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Bhagya Lakshmi 13th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi saves Rishi from crocodile

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pandit ji says whoever tries to save Rishi today, water will pull that person and it’s possible that person can die as well. Rishi’s parents get worried. Aayush says he arranged a private jet. Neelam tells Pandit ji to start chanting mantras. Rishi’s parents leave. Neelam tells Devika to provide necessary stuff to Pandit ji.

Villagers tell Lakshmi to come out. There is a crocodile in water. Lakshmi take a piece of wood and stabs the crocodile continuously. Rishi’s parents, grandma are on their way to Rishi. Pandit ji does the pooja. Lakshmi manages to free Rishi from the crocodile and tries to take him out of water. The crocodile tries to get to them.

Neha is chanting. Rano wonders whether she has gone mad. Neha says she was giving curse to Lakshmi. She took away Rishi from her. Everyone will hate Lakshmi in Rishi’s family, including Rishi. Shalu hears it and tells her to stop. She asks Neha how she can say this for Lakshmi who always helped her and saved her. Today she would have been in jail if Lakshmi didn’t save her the other day. Shalu asks Rano she was going to make Neha understand, right? Rano acts of scolding Neha saying she has gone mad. She is destroying her life, as well as her mother’s. She will give her heartattack. Neha is shocked. She then acts of having headache. Shalu goes to get water. Neha tells Rano if she has problem with her as well, then she will leave the house. Rano stops her saying she was just acting in front of Shalu. She says Lakshmi and Rishi have gone to honeymoon, so now she won’t get Rishi. But she can still go to Oberoi house by marrying Ayush. So she should behave well with Shalu, Bani, and Lakshmi. Visit Oberoi house often and try to get closer to Ayush. Shalu comes back. Neha says sorry to her and says now she will try to be a good sister. After Shalu leaves, Neha says she will try to woo Ayush, but still, Rishi will be in her heart. She will show everyone how unlucky Lakshmi is for Rishi and his family.

Villagers pull Rishi out of water. While the puja is going on, a curtain catches fire. Devika tells servants to bring fire extinguisher. Before villagers pull Lakshmi out, the crocodile grabs her leg. She is in a lot of pain. Rishi regains his consciousness. The villagers tell him that Lakshmi saved him and she is trapped now. He falls unconscious again. A villager jumps in the water and saves Lakshmi. Lakshmi sees the crocodile bite on Rishi’s feet and says they need to take him to a hospital. The villagers say that the hospital is very far. They need to bring a vehicle. They go. They pick up Rishi / Lakshmi’s phone and think of giving them later. Lakshmi is wounded herself, but still she takes care of Rishi’s wound. She sees a hand cart and goes to get it. She struggles to walk, but still gets the cart and puts Rishi on it. Pandit ji warns that Rishi’s life will keep getting in danger. His stars have become ruthless today and nothing is going well today. Someone will die. Devika gets worried.

Lakshmi struggles to pull the cart. She tries to stop a few vehicles, but no one stops. She tells Rishi nothing will happen. Finally a tampo stops. Lakshmi asks the guy for help and take Rishi to hospital. The guy tells her that she is hurt too. She says she’s fine, just help Rishi.

They arrive at the hospital. Lakshmi tells a doctor to help them. The doctor says they will need to do Rishi’s surgery. He’s taken to operation room. Lakshmi faints. The doctor sees her wound and she is also taken to operation room along with Rishi.

Precap will be added soon.

Update Credit to: Jinny

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