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The truth ~ Riansh os

Hi guys I am back with os . This os starts from when Kabir blackmailing Riddhima to say to Dadi yes for engagement . No Vihaan track here

Let’s start

Dadi: Riddhima are you ready for engagement

Kabir put knife on Ishani’s stomach . Riddhima saw that

Dadi: if are not ready no one is forcing you

Riddhima: I am ready

Riddhima & Kabir exchanged their rings

Riansh Room

Riddhima: how can I proof that Kabir & Anupriya is blackmailing for marrying Kabir

This is heard by person

Angre entered in room

At XYZ place

Person 1: boss she is innocent

Person 2: how you are saying that innocent ?

Person 1: boss see this CCTV Photages

Person 2: Angre how do you know?

These two are none other Vangre

Angre: boss I was going through corridor then I heard Bhabi’ s voice she was saying how can I proof that Kabir & Anupriya is blackmailing me for marrying Kabir?

Vansh: So Kabir & Anupriya blackmailing Riddhima. Now both see consequences.

After some days

In VR Mansion

Ridbir’ s was going on Riddhima was about drink poison



Voice: what is going on?

As light was very high  no one is able see face when lights was totally set everyone was able to see face

Everyone was shocked expect Angre after seeing face

Riddhima: Vansh

She hugs Vansh he also back hug her

Vansh broked hug

Vansh: you betrayer you are marrying to my enemy & what he is doing here

Vansh goes take Dadi’ s blessings

Dadi: Vansh beta she is not betrayer she also have life she was broken . What if marrying him . Forgive her & Kabir your half brother

Vansh: ok dadi

Vangre smirked


Vansh: Angre I will go to  VR Mansion & act I don’t know anything

Angre: boss it will work

Vansh: yes Angre & when I get more proofs against Anupriya & Kabir I will inform to police

Flashback end

In Riansh Room

Riddhima: Vansh I am so happy you’re back

Vansh: you’re betrayer

Riddhima: Vansh I am not betrayer I will ( before she could complete Vansh interrupted )

Vansh: I am not talking about marrying Kabir . I am talking about your & Kabir relation . You came as spy right by Kabir saying . You give evidence against me to Kabir . You are who killed Ragini

Riddhima: Vansh listen me please

Vansh: I will not

After some days

In these days Vansh was ignoring Riddhima to show he is angry with Riddhima . Kabir & Anupriya see that how Vansh was ignoring Riddhima

At evening

Everyone is sitting in hall expect Riddhima

Suddenly voice came

Voice : Vansh bhaiya , Vansh bhaiya

Vansh: Sia relax

Sia : I want to tell something to you

Vansh: Sia relax we will talk later

Sia : no bhaiya listen me. Sia tells everything

Everyone was shocked expect Angre , Vansh & Sia

Vansh: I know everything before . The truth is out. 

Dadi: why you didn’t tell ?

Vansh: waiting for right time . Inspector.

Inspector came & arrests Kabir & Anupriya

Sia: where is Riddhima bhabi

Vansh: let me call her . She is not picking phone. Angre trace her location

Angre: yes boss.

Angre: boss location is xyz Cliff

Vansh: what she was doing there . I am going

Sia: I will also come

Vansh: ok

At Cliff

Riddhima was about jump from Cliff but held her wrist

Vansh: what are you doing . Are you mad ?

Riddhima: If are not trusting me what can I do?

Vansh: I am doing drama

Riddhima: what

Vansh: I was doing drama I am waiting for right time

Sia: yes bhabi

Riddhima: Vansh I am sorry I am also Didn’t trust you

Vansh: it’s ok Riddhima . It’s not your mistakes

At VR Mansion

Ishani: I am sorry bhabi. I did very wrong with you

Dadi: beta also forgive me

Vansh: Riddhima please forgive me also I am very rude in these days

Riddhima: it’s ok no problem

Then they start living happy life

The end

Hope you like it









































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