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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 13th September 2021 Written Episode Update

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 13th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Malhar saying justice doesn’t see any relations, when its about a woman’s respect, then nothing else is imp, its above everything, when women are safe, there is Ram Rajya, not just in Malwa, women will be safe when she doesn’t get caught of someone’s bad sight. He doesn’t listen to Dhana ji. He says I know some people here want Patil to get another chance, but it would mean to not see the victim’s pain, if this Patil isn’t punished, then no other Patil will be stopped from committing such crimes, severe punishment can stop the criminal from committing the crimes, its imp to control bad thinking, so I support Ahilya’s decision, I got complaints against Patil before, I regret that I didn’t take a big step against Patil. He apologizes to Manjula.

Manjula takes his blessings. Malhar signs Ahilya. Ahilya calms Manjula. Malhar says after much opposition and pressure, you have given the right verdict, amazing, you encouraged Manjula to speak her heart, you found out Patil yourself. He praises her. Ahilya smiles.

He says I didn’t know you have grown up, I recall the day I first met you, I liked you and chose you for my son. She asks him to take back his responsibility. He says my deposit is safe, I m not in a hurry, you did a good job. She says its not easy for me. She cries. Gangoba asks why is she crying. Malhar asks what are you finding tough. She says when you gave me this responsibility, I thought I can handle it, but it was making me away from my relations, I know while doing justice with Manjula, I have hurt many people here, I didn’t understand their pain, this is a big dilemma for me, I can’t hurt them. Malha consoles her. He wipes her tears. He says every king faces this problems, does a king get free of his duties, no, he should use his senses and smartness, that king can never be wrong if he knows the difference between right and wrong, you read Mahabharat, Bhishma had taught this Rajya dharm lesson to Yudhistir, if we walk on the right path of Rajya dharm, then history will always remember it, even if the people don’t understand it. Gangoba says you have said a big thing so easily, Ahilya and Tukojo are lucky to get such a Guru, he is a school himself, you should learn, we all should learn from him.

Ahilya says my village was my world, Malhar got me here. She says its time for aarti, I should go to temple. Tukoji and Gangoba also leave. Ahilya says you explained me Rajya dharm, but will everyone understand this, I mean I have punished Patil, will this affect Sita’s family and happiness. Dwarka asks Dhana ji and Gunu ji to have food. They are upset. She says I have tried a lot, you know Malhar is strict when its about women’s respect. He says I didn’t ask him to free Patil, but he didn’t think of our relations, this news will spread in Malwa, my name is getting spoilt, this is a big insult. She says Malhar can’t insult you. He says Malhar and Ahilya insulted me, I will take revenge on them. Dhana ji and Gunu ji leave.

Rakma comes to them and says Malhar invited you for dinner. Gunu ji says we will come, tell him. She goes. Dhana ji says even after all this, you want to dine with Malhar, did your anger get cool. Gunu ji says I heard Malhar, Ahilya and Gangoba’s conversation before he left for Pune. He recalls Malhar discussing the plans to get benefits for Malwa. Gangoba wishes Malhar all the best for his success. Malhar says I don’t think I should go, Eshwar Singh wants to get help from us, if any trusted person goes, its fine. Gangoba asks won’t you lead this mission. Malhar says I have many responsibilities here, its imp to focus on the discussion with businessmen, I have to stay here, its fine if any trusted representative goes and solves this problem, I can go to Jaipur later, I m thinking to send Gunu ji. Gunu ji gets glad. Malhar says he is my minister, and trusted representative. Ahilya says yes, he has proved it before, he can do anything, your choice is right. FB ends. Gunu ji says Malhar is right, he can ask me to go to Jaipur, I m going to get a big mission.

Malhar says I know Dhana ji didn’t like Patil’s behavior, I want you to direct his Chauranga decision. Dhana ji gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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