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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Samar Gets Attracted To Jaya’s Beauty and Intelligence

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 13th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Jaya returns Dadaji’s cheque and says she cannot take it when deal has cancelled. Dadaji asks to keep it as elder’s shagun. She insist to take, but Dadaji does not agree. Jaya says she will take this cheque if they let her perform shagun. Family agrees. She asks both groom and bride’s families to plaay antakshari. They all are surprised and ask what…Chachaji says he loves antakshari and starts singing. Everyone join and sing old songs. Jaya says they all sang old songs, her shagun program is complete now. Groom’s father says they not only want old song, but old wedding them and gives her contract. Jaya gets very happy and touches dadadji’s feet and takes shagun cheque from him. Samar drops her out. Family decides to go to temple and take

god’s blessings on wedding card next day.

Jaya returns home. Satya angrily yells that Karthik has not learnt a lesson even after divorce, he wants to meet Kabeer in far away temple thinking she will not accompany. Her second daughter says she herself agreed to let jijaji meet Kabeer twice a month. Satya continues yelling, but finally agrees to send Her daughter and Kabeer to meet Karthik.

Next day, family gets ready for temple trip. Sarika walks in wearing beautiful sari. Her parents get emotional. Family leaves for temple. Samar gets into his car with servant and starts car when Jaya enters and stops her scooter in front of car. Samar gets out of car and asks what is she doing at this time. She says she wanted to check house thoroughly before starting preparations. He says family has gone to temple. She says she informed beforehand to servant. Servant says he forgot to tell. He asks servant to show house to her, he will go to temple. Servant agrees and takes her in but yells to hurry up. He walks in and scolds servant that he knew he would misbehave, so he returned and asks servant to go to temple while he shows house to her.

Samar’s family reaches temple. Satya with her daughter and Kabeer also reach temple. Daughter and Kabeer go to meet Karthik. Kabeer gets busy happily playing with his father. Rama and Satya take flower at shop at once and select same thali, then ask eaach other to take it. Vendor says they both can use same thali. Rama agrees, but Satya says she does not like to share and ask Ram to keep it herself. Rama smiles and takes thali. They both climb stairs and reach temple. Satya gets jealous as usual seeing Kabeer playing with his father and sends him away to play, then taunts Karthik that he must have thought she willl not come if he calls Kabeer at far away temple. He says yes. She starts tonue lashing. Daughter stops her and takes her aside.

Samar shows house. Jaya notes down each minute detail and explains her plans. Samar gets mesmerized with her beauty and intelligence. A romantic song plays in the background. Samar’s family perform pooja. A flower falls on wedding card. Pandit says if there is an unmarried member at home, his/her marriage will happen soon. Family excitedly says Samar. Rama says Samar is still a kid and they have not found alliance for him. Pandit says when god wishes, everything happens magically..

Precap: Karthik says Rama that Jaya should not enter her life, else she will make her life hell. Servant takes shagun haldi to Jaya’s house instead of groom’s.

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