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Bigg Boss OTT 13th September 2021 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss OTT 13th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratik says about Divya she tries to find a connection and make a bond. And next is Raqesh because he doesn’t have a stance. Devolina asks Divya if she would have a good connection? She says if we played well it would have been good. But he would later speak it like a favor. He wants people to prove friendships all the time. He called moose fake yet he cut Neha’s wire. Pratik says Neha has been very unconditional to me. The two people who have given all their efforts are Nishant and me. Devolina asks Divya who is your love hate? She says Shamita.

Devolina asks you have to tell how these people entertain? He asks Pratik about Shamita?? Pratik says by crying. Divya says by controlling. Devolina asks about Pratik. Divya says by being a radio. Pratik says about Divya. He says by sleeping. Divya says he’s a romantic Raqesh. Pratik says Nishant is funny. Divya says Neha is stupid. Pratik says Neha is mad. Rashmi says Divya has felt lonely in the whole connection. But you came here on your own. Devolina says you always said you wanted someone here. See we have someone for you.

Varun comes in. Divya cries. She rushes and kisses him through the glass. They both cry. Divya says I missed you so much. Thank you for coming. I could hug you. She cries. Divya says thank you Bigg Boss. Varun says it’s crazy 24/7. Varun speaks about everyone. He says Nishant is very smart. Everyone is his friend. He has played very smartly. When I saw Raqesh I was like thank God I didn’t go in the show. But don’t scream. Keep yourself firm. Don’t be scared. He says about Shamita so much is said about me. She says I never mentioned you. He says you did. He says you are very strong as a player. Just don’t get personal. He says Pratik we fought at the last game. You became my friend. I will always wish good for you. But I felt shocked that you didn’t become friends with Divya. Sort it out. Divya says I tried. He says I know. He says Divya you were standing when no one was with you. Only Raqesh came to you. Shamita said about me am I also aggresive? Some people have given more priority to the show than anything. Shamita says the first week we were friends and it was from heart. She was attacked a lot. I was trying to save her and she said I am controlling her. She became rude so I decided to stay away. I tried to mend but she didn’t work out. Varun says Divya stay strong. He hugs her through the glass and says play with a smile no matter what anyone says. Divya gets emotional. He says I love you

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