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Qurbaan Hua 13th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Chahat vows to cure Vyas je and Free Neel from jail

Qurbaan Hua 13th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chahat prays that when she places it under the light, they are able to see the last digits of the person, she is able to see it and then tells Bopho the numbers, he explains that his friend has sent the email with the name of the person who cashed it, she is shocked to read the email.

Sometime ago Alka comes to stop Chahat advising her to not take it outside as it might get spoiled, she offers to cover it however while putting it in the file it flies outside the house, Alka comes to Chahat saying it flew outside, Chahat exclaims this was the last proof which she had so rushes outside the house searching for the cheque however she is not able to find it, she even hurts her finger because of the flowers, she finally manages to spot the cheque so rushes after it however the cheque because of the wind flies up the branch and gets stuck in the tree, Chahat realizes there are some pieces of broken glass lying down on the floor, she is not able to retrieve from the side, she is forced to stand on the glad piece and takes out the cheque even when her feet’s hurt, Bopho comes questioning what is she doing as she should have worn some slippers, Chahat says that the pains are nothing as compared to what Neel is going through, Bopho asks what would they do as the cheque is completely wet, Chahat thinks of something so they both go inside the house.

Chahat sitting is drying the cheque and so exclaims that she prays they would see the number after placing it against the light, she is able to see the numbers so asks Bopho to call his friend, she informs his friend of the numbers explaining they need the information really urgently because this is the only way she would be able to help her husband, Naveli asks Chahat to go and change her clothes as they would call her after receiving the email, Bopho advises her to be careful.

Chahat walks into her room, she sitting down recalls how he asked Zain to kill him but not think of harming Chahat, he even vowed how much he loves her, she is sitting down contantly thinking of him and how they would spend the time together while he will do whatever was possible to take care of her health, Chahat exclaims shge is really missing him and remembers each and every moment spent with him, how when she get a small injury, he will get really angry which proved how much he cared for her but now they are not together, she starts weeping while on the other hand Neel is also not able to live without her, she thinks of the time when he got injured because of the accident, Chahat mentions how she also misses him a lot but he must wait to see that she would prove him innocent, bringing him back.

Chahat is sitting when Alka comes apologizing that she got the injuries because of her because she was not able to hold the cheque, Chahat says she must not be worried as when someone has the strength of a sister like her then what is to worry as they would surely be able to bring back Neel, they both hear the call of Bopho so leave.

Chahat asks Godambari who says they got the call from the banker, Chahat prays that it be a good news then ass Bopho if Sachin send the details, Bopho replies he emailed the details Chahat opens the email and then after it loads, she reads the name of Akhilesh so wonders who is this person who owns the bank account, she decides to talk with Neel however he refuses to know anyone by this name and she ends the call asking him about his health.

Bopho suggests to look into the past transactions of the person as it would prove who the owner is, Bopho reads the name, Chahat suspects something wrong is happening so she finds a letter head with the name, she mentions he is the same person who prepared the report so then Bopho thinks they would have to find the truth, Chahat mentions how she knows for sure that Aalekh is the person behind it and so would make sure they are able to find the truth, she asks about Alka, Naveli replies she went to get the school belongings of the children, Chahat drops an email for her, mentioning without her help she would not have gotten this far.

Chahat walks into he room of Vyas je, she tries to take the blessings of him by touching his feet however recalls how he said that in their family the daughters do not touch the feet of the men, she taking the blessings mentions she needs his prayers as she is going to reveal the truth of the person because of whom Neel is in jail, she mentions how he said if she was able to win his heart then would be able to win the heart of anyone, she still smiles knowing the time when he exclaimed her to be his daughter in law, she promises of making sure that Neel is freed and he also gets healthy, she realise when he gave her the necklace of their family but she leaves him in tears vowing to do everything she can for their family.

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