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Battle Scars…- RiAnsh Chapter 15 ‘Off to Udhampur’

Hii everyone!! Thanks for your lovely comments! Actually my schools are started so I am thoda irregular. Sorry for that. But here I am!! 

(ps- You can find it boring)

“hello? Vansh!” Riddhima was on call.

“Hi lady love. How are you?” Vansh asked and Riddhima blushed on his statement.

“I am not fine. I mishh you” Riddhima said like a small child.

“Can’t believe you are the same Dr. Riddhima who is too serious on work hours” Vansh said and chuckled.

“Achha I was telling you. I am going somewhere out. Can’t tell what it is.Riddhima said, and both of them sighed with a sad smile.

“Take care jaan” Vansh said

“If there are brave countrymen like you will not need that” Riddhima said and smiled, wiping the tears in the corner of her eyes.

“Don’t be smart. I very well know you will jump into the base.” Vansh said in a scolding manner and Riddhima chuckled.

“Will call or text you as soon as I reach.” Riddhima said.

“Don’t forget. And be calm.” Vansh said.

“I love you” Riddhima whispered

“I love you too” Vansh said, and both of them, didn’t decline the phone, watching at the contact name. The utter silence, they both didn’t want to cut the call, to stop the time. Riddhima extended her fingers to the screen and cut the call a little shivering.

“Nothing more than my country. Not even myself.” Riddhima said, getting into the bus.

Switching off his phone, Vansh kept it in the small cupboard filled with pictures of his family. He turned to see his fellow soldiers standing with a cup of coffe for him. He took it with a small smile and muttered a Thankyou.

“Wese Vansh sir…” One of the soldiers said.

“Hmm?” Vansh asked taking a sip of his coffee

“I love you too” He said and all laughed as Vansh bowed his head trying to hide his blush.

“Shut up Jai” Vansh said and they controlled their giggles.

“Congratulations sir! Take mam in my wedding too” Jai said with a smile.

“That will time decide. Teasers.. now get to plans and evidences before Sir bash us.” Vansh said and everyone sighed moving away.  He sat on his bed with a smile.

“Mam” Vansh said and chuckled.

“Miss Gupta, can I have your 3 minutes?” Vansh asked Riddhima, who was standing in her white coat.

“Look Mr. Whosoever. I am not doing a normal degree. After the college and just 1 min 30 seconds as I have to leave ASAP.” Riddhima scoffed and left.

In the evening, Riddhima reached the garden of the university waiting for Vansh to come.

“Someone’s waiting for me?” Vansh asked tapping her shoulders.

“Time starts now” Riddhima said.

“I love you. I love you and I love you” Vansh said.

“That’s it?” Riddhima asked and Vansh nodded surprisingly.

“After my degree ends.” Riddhima said and stood up to leave but Vansh holds his hand.

“I would be joining army so thought to tell you” Vansh said in a stern tone.

“Really? Even I am joining there!” Riddhima said and sat again.

And then, the chatting started.

The bus stopped with a jerk, and Riddhima woke up from her sleep. She looked out if the window and saw some men, basically looking like soldiers in a heavy uniform along with gun, asking for IDs.

Not showing herself being a doctor in the base camp, Riddhima gave her passport and driving license. She carefully watched them, no badges, no stars, just the uniform and gun; which made her silent.

As soon as they, Riddhima left a sigh and noted every detail she noticed, she had to be attentive as it was a war alert.


Arranging her bags, she ran in the corridor towards the outer training area of the base camp. Standing in the queue, she marked her attendance taking a seat to listen to the overall planning. Everyone was new to Riddhima, but her main focus on the work which she came for.

“Riddhima Sharma, you are going to the war area.” The attendee said taking over her mind. Riddhima stood up, her hands and back.

“Sure mam. But it’s Riddhima Gupta.” She said correcting her.

“Is there any other Riddhima?” The attendee asked.

“No mam. It’s me. Riddhima Gupta.” Riddhima tried to explain her.

“Married?” The attendee asked.

“Divorced” Riddhima said and she could feel all gazing her as she had done any crime.

“O..ok. You are not going.” The attendee turned to call any other name but Riddhima stopped in between.

“Sorry mam. But…why?” Riddhima asked.

“First of all Miss Gupta. You are no one to ask and second, a lady who can’t handle her house can’t handle such big things.” The attendee said.

“Absolutely wrong” a voice came everyone stood up. The attendee wished her and came aside.

You can not judge anyone by personal matters. Miss Gupta, you deserve to be there” She said and left.

Riddhima pulled up a professional smile  and nodded.

“Mam.. can I?…” Riddhima asked the attendee.

“Yeah sure. You will assisted by Dr. Jhalak at the war clone, be careful as there will be several small attacks so make sure the soldiers are safe and sound.” The attendee said.

After a tough 6 hours of planning and cloning, Riddhima was ready to be moved to the war zone. As assigned, she was given one call and then leave the phone on the base camp. And she knew whom she would call, Vansh. Coming back to her room, she sighed and called him. And to her surprise, he picked it up.

“Riddhima?” Vansh’s cranky voice could tell her what he thought.

“’s me only” Riddhima said. “Are you back?” She asked.

“Yes I was. Coming back due to something.” Vansh said.

Riddhima knew where he was coming, the place where she is. A little fear she had but not more than being proud for him.

“Great then. It’s urgent so I will not be able to call you now.” Riddhima said.

“(Chuckles) same here jaan. It’s fine. We will meet soon” Vansh said.

“Very soon” Riddhima said as a small smile crept her face.

“I love you. But not more than my country han?”  Vansh said and Riddhima chuckled.

“I love you too. But not more than my country” Riddhima said as a tear escaped her eyes.

“Hum milenge na Vansh?” Riddhima asked.

There was an utter silence for atleast two minutes, who knew the answer?

“Kabhi na kabhi, of course milenge. Now let me cut the call. I love you” Vansh said.

“I love you too” Riddhima said and declined the call. She wiped her tears on the corner of her eyes and exhaled a deep breath.

Submitting her phone in the base camp, she sat on the military truck which led them to the war zone. Riddhima felt proud of herself, she was finally going to serve her country for the real meaning.
She wasn’t able to join the army, but she found ways to make out to her dream and here she is.

The truck stumbled making her come out of her thoughts, she could see many militants walking around in the safety, removing citizens from high risk areas to a safer place. At last they are here for them.

Precap– the war starts and RiAnsh’s past

It is so boring 🙂🔫
Even I am not feeling good 🤧
Should I end it??
I don’t know…please tell me

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