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Breaking my ties with you…. Part 4

Scene shows Riddhima resting her head on chair’s headboard and staring the palpaping clouds.

As they were changing shapes ,faster were her thoughts changing.

“Flashback showed Anikka and Vansh exchanging rings.

Uma,Vansh’s mother ,the happiness with which her face was glowing.

Thoughts changed,her new flashback showed Vansh and Riddhima standing in front of Uma…3 years back, informing her about the decision they took,that they are getting married.

Uma was not at all happy with the marriage at that time.

Her thoughts her ideals always clashed with those of Riddhima.

Flashback again changed,

A voice echoed in her ears,

“Anikka…I really have huge expectations with you my child..that you will fill my Vansh’s life with extreme happiness.

I believe will abide all rituals  by heart.Not like Vansh’s first wife”.

Hearing that voice…Riddhima’s thougths again changed ,

She remembered how after marriage she had decided not to wear nupital chain and vermilion always.

Uma could never agree with this.

She always blamed that her thinking was so because she was the daughter of a different religion lady.

But it was not so.

Riddhima’s mom was of different religion but her dad was of the same religion as Uma’s ..

In her childhood ,Riddhima had witnessed her mom fulfilling every ritual by heart.

She knew what symbols those things were of.

Still, she had somewhere realised that its not needed to always wear these things…just for the sake of customs or society or to prove your dedication to your marriage.

“You know what…you have lost my Vansh because you never considered yourself in relationship.I had told Vansh from the first day itself that this girl has only one priority. .thats to show others that she is still unmarried. Dont know what her intentions are.”

These words,by Vansh’s mom hurted her. More hurt was that he didn’t say anything.

Well …his silence doesnt matter anymore.

She is yet at the same stand.

“Follow the rituals only if you want.To show your respect to them or to keep them alive you can abide to them at festivals.Else its your comfort that should be the first priority.

If you are not comfortable always wearing vermillion then stop.

Its not the proof that you need …

Dedication should be by heart.

Get commited to your relationship by heart.”,

Riddhima told Anikka in front of Uma very proudly.

Mam…these papers are to be signed by today’s eve.

Getting out of her thoughts and as the clouds flew away

She started signing.

“Dont like Vansh’s first wife…


Leaving the pen and standing in shock.

…”Anikka know about..his mom said not like his first means. ..Anikka. ..Anikka should know about us.It would be cheat with her…but…had Vansh told?”

How to know

Whom to ask

These questions were shaking her head.

Finally she scrolled down the call  list to Anikka…but befote that appeared,





R: Had Vansh told about us to Anikka?

A: I dont know bha…

R: Tell me the truth

A: I think he had…just told abt first marriage not abt u…u should ask him.

Precap: Riddhima meets Vansh

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