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IshKara OS : The Fairytale Couple By TuttiFrutti

I’ve never been the girl that liked the ideas of fairytales or finding your Prince Charming. Finding somebody to date was never something I meant to do. I mean, graduation was at the top of my ‘To Do’ list for a while.

I always pushed aside my feelings for a certain obnoxious, fidgety, terrible boy. I wasn’t suppose to like him. It just kind of happened.

We weren’t suppose to date either. We were suppose to be the kind of people you hear about
that go opposite directions after graduation and never talk again.

He wasn’t suppose to like me back. I always figured I’d forget my feelings and leave for university.

He was suppose to be the guy I tell stories about years to come. How terrible he was to have to sit with every field trip. How we never got along. But somehow, we’re dating.


“Omkara ! Come on! We’re gonna be late !” I screamed at my time-troubled boyfriend.

“Sheesh, Ishana. I gotta stretch if we’re gonna be in the car for hours.” He rounded the corner
of his apartment.

We’ve been dating three months now and today we’re suppose to be meeting some friends a few cities over. Om still can’t sit still during car rides.

“Fine, whatever. I’ll wait in my car.” I drove over from my townhouse to pick him up, but he’s of course running late.

After waiting for over 20 minutes, I was getting antsy.Om better hurry up. As if he heard me, Omkara came running out of his apartment building.

“I’ve been wai-”

“I know, I know. I’m sorry, Ishana.” Om hopped into my car.

“Is that all you got?” I smirked,

“I mean, I am in charge of the driving. I could make this a much longer trip than needed.” I teased, knowing Om was hiding why he was late.

“There is a reason why I’m late – better than ‘I didn’t notice the time’, but I can’t tell you just yet. It’s a surprise.” He grinned at me.

“I hate surprises.”

“Exactly the reason why I’m doing this one.” Omkara leaned over to kiss my cheek, “It’ll be fun.”

Groaning and shaking my head, I started off towards our friend’s place.


I knew this was a bad idea. An hour into the drive, and Om already can’t sit still.

“Tell me again why we’re even going to see them?” He asked for about the third time.

“Because they’re moving to the UK in September and it’s already the middle of August.They’re having a couple of old friends over to say good-bye.”

“Shouldn’t we bring them something then?” Om’s leg bounced with each word.

“Shi-” I stopped myself, “Shoot, I mean. I totally forgot. We’re gonna be so late if I pull off the highway now.”

“Hey, it’s okay.” Omkara is getting good at keeping me calm and away from sarcasm,

“Let’s think about something to get them now.”

We brainstormed for 25 minutes and could barely come up with anything. It wasn’t helping that Om couldn’t even remember the couple we’re visiting.

“Well, we could give them a disposable camera and photo  album for when then leave.” Om suggested.

“I guess that’ll work. Soumya and Rudra have always liked older, not so techie type things.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, the next bit of the car ride was relatively quiet. My car’s stereo broke a week ago, so we were stuck listening to the same 3 CD’s over and over. Omkara decided singing along to my younger cousin’s One Direction CD was better than nothing.

“Oh, I just wanna show you off to all of my friends.

Making them drool down their chinny- chin-chins.

Baby, be mine tonight, mine tonight. Baby, be mine tonight, yeah.” He sang to Kiss You.

I’m not even sure how I ended up with the stupid thing. I don’t listen to them. Song after song, Om hummed or full out sang and I didn’t want to ask how he knew the words.

Finally I did.

“Do I want to know how you know all of these songs?” I tried not to laugh as the CD ended.

“You’re just gonna laugh at me.” He scratched his head.

“Just tell me.”







“Fine.” He grumbled, “I used to babysit a girl like a year ago who listened to One Direction and only One Direction.”

“Why would I laugh at you for that?”

“Cause I was a 17 year old boy babysitting?”

“Okay, yeah. That’s funny.” I burst out laughing, only to be shot a dirty look. “Sorry.”

“Considering you’re the one with the CD, you shouldn’t be laughing.” Om grinned.

“It’s not mine,” I hit play to the next CD, “it’s my cousin Priya’s. She’s like 11.”

“And you have it because?”

“I don’t have a single clue. It must have gotten mixed up in my CD’s and I brought it when I moved.”

“I still think you listen to it.” Om teased.

“Go for it.” I laughed, beginning to sing along to the Hedley CD that began playing.

“Now this I can sing along too.”

Omkara only shook his head and amused me by singing and dancing.


“Ishana, pull over!”


“I need out!”

“We’ll be like 5 minutes.”

“I can’t wait.” Om’s leg bounced and shook.

“You can too.” I frowned, keeping my eyes on the road.

The past half an hour of the drive has been us arguing on and off about pulling over to
let Om out of the car.

On the side of the road.

On a highway.

Just for him to stretch.

“I’m not kidding, pull over!”

“You’ll live. Just sing to that stupid CD again.” I mumbled, turning it on.

“Ishana…” I ignored him,

“Ishana… Are you okay?”

“Just peachy.” I flashed him a fake smile. Switching lanes, I looked over at him again and rolled my eyes.

“Come on, what’s wrong?”

“You know me. I’m just fine.”

“Ishana, you’re gonna miss the turn off.” Omkara pointed.


He kept quiet after that and I did too. Whenever we have the smallest of arguments, he finally listens to me when I ignore him.

“I’ll go grab the camera and photo album.” Om kissed me on the cheek, his daily habit, before jumping out of the car in the mall parking lot.

Without him in the car, it gave me some time to think. Why do I do this? He obviously cares and I just be a big B and ignore him. What’s wrong with me? I’m the worst girlfriend ever. Looking out my window, a sign caught my eye, giving me an idea. Locking my car, I grabbed my phone and purse and headed towards the photo printing store. Uploading a picture of Om and I onto the screen, I added effects that I knew he’d like. Me, not so much, but I’d live with it. Ever since that night at prom when we started dating, our close friends and family have been calling us the ‘Fairytale Couple’. Omkara loves it. He likes being thought of as Prince Charming– secretly of

I, on the other hand, don’t care much for it, but it makes everyone happy calling us that. In the picture, we were at prom so both of us are dressed up already. I added a tiara and a crown to our heads, printing ‘The Fairytale Couple’ below. Printing and paying for the picture, I headed back out to my car.

“There you are.” Omkara grinned, seeing me coming back to the car.

“I was getting you something.” I laughed as he eyed my picture envelope.

“Why?” He asked, jumping into the car with me.

“Because I’m pretty terrible. I’m mean and sarcastic and you don’t deserve that.”

“You don’t think so?” He smirked, “Four months ago I’m sure you would have thought I deserved the meanest girlfriend ever.”

“Whatever, just forget it.”



“What’d you get me?”

“I’m not telling.”

“I’ll show you what I bought.”

“That’s not for me though.” I laughed, starting the car.

“But still.”

“Let’s see what you got Soumya and Rudra.”

Digging around in his bag, he pulled out a black photo album and a disposable camera; as
well as candy and chips.

“I was hungry.” Omkara caught me eyeing the food he bought.

Laughing, I grabbed a sucker before he could eat it all.

“What’d you get me?” He started again 15 minutes down the road.

“Here.” I handed him the envelope. It’ll shut him up Driving down the road towards Soumya and Rudra’s, I watched him open it from the corner of my eyes.

“What the-” He pulled out the picture, “The Fairytale Couple.”

He laughed, reading it aloud.

“I thought you hated that?”

“But you like it. Your face lights up whenever someone mentions it, Mr. Prince Charming.” I smiled.

“It’s… cool. Really cool. Thanks, Ishana.” He winked at me to try and distract me.

“You know, this almost makes up for you being a mean, sarcastic, really terrible girlfriend.”

Rolling my eyes, I shook my head at him.

“You know, you still owe this Princess a surprise.” I teased him as we pulled into Soumya
and Rudra’s driveway.

“Well, Princess,” He opened my car door for me, “you’re going to need to wait until we’re home. I left it at my apartment.”

“How’d I get stuck with an obnoxious, time-troubled, fidgety Prince Charming?” I asked as we walked up to the front door.

“Well at least you’re not stuck with a rude, sarcastic, and stubborn Princess.”

“I’m one of a kind.” I laughed, knocking on the door.

~~~THE END~~~

Author’s note:
Hmm.. I don’t know if I like this one or not. But I do like writing about Ishana and Omkara so
there’s always the chance there will be one more with them. As always, let me know what
you think! 🙂

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