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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Pondrik becomes paramavatar krishna.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with pondrik dancing continuously in front of kanha and all people of vrindavan. He says prabhu Vishnu give me darshan, prabhu give me darshan! As kanha watches, he smiles and all people watch shocked. pondrik dances and his feet start bleeding.
Narad muni says prabhu, pondrik is evil minded even though he is a human, it is like a human but from inside he is a demon, would you give him your darshan? Lord Vishnu says devrishi, I give darshan to the disciple who do my bhakti with all their heart, if pondrik’s bhakti is true then I will give him darshan. There pondrik dances and sings give me darshan prabhu give me darshan, radha is shocked to see blood. Kanha then smiles and he uses his power and makes everyone stop and turn statue. He then takes the form of

lord Vishnu and lord Vishnu says pondrik, I am impressed by your bhakti, what do you want from me? Pondrik does pranam prabhu and says prabhu, I got your darshan and I am grateful, I just want the world to know what I already know. Pondrik says you know what I want prabhu. Lord Vishnu says yes pondrik, a god always knows what his disciple wants. Lord Vishnu says from your bhakti, I shall make you my form, you shall possess all the powers of paramavatar shri Krishna for one day until today’s sunset, kanha’s powers shall be given to you and kanha shall have no powers. Lord Vishnu says from now for one day, paramavatar shri krishna’s purpose shall be your purpose and you shall do what paramavatr Krishna was born to do. Lord Vishnu goes. Pondrik then goes. Kanha opens his eyes and brings everyone to normal, everyone then smile and say we shall prepare as it is kanha and radha’s birthday. All people take kanha and radha and make then sit on a swing. All people gather and start playing dhol and instruments and the gopi’s dance. Balram sings a song for celebrating kanha and radha’s birthday/
Sudhama and his siblings enjoy as well. Everyone sing and dance and say it is kanha and radha’s birthday.
There pondrik goes on a hill and says from today, all gods and everyone in the universe, listen to me! I am your god for one day, you shall obey to me, I am the creator and the destroyer too, but hey universe, tell me what should I do? What is my purpose? Tell me! Devi yog maya appears and says pranam paramavatar! You were born to destroy all evil and adharma in this world, the greatest evil is kansa! Your purpose is to kill and punish him for his sins because now your purpose is what the paramavatar’s purpose is. Devi yog maya goes. Pondrik says okay. He travels to Mathura.
In vrindavan, kanha is near the banyan tree and sudhama is with him. dhama asks sudhama, tell us about your friends back in your village. Sudhama says I never had friends because everyone hated us and they did not even touch us. Kanha says don’t worry sudhama, I am your friend now. sudhama smiles. All friends say yes sudhama, and we are your friends too because if kanha makes someone a friend, we become their friends too. Sudhama smiles. Radha comes and all friends run. Kanha says what happened radha? Radha says kanha I am angry on your new friend sudhama. Sudhama says what happened radha ji? Radha says you made an idol of kanha, why is his idol made? Sudhama says he is my…. Kanha says yes he was saying I am his friend, what is your problem gopi? Radha says I shall punish sudhama. Sudhama says okay radha ji, anyway i have been punished by everyone, I wont mind. Radha says sudhama, you have to make my idol as well, that is your punishment. Sudhama smiles and says radha ji, I am very grateful, I shall make your idol with govinda as well.
There pondrik goes to Mathura and bhadraksh says see, bhagwan pondrik has come. Kansa laughs and says come pondrik, come. Pondrik says kansa I am bhagwan now.

Precap: pondrik says I am here to punish you for your sins kansa, I am paramavatar Krishna now. kansa fights pondrik.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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