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Kkb episode 53 (Love of Life)

It was pleasant day with appealing liveliness all around, the chirping sound of the birds was heard, the clock was striking eight. Maybe it was to be the best day of Mehras as they today planned to make everything right but…


In the morning at Mehra Mansion
The bright rays of sun which were entering the room through the window pane falls on Kiara’s face and it disturbs her sound sleep, she gets up with a smile but her head was too heavy which was the result of drinking too much last night. She gazes around the room and finds a glass of lemonade with a chit kept beside it on her table. A smile creeps on her face as she knew who kept but she still reads the chit.

Dear Kiara, drink it and come down fast someone is waiting for you.


She sighs and keeps the chit at its correct place, she then drinks the glass of lemonade and feels little better, she sits down on her bed for a few minutes and suddenly something pops her mind – “What did happen last night? ” She was knowing whenever she is drunk she blabbers out everything which comes to her mind and mouth. She didn’t remember anything, the only thing she was able to recall was that Vansh wanted to say her something, but what she didn’t recall. She gets up and goes to freshen up herself while continually thinking about the thing and trying her best to recall it.

In Prachi’s room.
Prachi was getting ready with a cute smile on her face, she was feeling very happy today as now she decided to make everything right between her and Rhea and moreover she decided to forgive Ranbir and give a chance to their relationship. All her past moments were flashing in front of her eyes which made her blush a little. She looks at her reflection in the mirror and smiles, she turns around to leave.

She was passing through the corridors and finally reaches Rhea’s room, the door was closed, she was about to knock it but stops on thinking that Rhea must be sleeping, she turns around and decides to talk to her later.

She was passing through the corridors when her eyes fall on something and she stops right there. She goes a little closer to the door and finds a cute Ranbir sleeping on his bed, she looks at him from a distance and was admiring him in her mind.

“Aww.. How cute is he looking while sleeping, just like an innocent child.” says Prachi to herself.

Saying this Prachi walks towards Ranbir who was sleeping, she looks him and was all lost, she goes more closer to him, dresses his hair and says “he is so cute. “

The voice of Prachi disturbs Ranbir’s sleep which was already half broken. He slowly opens his eyes and Prachi realises what did she just do, Ranbir wasn’t that much in his senses.

“Ohh God, Prachi.. Now when I am waking also I see Prachi. ” says a half sleepy Ranbir on finding a smiling Prachi in front of his eyes.

Prachi gets a little relieved and she immediately rushes from there as Ranbir again closes his eyes. She hits herself on her head and chuckles a little.

Prachi meets Kiara on her way. Kiara notices Prachi and feels happy on seeing her happy

“Good morning dii. ” says Prachi cheerfully.

“Good morning. ” says Kiara with a broad smile

“Anything special? ” asks Kiara

“No” says Prachi while giving a cute smile.

“Keep smiling like this only, you look more beautiful.” says Kiara while cupping Prachi’s face to which Prachi gives a smile.

After this both of them go down stairs where both of them meet Dishrab and Abhigya and other family members. They both greet Dishrab and when it was Abhigya’s turn, Kiara meets them and hugs them while Prachi hugs Pragya and just smiles looking at Abhi which made him very happy as Prachi today finally looked at him and even smiled, he also smiles back looking at her. He then looks at Pragya and smiles seeing her. Kiara sits beside Vansh. Vansh feels a little uncomfortable as he thought that Kiara would now ask him about the proposal, he bents his head while Kiara begins the conversation.

“Vansh you said something last night, I don’t remember please repeat that.” says Kiara feebly.

Vansh opens his eyes and was highly relieved now as Kiara didn’t remember anything.

“Uff… Thanks God for saving me. ” says Vansh more feebly so that Kiara couldn’t hear that.

“Did you say something? ” asks Kiara while raising her eye brow

“Actually… Woh.. Haan got it, I was saying that you were looking beautiful yesterday. ” says Vansh while stuttering

“Are you sure? ” asks Kiara out of suspicion

“Yes.. Yes this only. ” say Vansh

Just then Ranbir comes down stairs, he happily greets everyone. After greeting everyone, something strucks in his mind, he walks towards Prachi with an evil smirk on his face and sits beside her.

“Ahm.. Suno. ” says Ranbir while catching Prachi’s attention

“Haan bolo.. ” says Prachi while looking at him

“Did you come to my room at morning?” asks Ranbir while smirking

Prachi looks at Ranbir with her eyes wide opened, she remembers the morning incident and was lost thinking about it. Ranbir on seeing this jolts her time bring out of her dreamland.

“Say.” says Ranbir while bringing Prachi back to the reality

“No, not at all, who said this and why should I come to your room. ” says Prachi while stammering

Ranbir raises his eyebrows and looks at Prachi.

“Are you sure? ” asks Ranbir with smirk

“Haan.. I didn’t come trust me. ” says Prachi while avoiding eye contact with Ranbir and turning her head in other direction

“Hmm.. I don’t know how come your bracelet  came in my room.” says Ranbir while taking out Prachi’s bracelet from his pocket and then showcasing it in front of her.

Prachi turns her face towards Ranbir and was shocked to see her bracelet, she immediately checks her wrist and finds the bracelet missing, and closes her eyes.

“What did you do? Bracelet… Today I am caught because of you only, I won’t forgive you at all.. But what should I do, it’s with Ranbir and now he won’t stop to tease me. ” thinks Prachi while still closing her eyes

“Won’t you say anything Prachi? ” asks Ranbir with a broad smile

“Woh… Actually..” says Prachi while stuttering

“Haan speak, why don’t you say that you came in my room. ” says Ranbir in a teasing tone.

“Achaa baba aayi thi main tumhare room mein and now stop teasing me and give me my bracelet. ” says Prachi accepting her defeat

“No now this is mine, you find other one for yourself.” says Ranbir while kissing the bracelet

“Are you mad, you are a boy, how will you wear it?” asks Prachi while giving a confused look

“Hmm..I will keep it with me my love, close to me and my heart. ” says Ranbir while winking and passing a cute smile to Prachi.

Prachi looks at him with a surprised look. And blushes a little on hearing his naughty talks.

Just after this Pragya calls out both of them for having breakfast but Ranbir didn’t stop to tease her and Prachi was blushing badly it was becoming difficult for her to control and hide her feelings. Everyone was sitting on the table and the person who was missing was Rhea. Pragya tells Shahana to call her but Prachi insists to go so as to escape from the situation created by her dear Ranbir.

Thus by making this excuse she leaves from there to call Rhea. She reaches Rhea’s room and finds the door closed, she gives a gentle knock to the door and was surprised to find it open. She enters the room with a smile on her face and calls out Rhea’s name but no one responded, she then knocks the door of her washroom but was surprised to find it open when she opens the door no one was present. This shocks Prachi and she gets little tensed she looks around the room, everything was the same, all her belonging were here only but she was missing.

“Where is Rhea? ” thinks Prachi

She then thinks to look at other places before informing anyone. And this way she searches the whole mansion but didn’t find Rhea which made her tensed. She then hurriedly goes to downstairs to inform everyone about the same.

“Maa, Rhea isn’t in her room. ” says a tensed Prachi

“She must be here only, did you look in other rooms. ” says Pragya

“I searched the whole mansion but she is not seen anywhere. ” says Prachi while making everyone tensed.

Everyone get tensed on hearing this.

“Then where is she? ” asks Pragya worriedly

“Don’t worry fuggi, she must be in her friends house, you call Dimpy and ask her, I am sure she must be with her. ” says while looking at Pragya

“Chucks we are in Mumbai then how come Rhea can meet her friends? ” says Aryan while bringing Abhi back to reality that it’s Mumbai not Delhi

“Call her. ” says Ranbir

“I tried but her mobile is switched off. ” says Prachi

Pragya gets tensed on hearing this.

“Rhea.. Prachi, please find her. ” says Pragya while crying

“Pragya she must be here only, don’t worry.” says Abhi while assuring Pragya but he himself was tensed.

“Ask Ishaan, maybe he knows. ” says Vansh while thinking a little

“Yes Vansh is right, Ishaan and Rhea are friends, he must be knowing about her. ” says Kiara while looking at Prachi

“Yes. I should call him. ” says Prachi while picking up her phone and dialing Ishaan’s number

Ishaan is seen getting ready and dressing his hairs when he receives Prachi’s call, he looks at the caller ID and picks the call.

On Call

“Ishaan is Rhea with you? ” asks Prachi immediately as soon as Ishaan picks the call

“Prachi calm down, no hello no hey straight away with question. ” says Ishaan with a smile

“Ishaan it’s not the time to do hello- hey, you just tell me is Rhea with you. ” says Prachi in a serious tone

“No Rhea isn’t with me, is everything okay. ” says Ishaan

“Ishaan, Rhea isn’t at home nor is she picking the call. ” says Prachi

“What? ” asks a shocked Ishaan

“Did you call her friends? ” asks Ishaan

“She isn’t having any friend in Mumbai except you. ” says Prachi

“Wait I am coming. ” says Ishaan while ending the call and hurriedly leaving for the Mehra mansion

He quickly leaves for the mansion and was continually thinking about Rhea’s whereabouts while Prachi on other side informs the Mehras that Rhea isn’t with Ishaan, everyone gets tensed thinking about her and star ts searching for her.

In the car
Ishaan was continuously trying to contact Rhea but all his efforts were in vain as she didn’t pick the call. He was driving fast while a year scrolls from his eyes as he was feeling that something is definitely wrong.

“Rhea, where are you? Not in home maybe somewhere else but where, where can she go. (He again tries to call her) Rhea pick the call.. ” says Ishaan while speaking to himself

After many trials when Rhea doesn’t pick the call, Ishaan throws away his phone in frustration and stops the car thinking about Rhea . He was extremely worried for Rhea.

He gets of the car and enquires everyone about Rhea by showing her pic but was left dejected. He then leaves for the Mehra Mansion.

After sometimes.

Ishaan reaches the Mehra, he enters the mansion quickly and the first question he asked was that “did you find Rhea? ” and was dejected to hear no from their mouths. Kiara and Vansh were out in the search of Rhea while Arhana were consoling Abhigya,Pragya was totally shattered and was again and again repeating the statement “Rhea please come back. ” and Abhi’s condition was also not less than Pragya but he hid his emotions..Prachi was internally shattered on seeing her parents in that condition but she remained strong as she had to find her sister for her parents and herself, Ranbir also tries to contact Rhea but failed. It was almost similar to the condition which was created when Prachi and Shahana left, everyone was worried for Rhea. Ishaan insists to go and find Rhea while Pranbir also leave for the same purpose.

After a long search they were unable to find Rhea, police said that they can’t do anything until twenty four hours pass. They themselves went to look for her and searched that every place where Rhea could be but they didn’t find her, maybe she had gone very far from them. Vansh, Kiara, Pranbir and Ishaan return back home with a heavy heart.. It was evening now and after a unsuccessful try to find Rhea all were slowly losing hope.
Abhigya were fully shattered and tears were flowing from their eyes.  Prachi was unable to see her parents in this condition so she makes an excuse and rushes time her room.

She closes the door and directly lies on her bed, with tears scrolling from her eyes.

“Rhea where are you? Please come back, mom and dad are crying for you, please come back.. ” says Prachi while crying

She cries her heart out repeating the same lines… And stops when someone knocks her door and it catches her attention. She gets up, wipes her tears and was about to leave when her eyes fall on something. It was a paper chit, she picks it up and on reading it she gets emotional.

ℙ, ’ ’ . ,   , , ’ , . ℝ , . -. ’ . , , .


The knock at the door brought her back to her senses, with tears scrolling from her eyes, she rushes to open the door and immediately hugs the person standing over there without even looking at him once.

“Rhea left us… Rhea… ” she breaks down completed

“Prachi, nothing is like that we will surely find her don’t worry, Rhea will be back.” says the person while consoling Prachi.

Prachi looks at the person and finds Abhi standing in front of her, she wasn’t having that courage to be angry on him or just push him away, Rhea’s this action shook her and she was all broken, she just hugs Abhi tightly and cries her heart out. She then holds his hand and takes him down stairs where everyone was sitting.

All were shocked to see Prachi crying, Prachi leaves Abhi’s hand and rushes towards Pragya and hugs her tightly.

“Maa.. Rhea left us ” says Prachi while crying but before anyone could react Ishaan starts speaking

“It’s nothing like that Prachi we will surely find Rhea. ” says Ishaan while assuring Prachi

Prachi gets tears in her eyes and handovers the chit to Ishaan. Ishaan reads it and gets emotional and falls down with a thud while tears scrolling from his eyes. Aryan takes the chit from Ishaan’s hand and after reading it, he informs everyone about what was written in it with tears in his eyes. Pragya starts crying bitterly after losing her other child, she was inconsolable while Abhi had tears in his eyes he recalls his moments with Rhea though she did wrong but she was the one who was most attached to Abhi and the reason for his living along with the other two daughters,unable to hold himself anymore, he falls on his knees and tears were scrolling from his eyes. Everyone had tears in their eyes and their was pin drop silence in the Hall.


… it turned out to be one of the worst days of their life. Instead of reuniting again they were more shattered. Nothing was known about Rhea’s whereabouts.. Everyone searched for her but didn’t find her.

Precap- A new start…

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