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Choti Sardarni 13th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher talks to Vikram

Choti Sardarni 13th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Inspector says Vikram Dewaan is coming. He’s very strict. Fix everything. Amrita says she attacked a CBI officer. What will she do? Meher says ask her why would she do that? Kulawnt laughs and dances. Meher says ask her to stop this drama or they will take her to asylum. She does this for a reason. What could be the reason? Amrita says to save Sarab. Meher says what? Amrita says she really cares about Sarab. She has been super depressed about his case. Meher says this will affect his image negatively instead. We are already tensed. Amrita says what she did is wrong. But you know she does anything for her kids. She forgets what is right or wrong. You should call and inform Sarab. Meher says I can’t do this. He’s so tensed already. He just slept after compiling his files. I will tell him when he wakes up.

Scene 2
Sarab wakes up and looks for Meher. He says I think she’s in restroom. He says I need to work as well. Sarab opens his file. Sarab looks at the restroom and says Meher fixed it. Thank God I have Meher.

Vikram is on his way. He says I will tur their worlds upside down.
Kulwant does drama that she’s crazy. Amrita says she’s not well. Please let her be with us. Inspector says she can’t sit with you guys. Vikram calls a reporter Nandani. He says were you sleeping? She says we don’t sleep. Vikram says then we are alike. Vikram says do you have a breaking news for tomorrow? She says no. He says I have one for you. A news that will expose a lot of people. She says please tell me. He says few minutes before I was.. Inspector calls him. He says let me call you back. Inspector says sir where are you? This Kulwant Kaur is doing such a drama. And her relatives are asking her to let her sit with them. Vikram says ask female constables to handle her. She has an injury on her head. Don’t touch her. She is a smart woman, she can turn it against her.

Amrita asks Meher please call Sarab. Please. We can’t handle this. Meher says I have to do it myself. Meher asks inspector for his phone. Meher says I want to talk to Vikram Deewan. Meher says Vikram ji I am Mrs. Gill. Vikram stops the car with a sudden break. He says who? Meher says Sarab’s wife. My mom is arrested. He says so you are there? Your mom’s crime will be a breaking news tomorrow. Meher says I want to apologize on her behalf. You can do what you want with her. Meher says but you need to know one truth before that. She fell from the balcony yesterday and she has been acting crazy ever since. Vikram recalls Kulwant acting weird. Meher says you can talk to City Hospital, Dr. Batra or the most renowned doctor, Aditi Bedi. You can ask her. What she did was due to her health condition. She isn’t stable at the moment. You can do what you want now. She gives the phone back to inspector. Inspector says yes sir we will do it.

Scene 3
Sarab looks at the file and says wow Meher, you completed it in a night only? He goes to the restroom and says thank you for what you did. A thanks can’t be enough. Sarab and Meher can do anything together. No one responds. Sarab knocks the door. She isn’t there. Sarab looks around the house for Meher. Meher arrives outside. She walks in the house. Sarab calls on her number. Meher thanks baba ji and says thank you for helping us today. Sarab won’t be in trouble now. Sarab thinks she’s talking about the file. Meher recalls inspector said leave her, Vikram ordered. Take her to the hospital. Meher says if you weren’t there, it would be such a big trouble. I did all I could to save Sarab’s reputation. Thank you for helping me. Always bless Sarab with all the happiness in this life. There are no nice people like him in this world. Never let him be in trouble, give all his troubles for him. I wish I could tell him what I did.. Sarab says no one else could do it. I also want to thank Babaji. Thank you for giving me Meher as a partner and a blessing. You have made my life so beautiful with Meher as a blessing. I pray every day that our happy life stays this way. You have given me everything in Meher. Meher looks at him. Meher says I.. He says I got to know. You made me sleep and worked and then prayed here? Meher says that.. He says no more talking. Please sleep now. Meher says in heart I will tell him in the morning.

Vikram keeps turning on and off the light and recalls Meher saying I am Mrs. Gill, Sarab’s wife. Vikram ji can you hear me?

Precap – Vikram meets Sarab in the hospital. Karan is with him. Vikram says you have a cute son. What’s his name? Sarab says Karanjit Singh Gill. Vikram holds his hand and says what a powerful name. Meher walks towards that room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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