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Shubharambh 13th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Gunvant makes Raja and Rani lose their jobs

Shubharambh 13th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kesha comes to Gunvant and Kritida and shows them video of Raja near the railway line. Raja says in the video that he was stressed with life because of Gunvant and Kritida and will commit suicide. Gunvant asks her to shut up. They see a police officer coming there (it’s Raja in disguise). He says we found a dead body near the railway and there was a video in his mobile. He plays the video in which Raja says he was hurt by Gunvant and Kritida and they insulted him so he is killing himself. Gunvant is shocked and says our Raja will never do something like that. The officer says then calls him. Kesha says he is not home but you can show us his things to identify. Raja gives her some items. She is shocked to see it’s Raja’s clothes and shoes. Gunvant thinks that Raja died after trapping us. Kritida thinks we will go to jail now? Raja moves towards them and says it proves that the dead body was of Raja and he blamed you both for his death. He says you both will go to jail now. Gunvant says what are you saying? Why will do something like that? We used to love Raja a lot. Raja says everything is sudden when someone is hurting from inside and shows he is happy from outside. The law is strict now, whoever abetted his suicide will not be spared. Kritida imagines the officer beating and cries. Kritida says it’s not us but her mother who stressed him and he took his life. Asha comes there and slaps Kritida. She says it was my fault to trust you and forced Raja. Raja says you should have trusted me. He removes his fake beard to show it was Raja and not some officer. Kritida and Gunvant are shocked. Asha hugs Raja and cries. Raja says you trust Gunvant and Kritida more than me? They have done so much and still, you believed her? He tells Kritida and Gunvant that you have no shame, you are parents and made another parent believe that their kid will suicide, don’t become so small that you lose everything. Raja tells Asha that how could you think that I will kill myself? I was always under Gunvant’s shadow but now I know how to live with self-respect and Rani taught me that. Raja tells Gunvant that you can snatch one job and I will find another but I will not work at your shop, he leaves. Kritida says he taught us our game today, we saw fire for the first time in his eyes. Gunvant says I will see how they get work in this city.

Scene 2
Raja is waiting for Rani anxiously. Rani arrives and smiles at him. They both say ‘hi’ at the same time. They ask ‘how are you?’ ‘I am fine’ at the same time and laugh at their timing. Rani moves to get her luggage but Raja moves at the same time and their hands’ touch. They try to say something but both are shy. Rani slips and falls in Raja’s arms. Raja stares at her and says poetry that she has made his life brighter. Rani smiles and says what is this? Raja says was that filmy? She says a lot but very nice. Rani leaves from there. Raja cringes and says why I had to be so filmy.

Scene 3
Kesha is walking in the market when Utsav strikes with her and his phone falls down. He recognizes her as Raja’s sister and says can’t you see where you are going? It’s your fault that my phone is broken. Kesha says you people just need an excuse to get money, she gives him some change and says get your phone repaired. She says on call to her friend that some beggar was irritating me. Utsav gets angry and throws her phone. She says what did you do? Utsav says you are rich but that doesn’t mean you own this road. He gives some more change and asks her to get it repaired. He leaves from there. Kesha looks on angrily.

Rani tells Raja that you answered Kritida and Gunvant well this time. Raja says it was your brilliant idea. Rani says but you did the work so we are good partners. Raja says best partners. How was your trip? Rani says it was so good and their owner said that Bhavan sir is happy with our work. Raja says on that note give me a hug. Rani says it’s filmy too. Raja says we will tell truth to Bhavan tomorrow. Rani says I got some money from this trip so I bought something for you. She shows him a kurta. Raja makes a face and says it’s very good. Rani says wear it and show me. Raja says then come to help me change. Rani blushes. Raja says I will go.

Raja is trying to wear the kurta but it’s tight so he asks Rani to help. Rani tries to make him wear and says I got your size only. She tries to force and the kurta tears. They both laugh.

In the morning, Rani wakes up in the morning and smiles at Raja sleeping. She goes to get ready. Kritida enters their room and takes the shop keys silently from there. She leaves from there but Asha sees her. Asha comes to Raja and Rani and says I saw Kritida taking some keys from your room. Rani says the shop keys? Raja is shocked and checks his drawer to see it missing. Raja says she took it. Raja goes to search for Kritida but she is not in her room. Rani says I might know where she is.

Scene 3
Raja and Rani come to the shop to see it open. Kritida enters the shop after them. Raja and Rani look around for the items. Kritida smirks at the CCTV and says it will make a video. Rani tells Raja that there is nothing missing here. Kritida enters there and says these are beautiful. Kritida takes the jewelry from Rani and says give me some of the necklaces. Rani says what are you doing? You took the key first and now taking jewelry. Kritida leaves from there.

Gunvant shows the CCTV recording to Bhavan and says these are my family members. I want to show you that Raja and Rani are a couple and they were trying to steal the jewelry and Kritida is trying to stop them. I feel like they planned the last robbery too to win your trust. Bhavan says thank you for telling me about this otherwise I would have lost a lot. Gunvant says we are businessmen so I wouldn’t let this happen to you. My wife wanted to bring the truth out that’s why she came to you earlier too.

Bhavan comes in the shop and sees Kritida and Rani holding the jewelry items. He asks them to stop stealing. Rani says it was Kritida who was trying to steal. She took the keys first and then stealing the jewelry, we were just trying to stop her. Kritida says she is lying, who was in the shop from before? Me or they both? I was trying to stop them from stealing. Rani is shocked to hear her allegations. Rani says she is lying. Bhavan says you don’t lie then didn’t you lie about being a couple? Thank God Gunvant told me the truth. Rani says I am sorry for lying about our marriage but we were not stealing. Bhavan says shut up, I am sure you planned the last robbery too so don’t say anything or else I will call the police.
PRECAP- Rani and Raja see people throwing stones in their room and read the news in the newspaper about them being a fraud couple who like stealing from people. Raja comes to Kritida and Gunvant and asks what is this? Gunvant says no one will give you a job now. Kritida says so sign these papers and come back to the shop to become our servant.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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