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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 13th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Guneet agrees to meet Amber once

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 13th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Imarti is cleaning the kitchen when Amber enters. She tells him that he can see his eyes clearly in this mirror. He tells her she can never see dirt. They bicker as usual when Amber hears Mr. Pandey laughing in a corner. Why did you call me here? Amber asks him what he should do with 325 roses. His friend shrugs. He tells Imarti to get all the empty containers outside as Sir needs it. She tells him he has lots to do today. Amber shares that she is leaving tomorrow. I couldn’t stop her. Mr. Pandey reasons that she isn’t leaving town. Fate will bring you guys together again. Amber says people of my age should depend on fate only. We will meet at some dentist’s clinic in 10 years most probably. Mr. Pandey teases him. Amber says I wont be able to forget her ever.

Guneet’s mother tells Guneet to understand but Guneet says one must not try to unite / mend what’s broken once. Such knots aren’t healthy for life. She picks up a rose lying on the floor.

Niya comes to meet Rishi. Rishi is trying to fix some cable (wifi). Niya asks him if he lied to Kabir. Did you lie to me too? Rishi tells her to first ask the question she has come to ask. She asks him if he selected her because of her looks or. He says looks as an alternative which confuses her. She says I am not the kind of girl who will do anything to grow. What are you doing? He speaks of electricity issue. She repeats her words again. Rishi tells her she does not trust her own talent and capabilities if she thinks he selected her for the job just because of her good looks. Get me the screwdriver. She gives it to him. I am sorry. I understand that you aren’t like those men. He says who does not like pretty girls. She asks him to call an electrician but he calls it a challenge for himself. Either take the challenge or stay in the dark! You look very pretty today. She shakes her head and leaves. He smiles.

Amber is thinking how to stop Guneet. Niya calls Kajal. Come over asap with all the designs. Amber hits his head on the door as he walks in absentmindedly. Niya ends the call. Did something happen again? I told you not to help her. She cannot stay quiet. He tells her he is fine but she reprimands him lightly. You hurt yourself the moment you think of her. I cannot be with you 24×7. You have to take care of yourself. He offers to help her in her work.

Amber is outside a clinic and is impatient. Manjari tells him to stand in the circle. Security guard will scold you again. He asks her if she can remain in her circle for once. She says I will come to help her at all the times. You can be upset if you want. He taunts her on her choice of life partner whereas she speaks highly of Anju and how he hasn’t moved on till date. Their arguments continue. He asks for her opinion on how women think no man can keep her happy ever. Manjari says men promise of moon and stars whereas we women can be pleased with simple and small things itself. It is beyond your understanding. How will you understand when you cannot stand still inside that small circle? Amber stands next to the circle.

Niya tells Kajal more plans for their current project. Kajal asks her what has gotten into her suddenly. It seems as if Kabir’s chapter never happened? Niya says everything did happen but we are on clear grounds now. I don’t care what Swara thinks of me but I do care about my work. She calls Kabir and they decide to meet in an hour to discuss new ideas. Kajal calls it war but Niya calls it their victory.

Phir Wahi Raat Hai plays in the background. Amber is thinking of Manjari’s words while Guneet is packing her bags. Amber sends a text to Guneet. Will you give me one chance to say what I have in my heart? I am asking you to meet me for the last time. Guneet reads his message. She resumes packing stuff but is clearly disturbed. Amber mentally reminds himself not to sleep right now. Guneet stares at her phone for a while and then reads Amber’s message again. On the other hand, Amber reassures himself that he will get an answer for sure.

Kabir and Niya catch up but both Swara and Kajal are unavailable due to their prior commitments. Kabir asks her if this is okay with her. She nods. I hope Swara will be fine with it. He apologizes on Swara’s behalf. Niya says it is okay. Conflicts help you open your minds. They focus their attention on work. They decide to tap onto the minds of musicians. She says I wish I had learnt some instrument in childhood. They both talk cutely on the topic of Niya and Amber singing. He offers to fulfil her wish and plays casio. Niya watches him sweetly. When did you learn this? He says I told you that we don’t know everything about each other yet. I learnt this when I was a kid.

Guneet thinks of her conversation with Amber earlier as Banwra Mann. Amber is doing yoga and every possible thing to keep himself awake. He even checks his messages again and again. He runs towards his phone as his phone beeps suddenly. Guneet has sent a one word reply – will meet (milungi). Amber smiles cutely. He starts singing a song loudly which wakes up Niya and Guneet’s mother. Guneet peeks out of the window. Niya and Amber’s neighbour (Gupta ji) reprimand him for waking them up. Niya checks Amber’s temperature. He says it will be fine only. She says your actions speak otherwise. He lies that someone told him to sing in the morning to increase his immunity. Sleep again. She asks about him. He says I am sleepy. I will stay here for a while. He notices Guneet staring at him and goes quiet.

Precap: Amber and Guneet meet at a quiet place. He has made special arrangements / decor for her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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