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Pavitra Bhagya 13th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Reyansh ruins Pranati’s plan to tell the truth to Riya

Pavitra Bhagya 13th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Pranati happily dances with her daughter. Dadi looks at them pointedly. Pranati hugs Jugnu who stares at her. Pranati apologizes to her. Let’s dance. Jugnu starts dancing again. Maan whispers something in Pranati’s ears and she hurries outside.

Archit tells Reyansh that his rubbish wont change the truth. My sister will get justice. Move aside! Reyansh holds him back. You will get her justice? Dare you go inside! He hits Archit who hits him back. Pranati comes outside and tells them to stop. Reyansh asks Archit to leave. He insists upon meeting Armaan. They continue their scuffle. Pranati asks Maan to stop them but he tells her that Reyansh has told him to stay out of it. She shouts at them to stop but in vain. Archit picks up a pot while Reyansh picks up the hockey stick. They are about to hit each other angrily when Pranati shouts at them. Stop right now if you have ever loved me honestly! Both of them stop in their tracks and look at Pranati. Reyansh takes the hockey stick down. Pranati makes Archit throw the pot away as well. She tells him not to fight any further if he has ever loved her truly. Please leave. Archit tells Reyansh that he got saved today because of her. Reyansh says you got saved because of this woman today. She speaks to you about love but lives with me. Archit makes a fist but Pranati tells him to be with Navya. She needs you right now. Please leave for her sake. Reyansh calls them players. Someone should learn it from them as to how to play with emotions! Brilliant! Archit begins to go when Reyansh gives him his hockey stick. Nothing from outside is allowed in our house! Archit says I am leaving her here. Reyansh points out that she isn’t a thing. She would have been with you if you had understood this! Archit calls it funny. You have used her like a thing till date only. Don’t forget that. He leaves.

Maan asks Reyansh to come inside before someone comes outside but Reyansh sends him inside. Reyansh hugs Pranati forcibly. She struggles to get away but in vain.

Maan watches Armaan dancing happily with Riya. Armaan notices him tensed and asks him what happened through gestures. Maan signals dead to him.

Pranati asks Reyansh to let go. She notices blood coming from behind his ear. You are bleeding. He tells her not to fake sympathy. I know you are a player! She calls him a player as well. You use people as pawns. Remember that not everyone will move as per your wish. You wont win this time. Reyansh insists it will happen. You will do whatever I want you to. Someone else may not be a pawn but I will make you my pawn! He pushes her aside and heads back inside.

Mallika closes the door of Reyansh’s room from inside. He tells her she is in wrong room. Riya is getting ready in Dadi’s room. She says this is the right room. Armaan is getting married today and you are sitting sadly here. She pushes him on the bed. Are you sad? Let me cheer you up. He declines but she says I know you. You are not fine and I know that you and Pranati are also not fine together. He calls it a misunderstanding but she stays put. I know you are not happy with her. Why are you even with her? Just leave her Rey. Come back to me. I will keep you happy just like old times. Happiness is of utmost priority in life. Why be with someone who cannot give you anything but pain and depression? He pushes her away. Your peanut size brain cannot understand that pain goes hand in hand with love. I am experiencing something similar right now. You can never take Pranati’s place so please leave me alone. Mallika leaves unhappily. Reyansh thinks I am doing this drama to save Dadi’s business. There is nothing more here.

Pranati watches Riya getting ready from the door. Riya asks her to come in. How do I look? Pranati says you look beautiful all the time. Riya says I want to look my best in my bridal trousseau. Pranati tries to say something to her. Riya sends her helper outside. Pranati tells Riya she cannot marry Armaan. Riya tries to say something but Pranati tells her everything from the scratch. I am really sorry. I know this is difficult for you but you still have time. You can call off this wedding. Riya smiles. Rey Bhaiya told me that you will come to meet me positively. He also told me that you don’t want Armaan to marry me. Pranati is surprised. Flashback shows Reyansh telling Riya that Archit is Pranati’s ex and he does not want this wedding to happen. I think even Pranati has feelings for him. Riya tells Pranati she thought she and Reyansh are a thing but the truth is something else. Reyansh also told Riya that maybe Pranati is trying to compensate Archit by promising him that she will get Navya married to Armaan. He will say anything to you to stop this wedding but you must not fall in her words. Riya tells Pranati she respects her a lot but she cannot break this wedding to solve her problem. I wont tell this to anyone but please don’t do anything to create a hindrance in this wedding. Pranati speaks of proof but Riya requests her not to create any problem in her wedding. She calls her makeup team inside again. Pranati looks on helplessly.

Guests start coming for the wedding. Armaan is sitting in the mandap. Mallika brings Riya as well.

Pranati is about to question Reyansh but he mimics her and her dialogues before she can even start. Sorry for saying your dialogues. What will you say now? You must be thinking how I turned the tables around! This is just the beginning. See what all will happen next.

Pundit ji asks everyone to shower flowers on the couple as they are about to start a new phase of their life. Jugnu looks on. Mallika looks at her and decides to have some fun. Jugnu picks up flower petals as well. Mallika starts her drama just then. I know that Jugnu is a kid but she is an illegitimate kid after all. Jugnu glares at her.


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