jasmin comes and looks on. Biji says I want to have drink something cold. Jasmin hears this and goes to take cold drink for Biji. Tejo asks Amrik to get medicines for Biji. Jasmin asks Biji to have the cold drink. Gurpreet comes and scolds Jasmin. Tejo gets juice for Biji. Gurpreet says I think Satti taught all the good things to Tejo, and misbehavior to Jasmin. Jasmin goes. She says Fateh asked me to win their hearts, how to do that, I can’t be their slave. She drinks the cold drink. Fateh comes to the room and sees Tejo working. He knocks on the door. He says I want to take my night suit. He goes to his cupboard. He removes all the formals. He doesn’t see the night suit. A vase falls over his foot. He gets hurt. Tejo goes to see him. She gives his night suit and goes back. Jasmin looks at him. He leaves and takes Jasmin. She says you said you are feeling sleepy, were you going to sleep here. He says no, I just went to get this night suit. She says I will shift your things to the guest room, I don’t like you coming to a stranger’s room. Tejo gets upset. Jasmin looks at her.

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