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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 13th August 2020 Written Episode Update

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 13th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imarti says he don’t have guts. Arjun gets angry and cdrsgs her towards him. Sanju clicks close pics of Arjun with Imarti and both lost in each other, Arjun takes Imarti in his hands. Imarti asks him to put her down. Arjun asks how is my guts. Imarti says find and asks him to out her down. Pinky thinks what’s happening with me in Imarti way when I’m near to Arjun, what are these new feelings.

Sunny asks Arjun and imarti to change their clothes. Pinky goes towards Vikas and sats her stomach is upset. Vikas asks Pinky about his favourite dishes and habits while preparing the curry. Pinky says she loves to make people laugh. Arjun searches for Imarti than she comes towards him . Sunny again clicks their other poses. Sunny asks them to change their costumes again. Pinky again goes to Vikas and apologies to him. Vikas asks her to join his physiotherapy clinic so she can make his patients laugh. Pinky says she want to make it as her profession. Vikas says isn’t tough for girl. Arjun calls Imarti phone for another photo shoot. Pinky comes in her own avatar. Arjun asks who called you. Pinky says I cane here to get sugar and runs out with oil and goes back in Imarti getup. Arjun asks her to have some food first. Imarti says she is fine and asks Sunny to click the pics. Imarti admires Arjun.

Ram asks Nalini to call Pinky. Nalini calls Pinky. Arjun says it’s last dress change. Imarti begs Arjun to hold her pally. Arjun agrees with laugh poses with her than he ask him to try as stand up comedian. Pinky this how is Arjun is different than Vikas.

Mrs Venkata Raman observes everything from room. Imarti reaches to Vikas and says stand up comedy also profession. Vikas says I told this to Pinky but who are you. Pinky notices she is in Imarti getup and covers saying she just met Pinky Didi than she turns and notices Ram.

Sunny says photos came very good because of Imarti because she made you laugh. Seema informs to Seema that his phone is ready. Amma comes and asks about Imarti. Sunny says she went to take care of her dad. Amma sends message to Seema phone saying good if you come to my home than my wife will be happy. Amma thinks to expose them Infront of Seema.

Ram apologies to Imarti for his previous behaviour. Imarti asks him to give his blessings those are enough. Nalini asks Imarti to meet Pinky. Ram asks do you know Pinky. Imarti says she helped with her saree. When she about to leave Ram asks her to sit and says to Nalini to bring bangles for Imarti as wedding gift they made for Pinky. Nalini says but it’s for Pinky. Ram says we can make other for her. Nalini brings it. Ram says he don’t like Arjun much because of his previous issues. Ram blesses Imarti with bangles and says he accepted her as his daughter with this bond.

Precap: Seema questions didn’t you tell that your mom is staying with you. Now you guys can get Nandu very soon. Amma asks Seema to come in the evening so they can meet Imarti father too. Imarti gets shocked.

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