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Are we destined for each other?????(That Beast!!!!)

Just then the person pushed her. She gets shocked to see it was Vikram(as per what she knows).

A: Vikram, why did you push me like that?

V: Oh…sweetheart!!! You look so cute when you are angry…

A: Mind your language!!! Do understand to whom you’re talking.

V: Seriously???? Why should I, Mrs. Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi???

He comes near. She moves back. She gets nervous.

A: Get out of the room!! Right now!!

V: Is this how you behave to a guest?? Don’t you have manners???

A: Who are you to teach me manners??? I said get out!!!!

He moves to the door to bolt it. She gets shocked. She couldn’t digest what is happening.

He tries to being her closer. But she pushes him away. She tries to run inside the bathroom as that’s the only room which can protect her from the psycho’s clutches. But he caught by her hand and pulled her towards him.

Shivaay returned to chat with her. That’s when he heard screams. He was shocked. But he didn’t reply. He thought it was a movie. She used to watch movies late at night. But something was shooting him. Something that made him feel his wife is in danger.

He called out for her. But she was not in a stage to hear his calls.

She was struggling to escape form the devil. She called for help. That’s when he came to know that his wife is in real danger. He was in a state of helplessness. He couldn’t do anything. Suddenly the devil had kept a cloth on her face.

She was not that fool. She knew what it was for. She caught her breath and acted like she lost her consiousness.

He was a fool for a second as he left her there to remove his gloves. But the moment he turned she tried to open the bolt and run.

But he was strong. He knew the moment she got up. He caught her and pushed her onto the floor.

But she somehow opened the bolt. It is going to rescue her somehow.

He pushed her forehead against the wall. She cried for help. She called for her husband, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, her friends, who else???

Did they knew anything going around???

She was tired of the struggle. She wished ahe could go back sometime before. Maybe when the moment she had that feeling.

What she could do????

She somehow escaped from his clutches and managed to take a vase nearby to hit on his head.

But he somehow caught her hand and bashed it on her head. She struggled to live(HoneyTiny …..I really love the title). She again somehow tried to regain her strength.

She tried to get up, but he pushed her again. That’s it she couldn’t struggle anymore.

She lost her consciousness there. Her eyes were drooping and somehow they closed with pain in the heart.

It was peace….eternal peace as she didn’t knew anything.

He was about to fulfill his desire when the door flung open.

It was Om, Gauri, Mallika, Sid and the police. They were shocked to see their friend lying on the floor of pool of blood.

Om’s and Sid’s anger arouse. They started bashing Vikram for touching her. Their friend, support what not she is…How could that man touch her?? Hurt her???

Suddenly, they heard a voice.

V: Om, Anika has to be taken to hospital. Pls help.

They together take her to the hospital.

What really happened? How did they reach there??


Shivaay was helpless in this situation. But he knew whom to call at that moment.

He called Om and told him the whole situation.

That’s when they ran to the room.


Anika was admitted in the hospital. She was serious.

Shivaay ran from his house the moment he knew she was in danger. It was when he was in flight, he came to know that she was serious in the hospital.

The moment he reached the airport, he called Om to know about the hospital.

He ran as if he was losing his life. Yes, it’s true!! She is his life. He can’t live without her.

He felt guilty for leaving his instincts, he felt guilty for not going with her when she asked.

He cried…..cried like a baby lying on the lap of his brother. He lost…he lost in front of the beast……He couldn’t save his wife.

He felt guilty for not being with her when she was crying for help. Her cried were ringing on his head.

He curses his fate as he couldn’t help his life when she was in danger. He couldn’t see her like this.

She is suffering all because of his ignorance.

He will take revenge against this.

What will happen???

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