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RIANSH (They Have No Boundaries) E39 (RIDDHIMA IN DANGER)

Hello Readers 🤗 I’m back again with another episode, just wanted to say that I’m not well so if any mistakes in the episode, please ignore and forgive 🙂

Ancient Palace: Author’s POV;

Riddhima passes a slight but genuine smile to them, they all come near her, she immediately hungs around Vansh’s neck and hides her face in his crook, they all look at their Soon To Be Queen 👑 and chuckle. Vansh pats her head saying..

Vansh: Don’t be afraid Baby Girl, they’re also like Family. Come on greet them they all wanted to meet you from so long 😊

Riddhima: (looking at Vansh/innocently) They won’t eat me??

Vansh:(chuckling) No 😅 Just say Hello to them.

(A completely convinced Riddhima comes down from Vansh’s arms and goes towards the members, she starts shaking hands with everyone and pulls cheeks of some cute little VAMPIRES, all the VAMPIRES kept their heads bowed infront of the Queen 👑 as Riddhima was moving towards the Servant VAMPIRES of the Palace, Victoria interrupted..

Victoria:(smirking) Beg to Differ Master but.. How can the future Queen greet the Servant VAMPIRES? This is so awful 😒

(Before Vansh could say anything, Riddhima amusingly asked..)

Riddhima: Excuse me what do you mean by Servant VAMPIRES? They all are equal ans when Vansh told me to greet the members he didn’t classified them as Servants or kings. How can your thinking stoop so Low? Not my gesture of treating everyone is awful but for sure your such unequal thinking is awful 😒

(Victoria left the place stomping her foot angrily, whereas everyone else present there, Vansh, his family and all the members were feeling proud that they have got a perfect Queen for their Clan, despite being a Human and so young in age, she didn’t differentiate between anything. She proved out to be really Mature at this age. After greeting all the Members warmly Riddhima hugged Vansh instantly hanging around his neck as usual, Angre signalled the members to leave for their respective works, they left while Vansh said..)

Vansh: Don’t hug like this when all are near please.

Riddhima:(pouting) Why? You feel embarassed when I hug you?

Vansh: Why you are so Immature?

Riddhima: I spoke so maturely now when that Pictoria was promoting Inequality, I had shut her mouth so intelligently and now you’re calling me Immature (sadly)

Siya/Aryan (laughing) PICTORIA 🤣🤣🤣

Kabir: Not Bad, you’ve given her such a great name, Vansh she deserves praise yaar 😅

Aryan: I wonder how will she react hearing her new name 😂

Siya: I’ve already imagined her face 🤣 as usual sulking 😂

Uma: Stop you all! But beta you gave her a great name 😜 no doubt 🤣

Ajay: Even you started, but Riddhima your thoughts are really impressive, how you stood for their rights proved you a perfect Queen 👑 Good 😊

Uma: Indeed! Vansh praise her(sternly)

Vansh: Mom I agree she deserves praise but what’s this PICTORIA?

Riddhima: Her Name, that you called.. and I’m not joking I really feel this is her only name.

Angre: Bhabhi her real name is VICTORIA!

Vansh: And you are calling PICTORIA.. Don’t do this Sweetheart. Please!!

Riddhima:Ohh I see! But I like PICTORIA and I’ll call that only PICTORIA and PICTORIA 😜

Vansh: (laughing) You’ll always be this way na?

Riddhima: Any doubts 🤨

Vansh:(bowing his head) No Madam! And your slave is here to listen to everything.

Riddhima: So Mr. Now please take me to a “room with bed” as I’m hell tired.

Vansh: Yeah, Angre?

Angre: Boss I’ve got the room ready as you instructed you can take Bhabhi.

Vansh: Fine. Mom,Dad and all if you want you can go back to VR Mansion but me and Riddhima will be here till evening.

Ajay: No need Vansh, even we are here in the Palace, I’ve some work.

Siya: And I’ve met my friends after long time so not gonna go now.

Kabir: We are here only, you take Riddhima to the room and make her rest.

Vansh: As you all wish. Come Riddhima.

Riddhima:(hanging around his neck) I’m not able to walk, I’m tired na.. (innocently)

(Vansh left with no choice did what his Sweetheart wanted, while the family kept on chuckling 😆, all this was witnessed by Victoria and she smirked thinking of her evil ploy. Vansh and Riddhima reached a room, neatly arranged by Riddhima’s pictures and teddies, her dresses were there in the closet, bed was placed, Yummy food was placed, Riddhima in shock asked..)

Riddhima: What’s all this? I mean How? When?

Vansh: All you need is here, Angre arranged everything as per my orders given to him last night when you were sleeping 😉You liked it?

Riddhima: I love it and this food?

Vansh: I’ve hired a VAMPIRE Cook who prepares dishes for humans, so you can order whatever you feel like he will get it for You 🥰

(Saying so Vansh sits on the bed and makes her sit on his lap..)

Vansh: Done about your food, now lemme me have my food..

(Vansh starts licking her ear lobes and neck, sliding her top from the shoulders, he licks and kisses on her shoulder blades, Riddhima moans, He takes her lips in a passionate kiss without breaking the kiss Vansh makes her lie on the bed and hovers over her, Riddhima couldn’t wait more and unbuttoned his shirt, she dig her nails in his back and held his hair tightly guiding his mouth towards her br*asts, Vansh pulled her top below her chest and unhooked her bra and started kneading her left boob while taking right one in his mouth, he sucked her both the nip*les by now Riddhima was a moaning mess, her eyes were already closing due to tiredness, Vansh kissed her eyes and made her wear her bra and top back, till now Riddhima was drifted to a slumber, Vansh receives a call in order to not disturb Riddhima’s sleeping, he leaves the room to attend the call, after 15 minutes Vansh returns to the room and doesn’t find Riddhima on the bed, he sees in the bathroom, and entire room on not finding Riddhima anywhere, he panics, meanwhile Riddhima opens her eyes in a dark room, she looks at the darkness and gets hyper, she starts sweating and was calling Vansh continuously..)

Episode Ends!



Tell me your theories regarding the precap. Will Riddhima Be Safe and Sound? What PUNISHMENT does Victoria deserves??

I hope you all liked it. Suggestions, corrections and appreciation is needed in the comment section below 🙏 Thnqu ❤️ keep supporting 🙏😘

Stay safe and healthy 😚😚 All!

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