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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 13th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Shubha decides to hide the truth from her husband

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 13th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kancha asks Sumo what’s going on between them. Sumo says that was the final match between both the fathers. Kancha says I dint take a name. Sumo says you don’t need to. I know all your reactions. I saw you staring at us. You dint see how happy our fathers were. They are at peace now. Kancha says I knew that you do whatever you put your mind to. Sumo says Shravan and I did this together. Even he feels bad seeing his father hurt. You should have seen his happiness when he got cake for his father. I was telling him how touched I was to see his concern for his mother and family. Kancha says you finally got impressed from your buddy. Sumo nods. We have decided to be best friends like our fathers from today. Her sister makes a face and goes quiet. Sumo says you will always be my best sister. Don’t you like Shravan? Kancha says I think he likes you more than friends types.

Shravan is happy thinking about his forever kind of friendship with Sumo just like the bond that their fathers share. Bunty says she will also fall for you seeing your love for your family. Shravan says I will be her best friend till then. I will make her so happy that she will eventually fall in love with me. His friend tells him to go slow but Shravan wants to win Sumo’s heart.

Sumo asks Kancha if she is using the cheesy lines of these cheesy books on her. Her sister denies. Sumo says I also saw Bunty speaking to you differently. Kancha agrees that maybe she was talking too much. You don’t like civilians though. Sumo says I had restricted my mind but I am fine now. Kancha is relieved.

Father asks Vijay why he is upset. Vijay apologizes for what Devraj did today. I know you don’t like Devraj and his family. I too have started to understand this. There is no point leaving the party unannounced. His father says I am glad that you are beginning to understand this. Devraj is not like us. He can never be. He goes inside.

Vijay tells his wife that Papa is still not angry with Devraj and his family. She says he might have understood they had something urgent to attend to. He says he still sent food for Devraj and his family. Would someone else have done the same? I will be blessed if I can be even 10% like him. I am proud of him. Vijay goes to his room. Beena comes to speak to her Bhabhi.

Mamta looks at the mess on the kitchen floor and asks her maid who has created this mess. She notices her husband drinking. Did you do this? Is everything okay? You dint even eat anything there. I will cook something for you. Maid says you don’t need to cook anything. We got food from there. Devraj throws the tiffin in the dustbin. No one will talk about this matter again. The maid nods.

Beena tells Shubha everything. Shubha says this will break Vijay’s heart. What will he think about his father now? I shouldn’t tell him as they will have a big argument otherwise. Beena says let’s not tell anyone anything. We will pretend that we know nothing. Shubha says this is wrong but I cannot let this truth break my family. We must hide it. My family’s happiness is of utmost importance to me. Beena agrees with her.

Next morning, Devraj apologizes to his wife for reacting like that last night. Everyone sits down at the dining table including Bunty. Shravan talks sweetly to his mother. He also praises the party and Daddu in particular. He even sent food for you. It was delicious right? Devraj remains silent.

Rajinder’s wife asks her husband when he will tell Devraj when he will tell the truth to Bhaisahab. He says I will do that right away. They see everyone happy and decide to be silent on the matter for the time being.

Sumo and Kancha are rowing boats in the rain water. Nandu is about to trip but saves himself just in time by holding onto the gate. Kancha recalls how they used to make people trip in such times when they were kids. She takes Shravan’s name. Sumo likes the idea. Kancha says he dresses up so well daily. Will he be okay with this idea? Sumo nods. Shravan comes there just then. He tries to walk carefully. She shouts at him to stop but he continues walking and falls right into the mud. Kancha and Sumo laugh seeing his condition.

Everyone laughs seeing Shravan drenched in mud. He looks at their faces. Even Devraj and Vijay smile seeing him thus. Sumo picks up the water pipe and splashes water on Shravan. He tells her that he can do this at home. She says sorry. Did it go in your eyes? I cannot let you go home like this. He goes silent as he watches her smile. Naina da kya Kasoor plays in the background. Sumo says sorry to his friend. I tried to warn you but I think I was a little late. He tells her this is not a problem. I would have missed my friend’s sweet smile if I had stopped. Am I fine now? She points out that his face is still a little dirty. Kancha tells Sumo to stop or he will fall ill.

Devraj says we got saved or we would have been mocked upon right now. Vijay and Devraj look at each other and then head inside.

Shravan complains that he had applied gel on his hair. It is all greasy now. Sumo uses her hand to clean dirt from Shravan’s hair. Shravan looks at her mesmerised. Ek Mulaqat song plays. Kancha looks on. My novel can be stupid but not my eyes. Suman was wrong. Shravan does consider her more than a friend. She tells them to stop now. Sumo says it is time for the class. Everyone must be coming. She tells Shravan to go home. He says I came to attend the class. She tells him to go home and change first but he says I will get late otherwise. I was on time but you two are responsible for this. Bunty will bring my clothes. I will change in your house. Sumo refuses. Shravan says I will have to answer so many questions if I come and go now. She says what I will say to everyone here. He tells her he will manage. One should have a space in their heart too.

Precap: Sumo finds her room in a mess and questions Shravan. He gives his logic to her. Sumo decides to throw a little challenge for him. Shravan is pacing in Sumo’s room as his clothes are missing. How will I go out like this? Daddu is headed upstairs.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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