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RadhaKrishn 13th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Duryodhan Demands His Rights

RadhaKrishn 13th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha tells Ayan that today is Krishna Janmastami and like always, even today she will celebrate this day by feeding butter to Krishna. Ayan angrily says she has lost her mind and stuck at one place, but Krishna moves on and never returns; he came from Gokul to Barsana, then Mathura, then Dwarka, then Panchal, and don’t know where he will go next. It is clear that Krisna never returns from wherever he goes, she should understand that. Radha says he is right, Krishna is from Arya vansh and his nature is to move, but truth is Krishna is within her and never left her, he will come to meet her for sure. Ayan says Krishna will not come to have her butter, so he will have it at the end. Radha says Krishna will come for sure. Krishna is seen traveling with Pandavs.

Bhishma goes to meet Dronacharya and greets him. Dronacharya greets him back and asks reason for coming. Bhishma informs him that his favorite Pandavs are alive. Dronacharya gets happy hearing that and says he is eager to meet his favorite Arjun. Bhishma informs that Pandavs are coming to Hastinapur and would be delighted to meet their guru Dronacharya. Dronacharya says today is auspicious Krishna Janmastami and this news is very auspicious.

Duryodhan tells Shakuni that Pandavs will come here by morning, what will they do now. Shakuni says one night is enough to change the game, a lot can be done when prince and king are here. On the other side, Arjun stops chariot. Krishna asks reason. Arjun says they are tired and must rest. Panchali backs him. Krishna says they need to reach Nandvan as soon as possible as he needs to meet a special person. Arjun asks who is he. Krishna says he will know soon. In palace, Duryodhan acts as burning himself while Shakuni shouts don’t do that. Gandhari and Dhritarastra walk to him and ask what is happening. Shakuni says Duryodhan is trying to burn himself alive. They plead Duryodhan not to do that. Duryodhan says they are not worried about him and insists to pronounce him future king. Dhritarastra says how is it possible now. Shakuni says he needs a brahmin and khsatriya as evidences, he is kshatriya and only needs brahmin. Dhritarastra at last agrees.

Krishna asks Arjun to stop the chariot. Arjun stops and asks reason. Krishna shows him fire torches at a far distance. Arjun asks what is it. Krishna says they are Shakuni’s soldiers waiting to stop them from reaching Hastinapur. Arjun asks what will they do now. Krishna says they will wait for some time and rest. Arjun rests while Krishna walks to Radha. Radha brings him bhog/butter. Krishna says his bhog is not yet complete. Radha takes a bite and fees him next. He says its complete now and enjoying bhog says it gives him energy and satisfaction. Radha says even hers and says festival is not yet complete, she needs to make her laddoo Gopal swing on a swinger. She makes him sit on a swinger and swings. Krishna enjoys with closed eyes while Radha looks at him. Krishna then stops and makes her sit next to him and asks where is his gift. She says he just had butter. He says its bhog, where is his birthday gift. She asks what he needs. He picks his bansuri and asks her play it for the whole world; whatever happened during his birth will happen again, whoever has love in his heart will hear this music. Radha says Krishna’s wish is order for her and plays bansuri with closed eyes. Krishna walks away from there.

Pandavs hear music and ask who is playing such a beautiful music. Arjun says Krishna, only he can. Krishna returns to them. Arjun says he told soldiers are waiting for them, let us go. He rides chariot and seeing soldiers sleeping asks he told soldiers are waiting for them, but they are sleeping. Krishna says they are tired, but we should move fast and reach Hastinapur. In palace, Shakuni takes Dhritarastra’s crown for Duroyodhan’s coronation.

Precap: Shakuni is about to coronate Duryodhan when Krishna stops him and asks why is he in a hurry.

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