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“Don’t Hate Me!!”~ TWINJ (SS)- By Shalini- Promo

A guy shown in balcony talking with someone on phone

“Sir, she is getting married in three days” caller told him..

“And you all are preparing yourself to attend her marriage?” The guy scold the caller

“No.. no.. sir.. I got this news just now”

“What do you mean by just now? What are you doing then? I’ve hired you specially for this purpose only”

“Sorry sir but..”

“I don’t want to listen anything.. you better know what you have to do.. so this marriage should stop at any cost”..

Then he came in a room filled with pictures of a girl on its walls while singing.. “Tujhe apna banane ki kasam khayi hai khayi hai” he touched the photos one by one..

“How can you think that you will get rid of me? How can you think to get marry with someone else? What did you thought you’ll do it nd I won’t get to know?.. then you are wrong.. bcz my all the attentions are on you only.. nd you can never go away from me.. you are mine nd only mine”..

Next scene

A big house shown decorated as a wedding house.. a girl shown coming to a man while running..

“She is not in her room”

“What? Did you check out her in other rooms?”..

“Yes, I did I searched for her in whole house but she is nowhere looking”

Next scene

A girl shown locked in same room, where she found her pictures on the wall.. then a same guy came to her..

“Why did you kidnapped me? What do you want?”..

“You know the reason Baby”

“Don’t touch me.. leave me”..

“Ssshh don’t scream.. no one is going to hear your voice.. but don’t be afraid of me.. you won’t get feel uncomfortable here.. I’ll take care of you.. you know how much I love you ”

“But I Hate You”..

“Don’t hate me… otherwise I’ll..”

How’s it? It is my another story nd I hope you like it.. should continue it or not it will be your decision. So do tell me your decision nd share your views in the comment box. Story will be start on your response😊

Lots of love ❤


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