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Qurbaan Hua 13th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat kills a mouse in the house of Viyas jee

Qurbaan Hua 13th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Viyas jee orders that Chahat remove her veil as there is nothing of that sort in their family because they are not accustomed, Neil comes in between just when she is about to turn, he places Bindi and when she asks why he did it, he mentions that it is because the photographer should not see her face, Neil says that they would pose and he can take the photos, then he is asked to straighten up as there should be some photos which they can place on the wall.
Godambari and Naveli come mentioning that he should take the photo of the entire family as he has taken enough of them both, she calls all of them, the photographer asks Viyas why is he feeling so left out because is there some one who is still to come, Baleq mentions that there is no one but then Chahat leaves explaining that she will come back, Godambari says to Naveli that if they are late by even a second Viyas jee scolds them but he did not say anything when Chahat left from between them, she comes back with a photo of Saraswati asking if they are feeling okay now, Viyas mentions that their family is now complete and the photo is taken.
Neil says that his plan of Bindi was successful as the photographer did not recognize her, she sees that Jamuna and the photographer are looking at her and seeing the camera, she mentions that the danger is still there as they both are looking at her, they come to them all when they are in the hall, Jamuna mentions that the photographer has something to say with regards to Chahat, Viyas asks what he has to say, jamuna mentions that the photographer feels that she can become a model and they can put her photo in the calendar of their factory, Viyas says that he should never say anything for their family because they belong to the most respected family of the village and they cannot pose as model, the photographer seeks his apology and leaves.
Naveli is very frustrated with her mother mentioning that she should never select any clothes for Chahat as it was because of her choice that the photographer felt she could be a model even when it has been her desire to become a model since she was a child. Godambari mentions that she should not be angry with her as it was not her fault.
In the hall Viyas Jee is holding the photo of Saraswati and mentions that Chahat was the only one who could see how much he was missing her and she realized it by looking in his eyes, he also mentions that she has the ability to take responsibility even when the elders are wrong, she furthermore can supress any grave matter with her kind words and these qualities make her better than anyone else, he quotes a saying and explaining it says that she should never change how she is for anyone, he takes out his locket and presents it as a token of appreciation mentioning that she should take it as she is the daughter of this house. Chahat sees a mouse and running after it with a rod kills it without knowing that they cannot kill it as mouse was the ride of Ganesh and they are Brahman and they cannot kill it, Baleq also says that same mentioning that how can she do it, Godambari mentions that she would be punished and would have to lift the statue of Ganesh on her head while circling the house 100 times.
Viyas is really angry while Godambari goes and brings the statue of Ganesh mentioning that she should take it up on her head and circle the house, Chahat wonders that she has let about it just now but how can she speak about it, she seeks forgiveness from Allah about what she is about to do as she is only doing it as a punishment, Viyas stops her mentioning that she cannot take the Statue as she has just killed and until she makes a Qanthi she cannot come back into the house before he leaves.
Chahat is about to leave however Godambari says that she should first take the mouse which she has killed, Neil mentions that she was trying to please Viyas jee however it all went in vain and now she cannot make a Qanthi so he is going to sleep.
Ghazala is applying makeup mentioning that she had also forget hw it looked like and it has happened because of the box which Dr Baig made, he comes asking for it, she says that she has sold it and given the money as a sadqah for Chahat, she wants that he make more of them as the more they give as Sadqah the better, Dr Baig also agrees.
Chahat walks outside wondering what a Qanthi is as she has never heard of it, she sees a pile of garbage and wonders how can someone can throw them just like it, she is about to pick them up then realizes that one of the letter is for Neil from Saraswati who had given him a Rakhi and so she heads to give it to him.
She goes to the window where she sees that Neil is with the photo of Saraswati and she explains that she has something which belongs to him and so now he can listen to her, then she thinks of a plan and hits him with rocks, however Neil doesnot listen.
Godambari comes outside and seeing Chahat thinks that she has come to seek help from Neil, she calls to Chahat exclaiming that she can go inside and seek his help as he is the only, Chahat heads into the room where Neil is singing a song, he doesnot listen to her so she places the envelope on the table, just as she is about to walk out Viyas jee comes in and is angry to see her asking Godambari if Chahat has made the Qanthi, Chahat is shocked to see Godambari then nervously asks her what she meant.
Viyas jee gets angry saying that Neil should inform his wife that no one the house goes against his orders, Godambari says that she should get punishment for what she has done, jamuna stops him mentioning that if Chahat came back into the house it would have a reason then asks her.
Chahat takes the envelope to Neil mentioning that it is from Saraswati as her last Rakhi to Neil, he takes it and realizes that she is telling the truth, Viyas jee asks where she found it, she mentions that she found it by the garbage can.

Precap: Chahat sees someone outside the house, then when she reaches the gate there is no one there, she sees the box realizing that it is like her father so thinks that he might have send it for her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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