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RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 58

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Episode begins with.. 


Riddhima comes down and sees the newspaper on the table. She checks it and reads about the fire accident of the news agency. She smiles.. Virat comes down and sees riddhima smiling.. 

VIRAT: Why is she smiling? By now, she must have been crying.. 

He takes the newspaper from riddhima and reads about the fire accident and gets shocked.. Riddhima looks at him and smiles.. 

RIDDHIMA: How much ever you might try, you can’t stop me virat. It’s better if you stop all this, right now. Otherwise, I’m sure you’ll have to see your own failure.. 

VIRAT: Are you threatening me? 

RIDDHIMA: No, I’m warning you. 

She goes.. Virat fumes in anger. 

VIRAT: How is this possible? How did she come to know of my plan? 

He comes to his room and just then, his phone rings.. 

He attends the calls. His inspector friend who tried to arrest riddhima informs him about all that happened last night. He cuts the call.. 

VIRAT: It means riddhima was in the hospital. Then, who did this.. Who helped her? 

He calls sirish.. 

VIRAT: What have you done? How did that fire accident happened? Why you didn’t publish that news? 

SIRISH: Sir, I have agreed to your sayings because you assured that we won’t face any problem due to this. 

VIRAT: Why? What happened now? 

SIRISH: Sir, it was vansh raisinghania who did all this. We don’t have the guts to fight against him. We don’t want to.. From morning we are receiving threatening calls. His one phone call can even destroy our entire news agency. We don’t want to do anything against him. Please, don’t call me again.. 

He cuts the call. He thinks of all the incidents that happened last night. 

VIRAT: How did vansh got to know of my plan? How did he reach that place on time? 

Virat throws his mobile in anger.. 

Just then, sia comes there.. 

SIA: What happened virat? 

VIRAT: Sia, since yesterday night, I have been searching my mobile, but I didn’t get it. Suddenly today morning I found it on the bed. How is this possible? I know that you know everything what all I did. If I’m not wrong did you give my mobile to your bhai? 

SIA: Yes.. 

VIRAT: So, you lied to me.. How can you do this sia? Do you even have any idea how I felt last night thinking that you are not well? But, it was all your drama. You were acting and secretly helping your bhai.. 

SIA: Then, whatever you did, was all that right? I have told you many times that I can’t bear anything against my family. I’ve already made this clear to you. Riddhima is my bhabhi. You can’t do this.. Won’t you think about me before doing all this? Is this your love? Even you were acting.. You were acting like loving me and at my back you were planning to destroy my bhabhi. Was this right? Wait a minute.. Do you love me truly? Or were you acting so that you can ruin.. 

Before she could complete virat slaps sia.. 

VIRAT: Don’t you dare to say that again.. How dare you to call my love as fake? Today you have hurted me the most. I’m here just because I don’t want you to lose your family. None of your family member like me being here. I know that. Even then, I’m here just for you. Because, I love you. 

SIA: You forgot one thing.. Their anger was justified. I went against my own family for you. Did you forget that? But, you have proven me wrong today. It’s not your mistake. A person who doesn’t have a family can’t understand the value of a family. May be that’s the reason, God doesn’t give you a family. If your mother would have been here, she would have been ashamed of her son who is trying to ruin a girl, her dream..

Virat was about to again slap sia but he stops.. 

SIA: Why did you stop? These words are hurting you, right.. But, this is the truth.. I had a hope that one or the other day, you’ll change. But, no..

She wipes her tears and goes.. 

Vansh who was hiding there hears all their conversation. He hides and looks at sia who was leaving.. 

VANSH: (thinking) I know that this day will come. This is the reason why I stopped you that day.. 

Virat fumes in anger. He cries.. 

VIRAT: Sia, today you have hurted me. But, that’s okay.. The rift that is between us is because of riddhima. She has snatched everything from me. I won’t leave her to come between us. This time, she can’t succeed.. 

VANSH: (thinking) What is he speaking? 

VIRAT: Riddhima, I’m fed up with you. Today, you must be very happy thinking of your success, right? I’ll break that happiness. I promise, today I’ll break you with the truth which you haven’t even dreamt of.. Once you get to know of this truth, you’ll die each and every second just like I’m dying. I’ll give you the same pain which you gave me. I’ll break you the same way how you broke me. I swear on my love. Today will be the worst day of your life. 

He wipes his tears and goes out. Vansh who was hiding hears all this and gets shocked.. 

VANSH: What I thought was right? His enemity was not only because of that company. I’m sure that there is something else. I have to find it before he does something big. But, what is he going to do.. Which truth is he hiding? And what is the truth riddhima hiding? Does this both have any connection? I shouldn’t leave riddhima alone even for a second. He is a psycho. He won’t accept his failure. I should be very careful.. He comes to his room and finds riddhima speaking to someone over her mobile.. 

Vansh goes near her and stands silently. Riddhima notices him and cuts her call.. 


VANSH: Actually, mom has told both of us to go and buy ganapthi idol.. 


Riddhima goes down. Vansh follows her.. 

Riddhima and vansh buys the idol and comes home. Virat notices them from up and gets angry. Riddhima notices vansh being nervous and goes near him.. 

RIDDHIMA: Is everything okay? 

Vansh turns around and sees here and there.. 

VANSH: Are you asking me? 

RIDDHIMA: From morning you were nervous. Are you okay? 

VANSH: Yes.. 

Just then, ishani, rudra and chanchal comes there. Riddhima notices them and gets upset. Just then, angre enters.. Riddhima sees him and gets happy.. 

VANSH: Yesterday, he missed his flight. I have invited them. 

Riddhima was about to go near angre. She notices ishani who was angrily looking at her. She backs off.. 

Sejal too comea there. Riddhima sees her and gets happy. She goes and hugs her.. 

RIDDHIMA: Thank God, you came.. I was feeling very lonely. 

SEJAL: Now, you won’t feel it until I’m here.. 

RIDDHIMA: But, how did you come here? 

SEJAL: Bhai called me.. 

RIDDHIMA: Angre bhai? 

SEJAL: Vansh bhai.. 

Just them, vansh comes near them.. 

Riddhima takes sejal along with her and goes. 

Everyone was busy in the preparations. Vansh receives a call from his office. So, he goes. Meanwhile, an old man enters their house. Riddhima sees him and enquires him. He introduces himself as rajesh and tells that he came to meet pappu.. 

Riddhima gets shocked. 

RIDDHIMA: But, how do you know that pappu is here? 

RAJESH: Actually, after pappu left the village on that day, I came to know that he came to meet this city. So, I came here.. 

Riddhima takes the old man from there. She brings him to the garden before anyone could see him.. 

RAJESH: Where are you taking me? I need to meet rudra and pappu.. 

RIDDHIMA: I’m sorry.. You can’t go in.. Do you know what happened that day? 

RAJESH: I know.. But, why are you asking this to me? Who are you? 

RIDDHIMA: I’ll tell you. But, please tell me what happened that day? It’s very important.. I’ll tell you about me later. How did pappu’s mother died? 

RAJESH: Actually, when pappu was young, rudra started a company on his own. From then, rudra used to tell pappu that he’ll handover that company to him. Even pappu wished to take over that company because, he thought that this will give him a chance to prove himself as a legal heir of rudra and not an illegitimate child as villagers used to call him. He thought that he can introduce rudra as his father. He thought that this will give him a chance to be rudra’s son in front of this world. Pappu had many expectations regarding that company. He used to tell this to everyone in that village. Finally, pappu completes his graduation. At that time, rudra faced a huge loss in his business. So his daughter, I mean his second wife’s daughter took over that company it seems. Rudra even didn’t say about this to pappu and his mother. Day by day pappu’s expectations and dreams grew bigger and bigger. Finally, one day pappu came to the city and find the truth by himself. He was totally broken on that day. He even confronted rudra regarding this. But rudra told that even, he wanted to give that company to pappu. But, it was his daughter who came in between.. He told that he was helpless. Pappu couldn’t bear it. Because, he felt that he had even lost the only chance which he had with him. He somehow convinced himself and returned to the village. As days pass, all the villagers began to question him. One day, his friends made fun of him. Unable to bear the insult he slapped them. He fought with them and he got arrested. His mother, after much difficulties brought him out. When she questioned him regarding the fight, he got angry. He lost his temper. He got fed up with the word illegitimate child. He showed all his anger on his mother. He questioned her. 


PAPPU: All this was because of you mom. Why did you believe that man? He had been lying to you since the time he met you. He didn’t love you mom. It was not love. He had given that company to her daughter.. I myself saw that.. Did I ask him? He promised and now he himself broke it. But, I’m facing the insults. Why mom? Why did you believe him? I’m fed up with you both mom. Usually, parents used to be a bigger strength to their children. But here, you both have completely ruined me mom. All my friends are making fun of me mom. 20 years have passed. Still I’m standing in the same place thinking that I’ll be able to be with my dad some or the other day. But, each and every time, I’m failing.. What wrong did I do? Why am I getting the punishment? Everything is ruined now. Do you think that after this he’ll introduce us to this world? No mom.. He is deceiving you.. Can’t you understand that.. You and I will always be illegal.. This is the harsh truth of our life. You will always remain as an illegal wife and I will always remain as an illegal child.. Why am I suffering? Why did you accept him mom? This is not only his fault mom.. Even, you have made a mistake.. This won’t end here.. Wherever I go, they’ll question me regarding my dad. What will I tell them? Should I tell them that your relationship was illegal? 

Riddhima gets shocked hearing all this.. 

RAJESH: Unable to bear his words she slapped pappu. That was the first time he slapped him.. Pappu ran from there.. That night pappu didn’t go home. The next day when he came home, he found his mom was dead.. She slapped pappu just to stop home. But, all his words made her feel guilty. And that guilt killed her.. Pappu called his dad but he didn’t even pick his call. Pappu didn’t was totally broken. After that, he completed all his mothers last rites alone. Two days later when rudra came to that village, he comes to know that rudra was with his daughter when pappu’s mother died. Rudra asked pappu to forgive him. He promised him that he’ll take care of him. But, pappu was not ready to trust him. He decided that he doesn’t want to live a life like his mother anymore. He told that he doesn’t want a dad like rudra who couldn’t even take a stand for his own son. He told that he would live a happy life being an orphan, rather being rudra’s illegal son. He decided to create his own identity. That day, he left that village. He doesn’t want to be in that village. After that, he didn’t return to that village. Just now, I came to know that he came to this city. So, I thought he would be with his father. I need to see rudra.. 

Riddhima wipes her tears. The old man feels dizzy. Riddhima goes in and gets juice for the old man.. 

RIDDHIMA: Uncle, he is not here. He went out for some work. You please, have this.. I think you are weak.. 

RAJESH: I need to meet him. Who are you? You still didn’t tell about yourself. How do you know pappu? 

Riddhima panics. Just then, sejal comes there calling her name.. The old man hears the name and gets angry.. Sejal comes near him and riddhima.. 

RAJESH: Who is riddhima here? 

Riddhima tries to stop sejal.. 

SEJAL: She is riddhima.. 

The old man gets angry.. 

RAJESH:Are you riddhima? It means you are rudra’s daughter? CEO of riddhima enterprise? 

Riddhima puts her head down. 

SEJAL: Yes.. 

RIDDHIMA: Uncle, please listen to me.. 

RAJESH: (shouts) Shut up.. Not a word. So, this is why you didn’t tell about you when I asked, right? Pappu was right.. You are big betrayer.. I don’t want to even stay in this place for a minute where a monster like you stays.. But, before going.. I curse you.. Don’t think that you can lead a happy life ruining others. Your life will become more miserable than others. The happiness and success which you are having now is not yours.. You took it after killing a woman.. Don’t forget this.. You have killed a woman.. You took a mother from a son. You have broke pappu’s dream and took away his life.  You won’t be happy.. You are a devil.. 

SEJAL: Who are you? How dare you to say all this? 

RAJESH: Ask her who am I? You’ll be ashamed of her.. You won’t support her if you get to know of her truth.. She is a devil, don’t be with her.. She’ll even spoil your life.. 

Riddhima stops sejal.. The old man leaves throws the juice at riddhima’s face and leaves.. 

SEJAL: Riddhima, why did you stop me? How dare he? I won’t leave him.. I’ll tell about him to vansh bhai and angre bhai. They won’t leave him.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, don’t tell this to anyone. If you are my friend then, don’t tell anything to anyone. Promise me.. 

SEJAL:But, riddhima.. 

RIDDHIMA: I won’t do anything without any reason. Everyone are inside. Please, don’t tell this to anyone. Promise me.. I don’t want anyone to know of it.. 

SEJAL: Riddhu, have you gone mad?. 

RIDDHIMA: Promise me.. 

Sejal promises riddhima. She takes her in. Riddhima thinks of the old man’s words. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, you go.. I’ll change and come. Don’t tell anything to anyone. 

Sejal goes. Riddhima comes to her room and cries thinking of the old man’s words.. 

RIDDHIMA: I don’t know that my dream had spoilt many lives. I don’t know that I’m the reason for spoiling one life. I don’t know that my ambition had killed a mother. I don’t know. It was all because of dad.. Why did you do this dad? Today, I hate you the most. The one person whom I hate the most in this world is you, dad. Why did you do this? So, this is why you were asking me to get out of that company.. I don’t know.. You could have told me, right.. Today, I’m ashamed of myself.. It’s all because of you dad. This guilt that I have taken a mother from a son is going to kill me, dad.. But, you are enjoying there without any guilt. I used to consider you as a hero but, today you have became a biggest villain of my life. You have snatched two lives mine and pappu’s.. Why dad? Why? I have been trying to find pappu. But, what will be his reaction when he sees me, the reason for his mother’s death. This is why he hates me.. His hatred is justified.. But, I didn’t do anything.. I didn’t know anything.. What will I do now? How will I handle this? 

PRECAP: Rudra dies.. Angre slaps riddhima. Vansh and others are shocked.. 

Guys, I know that some of you might be upset with the current track. But, a story can’t always be positive. Even there are some moments in our life which we don’t want want to happen. Similarly, here too.. But, the story won’t be negative. Trust me. The future story will be riddhima’s quest to find pappu. There will be another challenge for her too. I’ll reveal it in the upcoming episodes..Believe me, I’ll try as much as I could to entertain you with my story. Believe me guys.. Please, bear with me. Sorry, if I have disappointed any of you. Please do also share if you have any other opinions. Also, please comment for whom do you feel bad, riddhima or pappu? 

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