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Santoshi Maa 13th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati is released by santoshi mata from locked room.

Santoshi Maa 13th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with lohitasoor again brings his another weapon to fight with mata santoshi but she defends destroying it too & tells him now your fight is finished as you do not have any weapon to bring. Lohitasoor is clutched & indra prays mata santoshi while lohitasoor asks help from indra to release him & he says are you a fool & now you are in devlok to have more punishment ahead. Devi polomi is blaming mahadev for becoming partial towards santoshi due to his daughter & who is answerable now.
Santoshi comes to help swati & she is crying meeting santoshi for help from her to come along to meet indresh but santoshi refuses explaining her this is your fight & you have to fight it on your own so she understands & immediately runs towards indresh wherever he must be.
Devi polomi comes to mahadev to question but before that mahadev explains her that you are at Kailash & you know what this place’s ethics are while dev rishi & indra arrive at Kailash to take blessings from mahadev & mata paravati tells polomi before complaining about everything now & then are you not happy your devraj indra is saved so she says yes I am very happy & also mahadev tells polomi that think of who had supported lohitasoor to clutch indra & she understands her mistake so keeps quiet while dev rishi praises mahadev.
Swati with indresh’s aunty is searching where indresh might be as he is not found at indresh’s father’s place too & goes towards nidhi’s house.
Dev rishi asks mata santoshi why you are not with your devotee to help her & santoshi says that’s what I am thinking how to help her in her own fight.
Indresh tells his father to give swati Rs. 25 lacs as compensation if I am ready for this marriage & he says yes I’ll do this to release swati from your life. Devi polomi comes & enters indresh’s brains & indresh tells his father to not to give any money to swati as she was never fit to marry with me & yes says his father.
Swati comes to nidhi’s house & finds celebration going on so she is about to faint as a huge pot falls by her hands & all of them stop dancing while indresh sees swati. Indresh’s mother is saying that I had locked you then how come you are here & swati says if marriage is pure then nobody can stop such people to come together again & is also trying to explain indresh that this is not happening good as you are married so how can you do this marriage but he says through polomi’s powers that you are nobody to me now as I wish to marry nidhi while indresh’s father shouts swati to go away & signals other daughter in law to take her away but swati shouts her saying nobody has to touch me & again tries to explain indresh saying we are still not divorced because this marriage is against law too while nidhi also tries to stop swati but indresh tells her I am talking with swati so you do not interfere & swati tells him see this mangalsutra which is tied by you then indresh says if this is it then I’ll break this immediately & as he tries to pull mangalsutra swati holds his hands.

Precap : As indresh trying to pull the mangalsutra to break then swati slaps him & all are shocked to see this. An inspector comes to stop indresh doing wrong while his father asks inspector why you are here as it’s my sons marriage celebration happening.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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