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Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Agnimukham gets killed in the war against veerbhau.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with mata mahakali keeping on killing people while ganesh starts crying & she stops hearing ganesh’s sound so she stops her killing, reduces her form & goes to calm ganesh.
Daughter’s of vishwakarma are trying to take them away but they are explaining him how cruel is soorasahi so we cannot come with you now & also gajamukhi explaining vishwakarma soorasahi is a devil woman who can do anything to your daughters so not to force them take along & he understands gajamukhi knowing soorasahi’s cruelty so he blesses them saying ganesh will take care of you now.
Ganesh is explaining mata mahakali why he is so depressed watching you killing all the people so she tells him that I too am helpless as I have given boon to agnimukham & have to face both of you so please attack me & fight with me, telling kartik & kartik bends down pleading mata that I can’t do this fighting against you & all gods together bend down on their knees keeping their weapons on her feet.
Devsena is waking up from her consciousness & reminds what had happened with her & this woman saving her while the woman is explaining devsena that the day is coming to end so this pooja has to be completed soon & devsena gets up suddenly hearing this. She is also telling devsena to help me doing this pooja but devsena keeps thinking & then she says if you do not wish to then you do this pooja & I’ll help you supporting to complete pooja.
Soorapadman & soorasahi are watching all gods have surrendered accepting their defeat & become delighted.
All are praying mata mahakali singing her prayers of appreciation while she is watching them depressingly & impressed with them blessing & saying you all are to be blessed as I had only booned agnimukham for his wish but today I will bless you to be the winner while soorasahi is watching this confusingly & all gods are praying mata mahakali.
Vishwakarma’s daughters are becoming helpless facing torture of soorasahi so they feel only ganesh can help us & they pray for ganesh & ganesh immerges to explain them that I can’t take you along but I can help you to teach you that these crows are only birds who understand language of love so to make them flow with you love & they’ll automatically go away from here & they do accordingly resulting crows fly away from there & they are happy.
Agnimukham takes out brahmastra while ganesh informs all of them that he will use brahmastra now & agnimukham shoots the astra towards veerbhau but his brothers come in front of him to save & they all get killed while kartik is shocked to see this & veerbhau shouts depressingly towards his brother being killed but gets angry on agnimukham & shoots his sword towards agnimukham taking name of swami kartik & agnimukham says I have option to face this also & takes out arrow & shoots to stop but kartik also shoots his arrows saying this will stop your weapon & his weapon is diverted as also veerbhau’s sword hits him instantly killing him & soorapadman is shocked while his mother too is shocked & faints.
Devsena thinks about this woman having blessings from paravati but also thinks to see again in mirror & as she is searching the mirror she do not find & she feels it must have fallen while she had fell from the mountain & the woman asks her are you searching the mirror & devsena is surprised.
Soorasahi is calming all to not to cry on agnimukham’s death & ordering bhanugopan & soorapadman’s brother to go tomorrow for the fight till then I’ll make all asoors alive with my powers blessed to me by mata.
Veerbhau shouts in anger towards yamraj too challenging to get back his brothers & shoots his sword in the sky towards yamraj’s bhawan in fit of rage while kartik is shocked watching this.
Soorasahi arranges an havan to perform for making all the dead asoors alive while soorapadman his brother & bhanugopan are watching this.
Devsena is in confusion how to tell her I was watching her in this mirror so she leaves away from her silently walking in depression only thinking of kartik.

Precap : Kartik is appreciating the great form of Ganesh as vignaharta.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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