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Riddhima’s pov

Damn from the last one week I am trying to convince all that me and Vansh are not ready for this marriage. But no one listen to me. It’s just like Ghar Ki Murgi Daal Barabar. For the first time in my life I guess Vansh is right that Kabir is Kabutar only. How can he behave like a teenager when I am in such a problem! He is just hell bent to blame me for this all mess.This Vansh has been torturing me from one week. Seriously how can he behave such carefree. He just keeps me teasing by saying Mrs Rai Singhania. Seriously? Tomorrow is my wedding and I am so nervous.Khi mein sach mein Mrs Rai Singhania na ban jau! Noo!!

Vansh’s pov

It’s been one week. Tomorrow is my marriage and I don’t know what to do. I keep teasing Riddhima but I am also tensed. Aahna had called me multiple times but I don’t have any answer. I have to talk to Riddhima regarding this matter.

Vansh messaged Riddhima to meet at cafe. Riddhima reached there at time and was waiting for Vansh.

Riddhima ordered coffee scrolling her phone. Suddenly a man came from back and screamed in her ear.

Riddhima(loudly)- Ahh Vansh..

Everyone stared at them while she felt awkward and Vansh took his place.

Riddhima- Mr Vansh Rai Singhania! What the hell was that?

Vansh- That was just a prank to be Mrs Vansh Rai Singhania(smirking)

Riddhima- For god’s sake please stop it Vansh otherwise I am going back.

Vansh(innocently)- What should I stop?

Riddhima stood and was going but Vansh pulled her by wrist. She was hell angry by now.

Vansh- Achaa baba sorry..Ohh wait you have applied mehendi. Don’t tell me Riddhu your intensions are changing towards me(winked)

Riddhima was irritated and she gave him a deadly glare, pulled her hand and went from there. Vansh realised it was too much and went behind her.

Riddhima was about to start the car but Vansh grabbed the other seat.

Riddhima(closing eyes to control anger)- What do you want now?

Vansh- Sorry actually I wanted to discuss about our plan.

Riddhima- Which plan?

Vansh- For which I called you to stop this marriage.

Riddhima- I thought you are hell bent to marry me(sarcasticially).

Vansh- Ohh please Khaa Mein or Kha tum!

Riddhima- Yeah I agree kha mein itni achi aur kha tum!

Riddhima started to drive.

Vansh- Riddhima!!

Riddhima- I know my name. Now tell your plan.

Vansh- Let’s get married. Afterall Pyarr Dosti hai! And you will not find a better man than me.

Riddhima stopped the car with a jerk while Vansh laughed his heart out.

Vansh- If I had the plan why would I have called you?

Riddhima- Okay listen [CONVERSATION MUTED]

Vansh- Have you gone mad?

Riddhima- We don’t have any other option.


The hall of Malhotra Mansion was decorated beautifully with red roses. Theme was red for ladies while black for men.

The dance floor was on fire. Hall was full of Guests. Neela was examining the decorations while Riddhima’s dad was tasting food and Angre was attending guests.

Neela went to check Riddhima.She knocked multiple times but no one opened. She thought Riddhima must be in washroom so she went.

On Highway…

Riddhima – Vansh slow down!

Vansh- Are you out of your mind? If someone will see then?

Riddhima – We are on highway.

He stopped the car.


In morning Riddhima got ready wearing red embroidry lehenga looking breathtaking. She jumped from window to Vansh who was waiting for her wearing black sherwani.

She was about to fall but he protected her.

She quickly opened her hair removed jewelary set her dupatta on her shoulder.

Vansh- For the first time you are looking beautiful.

Riddhima- I am always now let’s go.

Vansh- Wait you are wearing sneakers under lehenga.

Riddhima- Nhi heels daal kr bhagungi.

Vansh- You will never change.

Riddhima- I don’t even want to. Let’s go now


Riddhima was siting on the car while Vansh was checking phone just then

Riddhima and Vansh heard someone familiar speaking and they were hell shocked..

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